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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stop Maple Syrup Sugar Sand | No Boil Water Jacket Canners | Filters

Don't risk your batch of maple syrup to sugar sand in the final bottling process this season.  

With all the work and time it takes  to  collect the sap and boil down maple syrup the quality of the final product all comes down to the finishing and bottling.  One boiling mistake can mess up the entire batch with sugar sand deposits.

Most will us finish pans or traditional canners over hot gas burners tediously trying to control the temperatures from boiling  which, is what creates sugar sand.

Keeping the safe bottling temps down to the last drop of syrup is also difficult.

These new water jacket finish canner/bottlers provide even temps without hot spots down to the last bottle of syrup.  This reduces the or chance of boiling  creating  the dreaded sugar sand deposits in bottled syrup.  Available in 10 and 16 Gallon Sizes with or without burner stand.

The 10 gallon two burner is just the right size for most hobby farm operations while the three burner 16 gallon canner will keep up with most wood fired maple syrup evaporators.

Featuring  stainless steel screen top to use both a pre-screen and main screen filter as the syrup is being poured in. Complete with thermometer and bottle filler valve these canners have it all in one package.

USA Amish made using 20 gauge mirror finish 304 stainless steel available to fit two or three burner gas stoves.  Complete packages available with canner and commercial grade gas stove with a collapsible stainless stand are available at Cottage Craft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works is an online back to basics general store featuring many hard to find quality Amish made produces.  Maple Syrup processing equipment made by the Amish is just one of many categories of over 5000 self-sufficient products offered.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Roller Egg | Rollaway Egg | Chicken Nesting Boxes

Increase production, reduce labor, have less damaged eggs and a more sanitary egg collection process.
Rollaway nesting boxes are designed so the eggs roll forward in to and under a protected compartment for latter collection.

These boxes take away the opportunity for the eggs to be stepped on or eaten.

Having the eggs all lined up for collection allows for less labor and search time in reaching into nest boxes.

The eggs also have less chance for the chickens to mess on them making the process more sanitary.

There’s been a couple rollaway nest box designs on the market, but most companies just provide a metal divided nest box without the rollaway feature.

Some on the market use plastic parts that will eventually will become brittle and break.  They also use thinner metals.   Cottage Craft Works .com offers Amish made all metal rollaway nest boxes that use thicker galvanized metals that are more of a commercial grade. You can also find a large selection of poultry house products available at this unique online general store.

When the Amish build things they do so with longevity and functionality in mind.  They use thicker metals no plastic or short lived parts.  They are not as concerned with corporate share holders or planned obsolesces.

The type of quality products made by the Amish compare to the American made products that were made to last in the 50s and 60s before plastic was even an available option.

Cottage Craft Works also offers two different proven styles.  The traditional divided nest box in 2, 4 and 8 compartments as well as an open concept community nest box in 24” and 48” patterned after the community nest used in large commercial egg processing facilities.

It would be impossible to provide enough nesting boxes for large row houses, thus community nesting boxes handle larger flocks.

The smaller commercial producers or even the back yard hobby farmer can still obtain the same concept in a commercial quality nest box sized for smaller flocks from Cottage Craft Works.

The open community boxes can also be purchased as a front collection or rear collection system.

The rear collection system allows the nest box to be mounted on an outside wall of fence for egg collection outside the coop. 

Rear collection boxes are perfect for smaller coops and free range chicken tractors where it is difficult on nearly impossible to obtain inside access.

Nesting boxes are shipped flat unassembled for shipping.  They easy assemble using nuts and bolts.  No rivets are required.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a unique back-to-basics general store where the owners have personally traveled the back roads to find the most functional back-to-basic products for the general public.
Now with over 5000 products self sufficient motivated shoppers and search for simple old fashioned products that are still being made and used in the Amish off grid lifestyle.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hand Push Reel Mowers | New Mowers USA Old Fashion Quality

High quality USA made reel mowers are still available today.  Ideal for small to medium size yards where storage for gas and gas powered equipment is just not available.

Reel mowers are very environmental friendly to reduce your carbon foot print.  They are also very neighbor friendly with no noisy engine.

Reel Mowers were the only way to mow yards before the invention of the gas powered lawn mower.
The mower uses a rotating bank of blades to clip off the grass.  

