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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Homemade Ice Cream Maker | Amish USA Made

Serious homemade ice cream enthusiast turn to Amish USA made ice cream makers because they know the Amish build things to use often and to last for years.

Like most products that have become caught up in the discount store price wars; imported off the shelf ice cream makers just are not holding up for serious semi monthly or weekly homemade ice cream family events.

These imported machines might work fine for a once a year family gathering but to make several gallons as often as the Amish make homemade ice cream those imported makers just don’t hold up for very long.

Country Freezers are Amish made and have been the king of the ice cream freezers used in the Amish communities for decades.  They are available in sizes as small as small as 1 qt to 20 qt. Country Freezers feature the nostalgic white oak stave barrel s with a thick stainless steel can, and heavy duty nickel plate dasher for up to the 8 qt size. The 8 and 20 qt uses a stainless steel dasher.  The 20 qt can even be ordered with NSF approval stamp.

Country Freezers have traditional been made as a hand crank but in more recent years companies are retro fitting the White Mountain electric motors on the 6 qt models. Country Freezer has also introduced their American made electric motor. Since the motors are being made in small quantities they are rather expensive.

Another Amish company has introduced the Immergood Ice Cream Freezers and in many ways has even further raised the bar on Country Freezers. Immergood has combined years of experience in using the older White Mountain freezers along with the Country Freezers. Their more practical use approach has been to get rid of the more expensive oak tub and to replace it with a super insulated double wall poly tub that will not leak over time. They have even developed an insulated cover to place over the top of the tub after the ice cream has been made to hold it for hours.

Immergood has also wisely placed great emphasis in improving the tub ear and tub latch system that has all become nonexistent on the imported freezers. The frustrations of the continuing gear frame wobbling and jumping out of the slots when the ice cream began to harden on other models brought Immergood to a positive latching cam lock system. The tub ear and latch are made of heavy stainless steel that is probably an overkill in design but very common to Amish made products that are just made to last.

Immergood also uses stainless steel gears on the hand crank models and like Country Freezers have a heavy duty can, and nickel plate dasher. Immergood also did away with the wooden scrapers and use a food grade white poly used to make bearings and slides in food processing equipment.

Immergood is only available in 6 qt and 8 qt models.  The 6 qt can be purchased with a White Mountain electric motor or upgraded with a Country Freezer motor. Immergood has a USA motor in development. The 8 qt only comes in hand crank at the moment.  A complete stainless steel gear frame, dasher, and can are also available in the 8 qt.

Cottage Craft Works carries both of the Amish Country and Immergood Ice Cream Freezers as well as all the accessories and parts. They were the first company to introduce Immergood to the general public. While some others are now selling Immergood freezers they are not offering the two sizes or all the accessories.

Cottage Craft Works also offers all the replacement parts for White Mountain freezers including Amish made upgrade tub latches, ears and tub centers.

USA made garden tools

Made in the USA garden tools are used by sustainable living Amish families. When the family garden is depended upon to supply large families with fresh organic grown vegetables the Amish don’t rely on cheaply made imported garden tools.

For them gardening tools have to hold up and keep sharp cutting edges anything less just won’t cut the mustard when growing and cultivating a family garden is at stake. 

Regrettably many people who dream of growing their own food year after year will short cut the process and purchase cheaper made imported garden tools.  They fatigue quickly because the cutting edges quickly dull or the tool comes out of the handle after just a few times in the garden. 

Growing a garden is hard and does require a lot of physical activity but without the proper tools some will just end up throwing in the towel and giving up on the idea.

Over the decades many reproduction garden tools have been copied by importers which just don’t function as well as the originals.

Stores like Cottage Craft Works provide direct access to the same old fashioned garden tools being used in the Amish communities.  Most of the tools are still made one at a time in small Amish factories.

Cottage Craft Works offers three different Amish made hoesand eight different styles of hand push garden cultivators including child and lady friendly sizes. The Wheel Hoe garden cultivators patterned from the after the old time Planet Junior  are considered the Cadillac of hand push cultivators and have the most available options for the serious gardener.

