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Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas Shopping 2016 at Cottage Craftworks

Christmas Shopping 2016 at Cottage Craft Works

Cottage Craft Works, is really, truly that unique general store you used to remember going to when you were a kid, picking out the candy at the counter and ogling at all of the new equipment that had just come in from the nearest big city on the back of a Ford pickup truck. We've just modernized things a bit, so you know, you can view it from the comfort of your home.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brand NEW CCW Hunting Calls website

Press Release 11-16-16.    Cottage Craft Works has revamped and launched the new CCW hunting calls website:

CCW Hunting &  Game Calls has become a recognized source for high-quality hunting calls.

Part of the Cottage Craft Works Family since 2006,   CCW Hunting & Game Calls offers a  unique hunting product line from  Turkey Calls, Turkey Box Calls, Duck Calls, Deer Calls, Elk Calls, and Small Game Calls.

All CCW hunting calls are Amish handcrafted .   Some hunting calls come with choices of wood such as Walnut, Oak, Cherry, and Poplar.

CCW Hunting  and Game Calls offers custom engraving  service.   We can custom engrave most of our CCW Hunting and Game Calls with your logo or saying for a special recognition or promotion.

These make wonderful gifts or corporate promotions. Personalized  your hunting call today!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hand Water Well Pump

USA made hand water well pumps since 1886.  Deep and shallow well water pumps. Cistern pitcher, windmill pumps and parts.

Generations have depended on the most reliable hand water well pumps made by Heller Aller for their off-grid fresh water needs. This is one of the reasons that Heller Aller has been able to stay in business for centuries up against electric deep well pumps.

Hand water well pumps are still being used by the Amish as well as ranchers and farmers who need fresh water in very remote locations.

The windmill 50L Double Acting Force Pump is still the standard on ranches across the Midwest and Western USA. The 50L can also be used as a hand pump.

Heller Aller 50L Water Well Pump

Homesteads have depended on the Brass Cylinder Fig T and the PHB force pitcher pump has been the standard since the 1800s. This is a very popular pump for remote hunting and fishing cabins.

PHB Cistern Well Pitcher Pump

The 50L double acting deep well and the PHB shallow well pitcher cistern pump will force water uphill or overhead to stock tanks or a storage tank to gravity feed plumbing fixtures.

The 190-A is a set length pump cisterns and shallow wells.  For wells deeper than 20’ the cylinder can be lowered, a tail pipe added with a foot valve.

The 192-A is like the 190-A but designed to be used with a windmill.

Heller Aller has been kept alive by the Amish who wanted to keep the pumps going for future generations.  They are now made by Amish workers in Indiana. They are also very popular by those who are living off the grid or in remote locations for their only water source.

You will find cheaper imported water well pumps but they are made to be more ornamental for yard décor and not made to be used as a serious main water supply.

Cottage Craft Works carries Heller Aller hand water well pumps they also carry all the repair parts to fit and rebuild old Heller Aller Pumps. Other back-to-basics homestead suppliers will sell you the pump but don’t provide the customer support or the parts leaving you dry.

Cottage Craft Works at is a full line online store with old-fashioned products and customer service.

Cottage Craft Works also carries the Amish made 401 water hydrant. The 401 hydrant is child and lady friendly, easy to operate and built to outlast any hydrant on the market.  

The 401 hydrant can be even upgraded to a stainless pipe and foot valve for those areas that have alkaline soil that corrodes and deteriorates galvanized and brass valve components used on other water hydrants.

401 Frost Proof Hydrant

Thursday, November 10, 2016

USA Made Stoneware Crocks, Bowls, Baking Dishes, Water Coolers

Cottage Craft Works provides vintage reproduction USA stoneware. Classic American Heritage blue stripe mixing bowls, baking dishes, and water crocks. Cottage Craft Works Stoneware

Cottage Craft Works USA stoneware uses no lead or cadmium is dishwasher and oven safe.

Traditional blue stripe is available on all the stoneware as well as custom colors and personalization for heirloom quality gifts. 