As the mower is pushed the wheels engage the blades which are geared to turn much faster than the mower is being pushed.

Like most old fashioned products over the years reel mowers have been transferred to the import manufacturer.  And like most imported items the use of cheaper components to keep the price point lower provides a product that  just doesn't seem to perform  or last as long as the original models.

Imported reel mowers seem to push harder and loose the sharpness of the blades quicker.

A trip through Amish communities is a good test of those products that work and those that don’t.  You won’t likely find many imported reel mowers in use since the Amish purchase items that will last a very long time.

When the Amish are unable to find quality reproduction products of the originals they begin to manufacture them to use themselves and to sell within the Amish communities.

Clipper USA is an Amish manufactured reel push mower.  It is available in a 17”, 19” and 21” model. And comes with an unheard of 10 year warranty.

You might call the Clipper the old fashioned Cadillac of reel mowers.   The parts are all USA made using heat harden steel cutting blades and thicker metals than used on the cheaper imports.

They are easy to push, easy to adjust with just one knob and easier to maintain.  Best of all they take up very little space and can even be hung on a wall. 

 You can even purchase them with larger wheels for different turf grasses.  An  optional grass catcher is also available. 

Quality does come at a price expect to pay a little over $600 for something that will be the last mower you will ever need to buy.

You can purchase the Clipper USA at Cottage Craft Works .com

 Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics sustainable living general store with all types of simple gadgets and products to live more self-sufficient.

With over 5000 products people can find some old fashioned hard to find products that are just not available anywhere else.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ice Cream Makers | Ice Cream Freezers | Making Homemade Ice Cream

When it comes to making homemade ice cream you have several options for an ice cream maker.  Depending on how often you and your family like to make up a batch of fresh ice cream you can spend under a hundred to several hundred dollars.

If you make a small batch of homemade ice cream once or twice a year you can probably get by just fine with one of those imported freezers being sold in discount stores for under a hundred dollars.

However, if you’re a routine homemade ice cream family or you make a lot of ice cream for social functions purchasing  too cheap may end up with a wasted batch and disappointment.

In order to sell those imports so cheaply manufactures use plastic parts and low end components to maintain their profit margins.

To step up a several notches White Mountain Freezers are a long time popular mainstay.   They come in 4 and 6 qt hand crank or electric models.

If you really want to step up into a USA made freezer with larger sizes the Amish made Country Freezers are made with all USA parts.  They range in size from 1 pint all the way up to a 20 qt 5 gallon size.

A new emerging Amish made freezer called the Immergood uses a fiberglass tub and heavy duty stainless parts.  It currently is only available in a 6 qt in hand crank or equipped with a White Mountain or Country electric motor.   A 8 qt Immergood with a USA made motor is in development for 2015.

You can purchase both White Mountain and the Amish made freezers as well as all the replacement parts for older freezers at CottageCraft

Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics sustainable living general store with all types of simple gadgets and products to live more self-sufficient.

With over 5000 products people can find some old fashioned hard to find products that are just not available anywhere else.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet Corn Silk Cleaner | Motorized Drill Powered | Corn Silk Remover

Removing corn silk from freshly harvested sweet corn can be a breeze with this drill powered sweet corn cleaner from Cottage Craft Works.

For generations hand brushing the sweet corn ears was the normal routine  if you wanted to rid the corn of that bothersome corn silk strings that ended up between the teeth.

It’s a simple rather inexpensive gadget that chucks into either a stationary drill press or into a portable hand drill using the stationary model.

A special designed rotating brush provides just enough stiffness to sweep out the corn silk without damaging the delicate corn kernels.  

Using a battery powered drill this little gadget can be used almost anywhere that sweet corn is being processed, making it perfect for picnics or backyard barbecues distant from electrical outlets.

The drill press model just uses the brush while the stationary model uses an Amish made wooden stand.

The stand can be screwed down to a table or clamped using a c-clamp on the corner of a table or stand.
After the husk is remover, the ears can be cleaned from end to end or side to side.  The brush bristles will not harm finger either. 