You can also find canning and preserving equipment as well as hobby farming equipment such as a garden line row builder for compact tractors, sprayers, orchard equipment, cider presses, supplies and so much more.

Cottage Craft Works is a full line general store chocked full of old fashioned vintage favorites for the self-sufficient home, garden, farm or ranch.  A large department is dedicated to hunting calls, gun accessories including replacement gun stocks.

USA Made Water Bottle Crock Cooler

Old fashioned pottery water coolers and water bottle dispensing crocks are still being made in the USA just like they were being made at the turn of the century. In the wake of concerns of community water supply safety the lead and cadmium free clay and glazes make these hard to find crocks in high demand.

These are not the imported ceramic water bottle dispensers that are easy to find rather, these are the old time hand turned pottery crocks that were being widely used before electricity and refrigeration was made readily available in the US.  

Water temperatures will not be as cold as a refrigerated drinking fountain but the thick pottery does provide some cooling giving these the name of water coolers before the more common electric water coolers were ever invented.  

Cottage Craft Works www is an online general store providing an emporium of old time products for those who have a quest to return to simpler made in the USA products.

Water coolers and water bottle crocks are available in traditional blue stripe or you may choose from an assortment of custom colors and patterns. Crocks may also be personalized.

Water coolers are available in sizes from 1-3 gallon sizes. Water bottle crocks hold 2 gallons and come with a lid to use with our without a water jug.  Most use them with 5 gallon plastic water jugs. 

 The company provides instructions to make a protective ring to use with glass water bottles which, is refreshing as you don’t need to purchase an expensive plastic ring in addition.
You will also find other old fashioned pottery and cookware from this unique online store that specializes in small American made businesses and craftsmen.  90% of the products come directly from Amish businesses.  

Cottage Craft Works also provides an outlet for other small cottage based businesses making and crafting these old fashioned vintage products. The crocks are made by a small non-Amish company in Texas.

You can find Home Goods consisting of sewing cabinets, Amish made furniture, self sufficient living products such as non-electric gadgets and clothes drying racks. Farm & Garden consisting of old fashioned hand push garden cultivators, roller egg chicken nesting boxes, livestock products, water well pumps, horse and buggy items and reproduction wagons and wheelbarrows. The Kitchen and Food Prep tab takes you into all kinds of old fashioned kitchen gadgets including hand crank mixers, egg beaters, ice cream makers, dairy processing equipment and non-electric appliances. This is the tab where you will find the USA pottery and the water coolers and water bottle dispensing crocks.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vintage Woodworking Kits, Plans and Hardware

Woodworkers looking for vintage woodworking kits, plans and hardware for woodshop projects will discover old fashioned kits, plans and hardware at

Build old fashioned reproduction furniture, sewing cabinets, vintage kids ride on toys, working wagon seats, buckboard bench seats, or even ornamental buckboard wagon garden d├ęcor .

Hardware and plans to build an authentic working box wagon seat or a buckboard wagon bench seat are very popular kits followed by the reproduction J & P Coats thread spool cabinet kit is one of the most popular products.

The  old fashioned Studebaker Jr Wagon Kit is over the top.  Build an exact replica of this old time scaled wagon which began as salesman sample for the large Studebaker wagons but soon became popular kids wagons. is a micro site of Cottage Craft Works .com.  A unique general store featuring hard to find back-to-basic products.

With over 3000 products listed on the main site at customers can browse old fashioned products just like an early 1900 Sears and Roebuck catalog.  Cottage Craft Works features mainly American made products produced by cottage based and small business owners. Many of these are Amish shops located on the back roads of Heartland America.

The company was founded in 2006 by Paul and Liz Stevens and has become very popular with self-sufficient people looking for old fashioned American made products.  

The site allows those who grew up in the 1950s,1960s, and 1970s a modern day shopping venue reminiscent of those periods when woodworking kits, plans and hardware would have been featured in woodworking magazines and in the classified section of such magazines as Popular Mechanics.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hand Pushed Garden Cultivators

Old fashioned hand push garden cultivators are making a strong come back as people turn to safer home grown vegetables. Shop one of the largest selections of hand push garden cultivators, featuring Amish USA made garden cultivators for any size and type of garden. Garden cultivators are available for men, women and children size gardeners.

