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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elk Calls | Elk Hunting Tips

Elk Bugle  Elk Bugle  $21.25 Buy Now 
 Elk Cow Mew "Easy Girl" Small  Elk Cow Mew "Easy Girl" Small  $10.50 Buy Now 
 Elk Cow Mew "Easy Mama" Large  Elk Cow Mew "Easy Mama" Large  $16.00 Buy Now 

Elk Bugle Beautiful, handcrafted Elk Bugle is 13" long, 5/8 diameter. The options available are Walnut, Cherry, Ash, or Maple with an engraved picture of an elk and comes with lanyard. Bulls are very territorial; they will drop caution and come running after another bull trying to invading their territory and steal their cows. The Elk Bugle adjustable tube allows the bugle to produce deeper tone imitating an older mature bull. Big Game, Elk Bull Bugle, Elk Calls, CCW Hunting and Game Calls

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