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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back-To-Basics General Store Outdoor and Hunting Gear

Back-To-Basics General Store Outdoor and Hunting Gear
If you haven’t been by our site lately come and check out our new products.  We have added new briar-proof hunting coats, vests, chaps, boots and hunting dog gear.  We now have leather & ballistic nylon gun holsters, new hunting and game calls, and will be adding game plot seeds shortly. 

We were featured this year in the March 2011 issue of Outdoor Life magazine with our high end custom carved gun stocks. We also offer custom replacement gun stocks.  We are probably best known for our hunting and game calls, but we now offer a full line General Store with over 2000 products for home, farm, patio, kitchen and outdoors. 

Cottage Craft Works provides a source for the old time American made quality products that were used and cherished for generations, which are still being manufactured today.   Products to help you and your family live a more wholesome self-sufficient life style in today’s very uncertain times.  Looking through the Cottage Craft Works online is store is just like picking up an early 1900s Sears and Roebuck Co. Catalog and spending hours making your wish list!  Our products are full of nostalgia and memories, products you grew up with but never dreamed would still be available for purchase in today’s crazy fast moving high tech and dependent vulnerable world.  So take a deep breath, slow down a bit and enjoy the country life with us at Cottage Craft Works .com and CCW Hunting and Game Calls.

 Hunting Shirts   Hunting Shirts   $47.00  Buy Now 
 Hunting Vest   Hunting Vest   $54.00  Buy Now 

 Woody Armor-Snake Protection Boot   Woody Armor-Snake Protection Boot   $139.50  Buy Now 
 Woody Max | Woody Elite | Bow Hunter’s Boots   Woody Max | Woody Elite | Bow Hunter’s Boots   $120.00  Buy Now 
Leather Paddle Holster for 45 Cal Auto | Leather Holsters   Leather Paddle Holster for 45 Cal Auto | Leather Holsters   $98.00  Buy Now
 In the Pants Holster   In the Pants Holster   $11.95  Buy Now
 Turkey Box Call Leather Holster   Turkey Box Call Leather Holster   $42.95  Buy Now
 Deer & Doe Wood Gun Stock Carving   Deer & Doe Wood Gun Stock Carving   $378.00  Buy Now

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