People are returning to back yard vegetable gardens. More and more news reports show just how vulnerable our food chain is with contaminates, concerns with chemical and genetic altered vegetables being linked to serious health issues within the population.  It is also at a time when increased fresh vegetable consumption is being strongly recommended to reduce the risk of obesity and heart diseases.

Those who grown their vegetables can select Non-GMO seeds and use organic gardening methods for the safest and freshest vegetable and produce for their families.

Whether you’re growing a large, small, or even a container patio garden quality well built garden tools are essential.

Backyard gardening is not a new concept just a lost one.  At the turn of the Century and even long before almost every family grew vegetables and produce in a back yard vegetable garden. This was the only real option for fresh vegetables as most local general stores only carried a few canned and dry food items.

The hand push garden push cultivator was a basic necessity then as they are still today in the Amish self sustaining communities.

The Amish make their garden cultivators for long term use. You simply will not find the cheaper imported big wheel cultivators being used by the Amish because they are not as well made, harder to push and just don’t withstand long term use.

The owners at Cottage Craft Works go deep into the Amish communities to seek out and bring to the general public these well made garden cultivators and other Amish made products. 

Many of the Amish products are continued productions of the original time trusted designs.  As the country shifted over from home grown to store bought the Amish began having difficulty in finding companies who were still making the old fashioned products. Amish blacksmith and metal working shops began to reproduce those items to continue the Amish sustainable way of life.

The Hoss Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivators are actual reproductions of the once popular Planet Junior Garden Cultivators and are still considered the Cadillac of garden cultivators. The Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivators have the most available options from different cutting and slicing blades to a garden disk harrow as well as a garden seeder. They are also available in a single wheel or double wheel models, The double wheel straddles small plantings so that you can cultivate both sides of a row at the same time.  

The Weed & Till Rotary Garden Cultivator is another old time favorite reproduction.  It features a rolling drum with sharp cutting blade to chop weeds and then the traditional cultivating tines
The Flip and Go Garden Cultivator is a great example of Amish time saving ingenuity. It saves time from changing out the cultivating tines to a plow by simply flipping the cultivator over.

The E-Z Till, Easy Push and Gardener Choice Garden Cultivators are all designed for the Amish women and children in mind. They are the ones who mostly tend to the vegetable gardening and produce while the Amish men and older boys tend to the farm crops.  The cultivators feature a simple design using a hard rubber bicycle wheel in place of the traditional metal wheels.  The design makes the cultivator lighter weight and easier to maneuver.

Cottage Craft is a unique general store with an emporium of old fashioned USA made products.  Most of the products are still being made in small Amish shops where the shop owner still hand makes and packages their products.

See all of the Amish gardencultivators and attachments. Cottage Craft Works Garden Cultivators  

                                                   Easy Push Garden Cultivator

Amish Wagon, Kid, Haulers

Old fashioned little red Amish wagons are still being handcrafted just as they were in 1962. This family owned Amish shop still makes high quality Amish wagons used widely for, hauling supplies, the kids, yard, garden, farm and ranch chore items.  

Available options include sun covers, wagon seats, Conestoga cover wagon tops, cushions, and even a cooler rack.

Many might think these are the little red toy wagons that many grew up with; the fact is the Amish build multipurpose transporters as they would use them in their own families to last through several generations.

Sure every kid should have their own little red wagon to make believe fun from army jeeps, to Cinderella carriages and pet teasers. These Amish wagons go far beyond just being a toy.  Amish wagons are real durable workhorses with smooth rolling tires, and automobile style steering to reduce the chance of tip over on sharp turns.

Removable racks make them into a flat bed transporter or add the racks to make a kid hauler to transport the youngsters and all the family paraphernalia needed for an outing to the state fair, beach or park. 

Equip them with the optional sun tops, cushions, and cooler rack and you will have the equivalent to a family station wagon for fun in the sun.