USA old fashioned water coolers and water bottle dispensing crocks are the most ordered stoneware items. As people source, away from municipal water supplies to bottle water they are finding these old-time water crocks as a great solution to their drinking water needs.  

Made in America pottery using no lead or cadmium is very difficult to find making this a popular shopping site.

As people are looking to return to simpler times and their childhood memories the old-fashioned blue stripe stoneware vintage mixing and baking dishes are making a comeback.

Many found memories were developed by surrounding grandma as she mixed up a batch of homemade cookies in her blue stripe stoneware bowl.  Sizes from 8” to 16” are still available at Cottage Craft Works.

Stoneware batter bowls are also very popular and are still be given as wedding gifts to the made from scratch cooking bride to be. They resemble a large cup with a cup handle on one side and a pouring spout on the opposite side. 

Batter bowl sizes are available in ¼, ½, and 1-gallon capacity. Batter bowls allow for all the ingredients to be added and mixed together in one bowl for such things as cake, cookie, and pancake batters and then poured directly into the cooking utensil.

Stoneware baking dishes are also making a comeback because of the thicker sides and special designs allow for better heat retention and overall cooking satisfaction.  

The potbelly designs provide a steam cooking effect using less water.  This old-time pottery is practical for everyday use especially being that it is all dishwasher and microwave safe. 

You will also discover hard to find grease jars, pottery crocks, butter churns and pottery pitchers and pitcher and bowl wash sets.  The pitcher and bowl wash sets are popular for church cleansing ceremonies.

Do expect to wait 3-4 weeks for custom and personalized items. The small family owned shop in Texas that makes all the stoneware pottery for Cottage Craft Works still makes each piece by hand, so plan accordingly for gift ordering.

Cottage Craft Works at is a full line online old fashioned general store chocked full of quality practical wares and goods used during vintage off grid times.

All USA Stoneware Can Be Custom Painted
USA Made Water Bottle Crock
USA Made 16" Blue Stripe Stoneware Bowl
USA Stoneware Bowls
USA Made Stoneware Batter Bowls
USA Made Stoneware Butter Churns
USA Made Water Coolers

Clothes Drying Racks, Clothes Lines, Folding Clothes Dryers

Drying clothes and linens the old-fashioned way saves dollars, reduces carbon footprint and allows for off grid freedom.

There’s just something about the fresh smell of linens hung to dry outside.  The Amish still make and use drying racks and clotheslines to air dry the family laundry.

At times the weather may not be cooperative so both indoor and outdoor drying options are a must.
Cottage Craft Works .com carries all types of Amish folding drying racks and outdoor clotheslines on their self-sufficient living online store at

There you will find several indoor and outdoor drying solutions from portable clothes lines, Amish pulley mounted clothes to the folding floor and wall mounted drying racks for indoor drying.

Accordion wall mounted drying racks take up very little space when they are folded yet, they provide several feet of drying space when they are extended.  Accordion wall racks are very handy in mud rooms, laundries, and garages.  

A heavy-duty folding umbrella rack provides up to 20’ of drying space yet it only takes up an 8” wide x 36” wall space when it is folded.

Cottage Craft Works also offers an economy version and a heavy-duty umbrella folding clothes rack that is smaller but perfect for towels in a kitchen or bathroom area.

Most will recognize the traditional floor folding drying racks. These simple folding racks fold up accordion style allowing them to be stored easily. 

When expanded, they can be set over a heat register of in front of a window.  The larger sizes provide up to 40’ of drying space in one compact area. They are also handy for drying spices, flowers, and herbs.

These vintage ceiling mounted clothes drying racks have been used for centuries in the UK and Europe.  Some gravitated to the US and will occasionally show up here in Antique stores. The space saving concept works extremely well in small homes and apartments. 

Generally, they were hung from the kitchen ceilings where most laundry was done in vintage times.
Today they work well in small spaces, porches, garages, and basements. Heat tends to flow upward to the ceiling area so these racks are very efficient for quick drying of clothes without taking up valuable floor space.

The drying rack uses rope and pulleys to lower for loading and unloading of clothing and linens. 