Both sweet corn cleaner models can be purchased at CottageCraft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics sustainable living general store with all types of simple gadgets and products to live more self-sufficient.
With over 5000 products people can find some old fashioned hard to find products that are just not available anywhere else.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitchen Sink Drain Board | Drainer Boards | Dish Drain Rack Board

These heavy commercial duty drain boards slant down to the sink.  Unlike the flat drain trays, these drain boards allow water from wet dishware to drain down into a home style kitchen sink and not run out on to the counter and floor.

These hard to find drain boards are Amish made and used by the Amish in their own homes.
Since the Amish have large families with no mechanical dishwashers they process mounds of dishes, pots, pans and utensils after each meal.

The large Stainless Steel drain board not only holds a standard drying rack it allows room on the side to also dry long cooking utensils.   The large 20-1/2” x 18-/4” foot print provides ample area for large sheet pans that tilt out of a drying rack to catch the drip off.

Remove the rack and dry those over sized commercial style pots and pans.

Drain board also serves as an extra work area to wash off vegetables and other food items when using a colander.

The mill finish stainless steel fits in even the most upscale kitchens to match other stainless cooking equipment.

Rolled edges provide a smooth metal edge for daily use and cleaning.

Standard size ships quickly, custom sizes are also available with a 3-4 week build time. 

These drain boards are also being used in commercial kitchens and food trucks to satisfy the health department requirements for additional air drying space.

A smaller powder coated all aluminum drain board is also available.  Measuring 14-1/4”  x 20-3/8” size this economy drain board still provides a good drain off underneath standard size drainer racks.

The powder coated all aluminum drain board is  also small and compact for limited kitchen counter spaces.  Perfect for apartments, RV’s and summer cottages.

Standard color is white, you can even have them made with custom colors for bold retro d├ęcors!

These drain boards are only available at Cottage Craft  Cottage Craft Works is a unique back to basics general store that searches out these hard to find  functional products to offer to the general public. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Replacement Tub Center

If you've been pulling your hair out looking endless on the Internet to find a replacement tub center you can find them at Cottage CraftWorks .com

Many with perfectly good white mountain ice cream freezers are unable to use them simply because this little but critical part has deteriorated  away and no one seems to have them except Cottage Craft Works.

Replacement tub center fits the older white mountain freezers.  This is the small part that sits in the bottom of the tub  for the  canister to spin on.

The original tub centers were made of cast metal that over the years rusted down from repeated  contact with the salt water.

Even better the new replacement tub center can’t rust.  It has been designed out of a tough durable delrin poly and comes with stainless steel screws.

This is the same poly material that is being used in commercial food processing equipment for bearings and glide blocks.

Cottage Craft Works .com also has most all the other replacement parts for the White Mountain freezers including electric motors, gear housings, wooden tubs, dashers and the stainless cans.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a unique general store that still carries many of the old fashion products and replacement parts.

Hand Push Garden Cultivators | American Made Garden Tools

In this day of cheaper imported products it sometimes becomes difficult to find good old fashion American made garden tools.

If you’re a weekend hobby gardener or a serious homesteader who depends on the garden for food the tools that you choose can make a world of difference in the work that it takes to have a successful harvest.

As we all age and have more time to spend in the garden the tools that we use also need to become more easier for us to handle.

A tool might look sturdy enough when you purchase it in the store but the facts become very apparent soon after you’re in the garden putting it to work.

When we look for great garden tools we go directly to the people who build and use the tools to sustain large families just as they were doing in the early 1900s.

We’re talking about the Amish communities who depend on garden tools to get the job done year after year.

The Amish depend on large garden harvest to sustain their families throughout the year.

The Amish use sturdy well made tools and if they can’t find them they begin to build or find someone who will build reproductions just like they remember from generations past.

Although a trip to Amish country is fun, for those who are not able to make the trip seeking these alternative garden tools you can find them at the back to basic store Cottage Craft Works

You will find a large selection of old fashion push hand cultivators and garden tools that you won’t find at your local hardware store.

The Classic Garden EZ-Till Cultivator is a favorite of many Amish women who like a small maneuverable garden cultivator to push.  It uses a 16” ball bearing rubber wheel and has the traditional hardwood handles that can be adjusted to heights.   It has standard 19” wide cultivator tines and optional furrowing shovel and cultivator blades.

