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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amish Buggy | Back to Basis | Buggies And Wagons:

Amish Buggy | Back to Basis   Amish Buggy | Back to Basis   $4,880.00  Buy Now

Amish Buggy | Back to BasisAmish Buggy | Back to BasisAmish Buggy | Back to Basis
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Brand New Amish Buggy, 68” Hub to Hub, 112” long 7’ tall. Comes fully equipped with lights and plush upholstery. Side doors pull down like a garage door, unlike some that just roll up and tie. Features rubber-tired wheels and roller bearing axles. Inside is sprayed with black truck bed liner to provide a slip resistant surface, outside has black laminate for years of durable service. Priced F.O.B. Northern Indiana. This vendor generally works on a 30-60 day manufacturing time frame.

Optional Hydraulic Brakes for $455.

Amish Buggy | Back to Basis  Amish Buggy | Back to Basis  $4,880.00 Buy Now
Cottage Craft Works BY Cottage Craft Works PRODUCTS™
All prices are F.O.B. Northern Indiana. We can assist in locating a transport company to ship to your location, or drop at a farm implement dealer closer to your location. Some buggies will fit in a U-Haul truck. As an idea on the most distant and expensive shipping option, we had an elite transport company quote from Indiana to Pasadena California. The estimate given in May of 2010 was $1120.56 We expect depending on your location and time frame to build your buggy, we can help you locate a much lesser shipping option. However, because of the changing fuel prices we cannot guarantee any shipping quotes until the buggy is ready to ship to you. This is an offer to assist and is not contingent or conditional on acceptance of the completed buggy. Our price is based on Freight On Buyer from the manufacturer location in Northern Indiana. If we do locate a transport company for you, those charges will be at additional cost.

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