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Friday, April 15, 2011

Butane/Gasoline Clothes Irons :

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Butane/Gasoline Clothes Irons & Butane/Gasoline Clothes Irons &
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 Coleman Gasoline Iron Filler Cap   Coleman Gasoline Iron Filler Cap   $12.93  Buy Now 
 Dritz Iron Cleaner   Dritz Iron Cleaner   $5.50  Buy Now 
 Even Heat Butane Clothes Iron   Even Heat Butane Clothes Iron   $229.00  Buy Now 
 Even Heat Butane Iron Parts   Even Heat Butane Iron Parts   Price- N/A (Product Info Page or Quote Based Service)  Buy Now 
 Even Heat Gasoline Iron Parts   Even Heat Gasoline Iron Parts   Price- N/A (Product Info Page or Quote Based Service)  Buy Now 
 Mini Butane Torch   Mini Butane Torch   $49.95  Buy Now 
 Self-Heating Gasoline Iron   Self-Heating Gasoline Iron   $229.00  Buy Now

New fill cap for the orginal Coleman Gasoline Iron. Solid Brass Safety Shut-Off Screw Ball and Spring Check Valve. Made in the USA in a Amish Machine Shop.

Iron Off Hot Iron Cleaner 1 0z. tube. Use to clean the bottom of your butane or gasoline iron, while it is still hot.

Butane Clothes Iron provides even heat using butane fuel.

Manually lighted, no electronic ignition to wear out
Large burner for fast even heating
One butane fill will last 5 hours
Adjustable flame control
Sturdy foolproof interior parts
No pre-heating necessary
Easier to Maintain
Stainless Steel hot iron stand.

Butane fuel is the same refill used for cigarette lighters and butane torches. This Iron should be filled outside, and lit outside until comfortable with lighting and adjusting the flame before using indoors.

Model 2001 Brand New, manufactured by the Even Heat Manufacturing Company U.S.A. for those living a back-to-basic off grid lifestyle, or for collectors.

Complete operating instructions will come with the iron, we have posted a picture of the instructions for reference.

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