The Weed & Till Rotary Garden Cultivator is equipped with the traditional cultivator tines,  but instead of having a front wheel the cultivator has a rolling metal drum made with sharp blades that helps to chops weeds forward of the tines.  The handle is made of 1” square tubing with a hardwood handle like the old reel mowers.  This cultivator also has an optional furrowing shovel.

 The Flip and Go Wheeled Garden Cultivator works well for those who don’t want to waste time taking attachments on and off.  This unique cultivator has the traditional garden tines as you would expect to see on a garden cultivator, but on top it has also has a garden plow attached that can be engaged by simply flipping the handles over.   The cultivator also has T screws to easily adjust the handle height between different users.

Wheel Hoe Cultivators are probably one the most durable user friendly garden cultivators on the market today.  They also provide the most options in attachments of any cultivator ever built.

These are actual reproductions of the famous Planet Junior Cultivators that dominated the market when almost every home in America depended on a backyard garden to supply their annual food source such as the Amish still do today.

The basic models begin with the Standard Single Wheel Hoe.  It uses a single wheel like most push cultivators.   The wheel is much smaller, thus it easier to maneuver around in the garden than the traditional.   

The attachments range from the traditional tines, plows, with the additions of various widths of slicing blades, sweeps, harrow disk and even a garden seed planter.

The plows can be purchased in a right and left hand set that allow you to hill up planting rows or open up the row to plant potatoes. 

The Double Wheel Hoe model uses all the same attachments.  It allows you to straddle the rows of  new plantings to cultivate both sides at the same time.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ice Cream Freezer Parts | We Stock All White Mountain and Country Freezer Parts

If you have been searching for repair parts for your White Mountain Freezer you have probably clicked on a lot of sites that end up saying the parts are no longer available.

Even White Mountain will tell you they don’t carry all the old replacement parts.

We may just be the only supplier where you can get the replacement parts for the older cream color or new green color freezers.

Cottage Craft Works .com  carries many Amish made products and since Ice Cream Freezers are used extensively in the Amish communities for large gatherings they need to keep their old freezers in working order.

If they can no longer get the parts the Amish will re-manufacture them to fit.  Such as the White Mountain tub centers.   When the Amish build things they build them to last.  Instead of reproducing the old cast iron tub centers that rust out from the  salt water the Amish developed a replacement tub center made out of UHMW food grade plastic that is used in commercial food processing equipment.

In fact the new  hand crank White Mountain Freezers sold at Cottage Craft Works  have had the gears replaced with USA Amish made gears.

Cottage Craft Works .com also carries  The Amish built Country Freezers and the all new insulated Immergood freezer along with all the repair parts for those models.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a unique back to basics general store catering to the self-sufficient and sustainable living lifestyles.  With over 5000 products for the home, farm and garden you will find old fashioned products mostly USA made in Amish shops and small family owned businesses.

Country and Immergood Ice Cream Freezers are all Amish USA made.

You can even purchase the 20 qt 5-gal Country Freezer used in county fairs and other large gatherings to make and sell homemade Ice Cream.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Personalized Hunter Gifts | Engraved Hunting Calls | Groomsman, Wedding, Personal

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting gift check out these jaw dropping hunter gifts from CCW.

CCW Hunting Calls a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works .com has been providing custom engraved hunting calls for all types of events including weddings, school and charity fund raisers, as well as individual gifts for birthdays, graduations, and fathers day.

CCW Hunting Calls are Amish made providing excellent craftsmanship, sound quality and eye appeal.  These calls will be cherished for a lifetime and become future family heirlooms.

These calls are easy to use for even the novice hunter making them great for the youngest of hunters.
The box turkey calls  are so easy to use they will be calling for the big gobbler as you lift them out of the box.

CCW has one of the largest selections of calls providing  a wide variety in price ranges without sacrificing sound quality. 

Price and quality become very important when you’re planning for large weddings with 5-10 groomsman.

You will even find box and slate call kits and unfinished box calls to hand carve and finish.

The box call kits have become very popular for high school FFA classes and youth conservation demonstrations as well as father and son projects.

You can also have the calls personalized by adding the individual engraving option at a flat rate of $12 with no set up charges!