The Pennsylvania and Ohio Amish communities have developed an ingenious pulley mounted clothes line that allows the fresh laundry to be strung from the back laundry room door without ever walking outside.  

This comes in extremely handy for Northern states where wet springs followed by winter snow and ice can make it very difficult to hang out clothes on a traditional clothesline.

Patterned after pulley mounted clotheslines from earlier times mostly found in city apartment buildings, these Amish designed systems are designed to handle up to 150’ of clothes line often strung from the house to a barn or pole.

Driving through these Amish communities during weekly wash days will likely yield a display of flag like bright colored Amish woman dresses combined with white linens.

This system provides a solid outdoor clothesline without the permanent post. Even better it can be wheeled full of clothes around the yard or in and out of a garage.  

Made of square aluminum tubing that comes apart for compact storage it looks like a giant hammock frame when assembled. 

The lines provide up to 72’ of drying lines in only a 12’ x 8’ space.
A great clothes drying solution for rental homes, vacation cottages or summer camp.

Once you start using this little compact drying systems you will wonder how you ever done without it.  Hang it right outside of a back door from a soffit to quickly hang up dish rags, tea towels, socks and baby tops, bibs and delicates.  

Made from two aluminum rings equipped with clothespins hanging by chains from a single hook. Also, perfect for drying herbs and flowers.

Cottage Craft Works at is a full line online old fashioned general store chocked full of quality practical wares and goods used during vintage off grid times.

Folding Floor Drying Rack
Ceiling  Mounted Clothes Drying Rack
Amish Portable Clothesline
Folding Accordion Wall Drying Rack
Amish Small Garment and Sock Drying Ring

Thursday, November 3, 2016


For those that love sewing, our solid wood sewing cabinets are great Christmas Gifts.  Check out our AMISH FURNITURE-TREADLE CHERRY CABINET | JANOME 712T

For more information about our Amish Treadle cabinet, click here 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Budget Friendly USA Kombucha Tea Stoneware Crock

Brew your own Kombucha tea with this  budget friendly USA Kombucha Tea Stoneware Crock.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars  for a quality made in America Kombucha stoneware brewing crock.

Handmade stoneware brewing crock allows for the continuous brewing of the ancient Kombucha tea, which many believe provides detoxification, probiotics, and disease-fighting benefits.

Those who are looking for a good fermenting crock have been astounded by the steep prices running up to hundreds of dollars for stoneware fermenting crocks.

Per customer request, Cottage Craft has developed an economical USA stoneware pottery water crock for brewing the popular Kombucha tea.  

Unlike glass the crock is not translucent  and  does not have to be left in a dark place allowing it to be kept on a kitchen counter for  closer monitoring of the Kombucha brewing process.

Typical brewing time is 7-10 days in warmer weather and 7-21 days  in cooler weather. Brewing time will also vary the according to the temperature of your home. Brewing time can be shortened by using a brew belt which warms the vessel up considerably. Pottery absorbs heat very well and can simply be set close to a heat source to speed up the brewing process.

The crock holds 2 gallons of brew. Active brewing requires a cloth cover for the mixture to breath during fermentation. The Cottage Craft Works brewing crock comes with a standard pottery lid as a bonus to keep the crock covered when it’s not in use.

If you plan to bottle your Kombucha tea for a secondary fermentation, the crock will produce approximately one dozen 16 oz bottles. The bottles are easy to fill as the crock comes equipped with a USA made poly spigot.

You can purchase the Kombucha Tea Crock online at  The crock is also available in custom colors as well as having it personalized

Cottage Craft Works at is an online general store featuring a full range of old fashioned goods and wares made and used at the turn of the Century when many depended on off-grid simple living  American made products.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Best Apple Cider Press 2016

Best Apple Cider Press 2016

Self-Sufficient Economy Cider Press-Mill. Now EVERYONE Can Own A Cider Press!
Now a smaller, less expensive cider press for the homeowner with only a few trees.
It works as well as the larger version. Presses a half bushel of whole apples at a time. No need to peel or cut up the apples - the grinder does it all. Comes mostly assembled. Includes a pressing bag and EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel. Just bolt it together and you have everything you need to make pure, delicious cider.
Our tests have produced over one gallon of pure delicious cider per pressing!



