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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oak Buckboard Bench | Oak Buckboard Bench Metal Parts Kit:

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Oak Buckboard Bench   Oak Buckboard Bench   $310.00  Buy Now

Solid Oak Buckboard Bench with black metal hardware. This is an interior bench, which is replicated from a traditional buggy seat.  Buggy seats use a leaf spring suspension to take the bumps out of the road.  Measures  42”W x 32” T   Comes in finished oak as pictured.

Note: We also offer a metal parts kit to build this bench using your own lumber material.

Amish Furniture >Oak Buckboard Bench Metal Parts Kit

Order the metal hardware to build this Buck Board Bench.  Includes all the metal items shown in the picture, and complete plans.  Wood is not included

Oak Buckboard Bench Metal Parts Kit, Oak Buckboard Bench, Amish Oak Buckboard Bench

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