To see all the CCW hunting calls CLICK HERE

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quilter Featherweight card table | Reproduction | 221 | 301

New reproduction Featherweight folding card table for Singer 221 and 301 sewing machines.

As a real bonus the 221 Featherweight machines will also fit into the 301 reproduction tables.

Per customer request Cottage Craft Works .com has added Amish built replica folding card tables that will fit the Singer 221 and both short and long base Singer 301 machines.

Cottage Craft Works .com already has an established line up of custom and reproduction sewing cabinets including Singer reproduction treadle cabinets to fit the old Singer Class 15 machines and the newer Janome 712T treadle machines.

The 221 Featherweight and 301 machines were made by Singer in the early to mid 1900s and are prized possessions of quilters everywhere. Up until now those who have not acquired one of the original folding card tables continue to only dream of finding one at an estate sale or remain leery of purchasing one that is listed online.

The 301 tables are so rare that most 301 owners are not even aware that a folding table was even made for these machines as well.

It’s not uncommon for quilters to have both the 221 and 301 machines and now to have a folding table option that will hold both machines is like having icing on the cake.

The 221 Featherweight is a small workhorse perfect for light weight materials.  Quilters love them because they are compact and portable yet they remain a real work horse unlike anything built today.

When it comes to stitching in heaver materials the old 301s are hard to beat so having the two different models just adds to the quilter versatility arsenal.

The reproduction Featherweight tables from Cottage are made to the same size and height of the originals.  The new tables may even be built stronger than the originals as they use ¾” plywood cherry veneer tops with a full ¾” cherry hardwood edge board.

The folding table legs are the same legs used to build large heavy game tables used for table top tennis and ping pong.   The legs have been adapted as some of the original Featherweight tables had the fourth leg made to fold in order to clear the table bracing.  Cottage uses a telescoping snap lock end to accomplish this.

The Singer 301 machines were made in both short and long bed models.  The reproduction tables can be ordered specific to just the 221 model or for the 301 models. 

The 221 sits in the 301 tray at the same height and just slides over to the left to compensate for the difference in the 301 machine length.

A table ordered for the 301 long bed will also fit the 301 short bed and the 221 Featherweight.

To see and read more about the new reproduction Featherweight tables here’s the Direct Link

Friday, December 13, 2013

Equine Oat Crimper | Oat Roller | Hobby Horse Farm Oat Roller

Crimped or machine rolled oats have been reported to provide better Equine nutrition while making the Equine digestion process easier over standard oats.

The rolling process breaks open the hard protective outer shell allowing the nutritious soft inside to be better absorbed before passing through the digestive system.

Freshly rolled oats allow the nutritional value to be consumed when it’s right at the peak.   Oats rolled in a processing plant and then bagged for shipment will lose some of the nutritional aspects.

For those who have been purchasing crimped or rolled oats to feed to horses, you will be happy to learn of the new oat crimpers from Cottage Craft Works that can be used right in the stable or horse trailer.

Those who are currently purchasing rolled oats in the bag are probably paying an additional $2-$3 for a 50 lb bag over a year’s time that can really add up.

Rolled oats go further as well.  Those feeding rolled oats have noticed up to 30% less feed consumption.

Whether you have one or two horses or up to 30 head of horses the oat crimpers at Cottage Craft Works will do the job.

A hand crank portable unit will sit on a 5 gallon bucket.  It’s the perfect solution for a one or two horse hobby farms or to haul on the horse trailer.  The hand crank can even be removed and replaced with an electric drill.

A wall mount electric crimper is also available.  Equipped with a ¾ HP electric motor this compact crimper mounts right on the wall in the stable or horse trailer to crimp 30 lbs of oats in as little as 6 minutes.  The hopper will hold 5 gals of oats at a time.

This unit can also be mounted on to a bin with an overhead hopper for continuous flow operations.

CCW-3 stationary oat crimper also handles corn and barley!  This is a heavy duty crimper for larger ranches.  Unit will crimp 50 lbs of oats in about a minute. 

CCW-2 stationary oat crimper is ideal for operations up to 12 head. 

Oat crimpers are USA Amish made and are being used on Amish and non-Amish farms and ranches.

To see more visit Cottage Craft Works .com

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