The Basic 26” x 46” 12 GPH Maple Syrup Cooker is a perfect evaporator for the small backyard hobby syrup processor on a limited budget. This wood fired maple syrup evaporator allows the maple syrup do-it-yourselfer hobbyist to step up from using makeshift cookers to a real maple syrup evaporator at a nominal cost.

Learn more about the product:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Best Ice Cream Freezers Made in the USA

Best Ice Cream Freezers Made in the USA
Best Ice Cream Freezers Made in the USA
Best Ice Cream Freezers Made in the USA

All USA Made Heavy Duty 8 Qt Ice Cream Maker! 
Take a closer look at the quality material and craftsmanship and you will quickly realize that Immergood USA made old fashion quality ice cream freezers are being made much like ice cream freezers manufactured at the turn of the century.
Ever since Immergood introduced their original 6 qt freezer, people wanting to make larger batches of ice cream have been requesting an 8 qt model like the original White Mountain 8 qt freezers.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rollaway, Roller Egg, Roll Out, Nest Box

The Very Best Rollaway, Roller Egg Nest Box allow fresh eggs to roll out into a covered collection box providing peck free, cleaner, less damaged eggs.

Considering all the cost and time to produce fresh eggs finding them broken or half-eaten is very frustrating. These USA made rollaway chicken nest boxes are really worth the upfront investment  and should last a lifetime.

Unlike some other  metal  nest boxes on the market, these nest boxes are built very heavy duty containing no plastic parts to become brittle and break off over time.

With a slightly slanted floor in the bottom of the nesting box, the eggs gently roll out forward, or in one particular model, forward or back into a protective collection tray.

Many have made wooden rollaway nest boxes for years, and there was once a company making these types of nest boxes commercially in the early 1900s.

Old Vintage Rollaway Nest Box  Used To Pattern New Amish Nest Boxes

These are Amish  USA made rollaway nesting boxes totally made out of heavy duty galvanized metal that can be power washed and disinfected should you ever have a poultry disease outbreak. They also require no straw or other nesting materials that may harbor mites and other insects.

When the Amish find a  great product and then it becomes no longer available they will begin to reproduce it for the Amish communities. Today many of the old time products like these nest boxes are still being made and used in the Amish communities. Cottage Craft Works specializes in traveling the back roads discovering these types of  all American made quality  old-fashioned products to bring them to the general marketplace.

These Amish made nesting boxes were first discovered by the folks over at Cottage Craft Works in 2006.  They were the first company to bring them to the general market in their unique back-to-basics general store. They offer different styles and sizes for almost any size of flock for the backyard hobbyist  homestead to the small commercial egg producers.

The original rollaway nest boxes have the green roost with divided boxes. They are available in a two-hole, four hole and an eight hole model.  Each compartment hole will accommodate 5-6 hens.

The eggs drop down onto a wire mesh screen to roll forward.  The mesh is large enough to allow the chicken poop to pass on through to a pullout tray underneath for easy and quick cleaning.

Cottage Craft Works Four Compartment Rollaway Nest Box
Easy Access Egg Collection Tray
Amish Rollaway Nest Box In Use For Over 20 Years

In 2011 the folks at Cottage Craft Works discovered another Amish company making a similar rollaway nest box . They were the first company to bring the Community Rollaway Nest Boxes to the general marketplace.  These nest boxes were rather intriguing  to them because they offered a wide open concept without dividers.  

Community 48" Rollaway Nest Box
The Community Rollaway Nest Box Large Collection Tray

The Amish builder designed these smaller nest boxes from the large commercial open nest boxes where the chicken enters divided curtains to lay their eggs.  What really caught their attention was that the wide open community concept was able to  accommodate  more than double the number of chickens in the same size of the 4 compartment boxes.

The Community style also has a larger egg tray to hold the additional eggs. The community style does use laying mats for the eggs to drop and roll on which will need to be cleaned.  Extra mats are available with the boxes to have them to switch out.

One big advantage of the Community design is that they are reversible. Meaning you have the flexibility to set them up for either a front or rear collection tray. Using the rear collection tray makes them very handy to use in small hard to access chicken coops or when you don’t really want to disturb the chickens during egg collections after dark.

The Community boxes also have solid metal backs so they can be set up in rows in the middle of a coop.

Both styles of nesting boxes have the roost hinged to lift up to access the egg tray but to also block off the entry to the nest boxes when needed.

Both styles of the rollaway nest boxes are available to purchase online at Cottage Craft and have been one of their best-selling line of products.  People have come back to purchase more of the same style so it becomes a Ford or Chevy discussion when asked which one is the best over the other.

The customer service at Cottage Craft Works is great to discuss the pro and cons of each based on your specific coop setup.

Cottage Craft Works, is a back-to-basics general store providing old-fashioned products of value and functionality for today’s homestead hobby farm.  Many of the products are made for non-electric off-grid homesteading.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Off Grid Water Well Pumps | Deep, Shallow Well, Cistern Pumps

Deep and shallow well, cistern pumps. Cast iron hand and pitcher pumps, USA made since 1886.

When people are living off the grid or looking for an emergency backup water well pump they need to look no further than the old-fashioned time proven cast iron Heller Aller well pumps still being made in America now  for over 130 years.

Fresh potable water is an absolute necessity for everything living. You will find all types of cast iron hand pumps on the market. Some of them are made to pump water others are made to be a pretty ornamental landscape décor pump. Most of them are imported not always dependable and often nearly impossible to find repair parts.

Cottage Craft is a full line old-fashioned  general online store that caters to those living self-sufficient off-grid. Cottage Craft Works carries the famous Heller Aller water well pumps plus all the replacement parts to keep them going for generations to come.

The products at Cottage Craft Works are mostly made and used in the Amish communities. The Amish are back-to-basic sustainable living people who fully depend on long lasting durable made functioning dependable products.

Heller Aller pumps are widely used in the Amish communities and others living in remote locations where grid power is not readily available.

The 50L Heller Aller Deep well force pump is one of the most commonly purchased pumps. It can be used with just the long handle, a pump jack or attached to a windmill. A force pump means that it is capable of pumping water uphill to a reservoir,  stock tank or overhead water tank in a home to later use as a gravity feed water supply.

The 190-A lift pump or the 192-A windmill pumps are ideal for shallow wells primarily in the 15’ to 20’ range. Slightly deeper installations may be accomplished with the addition of a foot valve. Both pumps provide a very user-friendly serviceable pump that is well constructed, pumps a large amount of water and are rather economical to purchase.

Heller Aller also makes an offset well cap for 6" allowing both a submersible electric pump and a hand well pump to be used at the same time.

For a good pitcher water pump, Heller Aller offers two great  brass cylinder options. 

The PHB pitcher pump is by far the most popular because it also serves as a force pump to pump water up to a holding tank to be used later gravity feed. The PHB will also withstand water pressure against an electric submersible pump. Many have installed a PHB inline from a shallow well to the house to use as an emergency well pump should the electricity goes out. This type of installation works best if the PHB can be located at a low point such as a basement to be able to pull water from the well.

The Fig T brass cylinder pitcher pump is also a popular pump used next to a sink indoors or outdoors for gardening, food prep and fish cleaning stations. It is a heavy duty straight forward direct source hand pump built to last.

Many zoos, living history farms, and children museums are using the Fig T because of its durability for visitors to get a feel of how an old-fashioned hand pump operated. Kids can be very brutal on things especially when they are in an age group with peers on school outings. This is why the Fig T is a good choice for these locations.

Both the PHB and Fig T can be easily drained by lifting the handle in case of freezing temperatures.
Cottage Craft Works has all the pump parts to repair or rebuild the older Heller Aller pumps.

To learn more about these old time workhorses and to view the available options Click Here go directly to the pump section at Cottage Craft Works.

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