Amish wagons are also available in many different color options, instead of red you can purchase them in blue, J.D. Green or even pink. 

Amish wagons are available at Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft Works is an online general store featuring hard to find USA made products mostly made and used by the Amish.

Amish Wagon Decorative Garden Decor

Shop a variety of Amish handcrafted wagons and carts for ornamental decor to functional uses. Purchase scaled replicas of authentic buckboard wagons, express wagons, goat wagons, wheelbarrows, peddler carts, market carts, and even vintage style kid’s wagons. Complete finished or unfinished. Wagon hardware kits are also all available.  

Cottage Craft Works .com has assembled one of the most comprehensive selections of Amish wagon decorative garden decor available anywhere on the Internet.

Featuring complete wooden or metal spoke ornamental yard and garden decor already finished or unfinished.

Cottage Craft Works also offers metal wheel hardware kits and plans to build many of their garden wagons and carts.

Many of the wagons and carts have been purchased for home and garden uses, but many are also sold for commercial uses such as store displays for produce and other merchandise. 

Because these wagons and carts are so authentically reproduced they are being used to make movies, television shows, and are even being used in living history museums.

Wood spoke wheels are still being handmade just as they were in the 1700, 1800, and early 1900 hundreds.

Cottage Craft is an online general store featuring hard to find USA made products mostly made and used by the Amish.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Clothes drying rack, folding, wheel, wall mounted, portable clothesline

Whether you’re living off grid, don’t own a clothes dryer or are just wanting to save some money, our old fashioned clotheslines and drying racks can save you a bunch of energy grabbing dollars per year.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a sustainable living back-to-basics general store with many Amish clothesline, drying rack, and wheel clothes line options.

Air drying clotheslines are a necessity for some living off grid, a convince for others who don’t want the hassle of dry cleaning and a way to feel more energy efficient while reducing their carbon foot print for many.

A clothesline can be as simple as stringing a rope or wire between two substantial objects such as a structure, a pole or a tree.  Although trees seem to harbor birds and while birds are great to have around they are not so popular dropping on freshly washed clothes.

Cottage Craft Works .com offers a wide variety of clothes dryers for both indoor and outdoor use.  These clothes drying racks and lines are mostly made in the USA by Amish and used in the Amish self-sustaining way of life.

Folding clothes racks either self standing or wall mounted are also very handy and functional for drying wet coats and gloves making them perfect for mud rooms and entries.

Almost every household can use a clothes drying rack or clothesline. Many different types and styles are available even for the most compact spaces in homes and apartments.

Denim jeans, blankets, coats, and other heavy weight items can be hung to air dry instead of taking over an hour to dry in traditional clothes dryer. 

Drying racks can are also multi functional for other drying needs on a homestead such as drying flower herbs, noodles, and more

Stainless Steel Drainboard

Our extra large home kitchen stainless steel drainboard is USA Amish made. Tired of those flimsy plastic drainboards?  This stainless steel drainboard will hold heaps of dishes, large pots, pans and cooking utensils.

Our popular standard home kitchen sink stainless steel drainboard is used by single or empty nest couples who don’t routinely have enough dishes to run a dishwasher. Drainboards are a basic necessity for those living in homes without dishwashers, or for off-grid kitchens.

These old fashioned drainboards could be found in most home kitchens at the turn of the century before electricity was made available to the common household.  Families large and small would hand washed dishes and other cooking utensils and then stacked them up on dish drying racks to air dry.

Without a drainboard to catch the water droplets under the dish racks water ran out and over the counter top and down the cabinet fronts and out on to the floor.

Many homes were equipped with kitchen sinks with a built in drain board, others relied on a slanted drain board like these to catch the droplets and channel the water back into the kitchen sink.

Over the years drainboard manufactures have cut corners to save money ending up with smaller flat plastic drainboards. The plastic drainboards sit flat on the kitchen counter with no slope to drain back into the kitchen sink. They are also not very attractive often sold with a plastic dish drainer rack that will only hold a small amount of dishes at a time.

Our Amish drainboards are not something that you will want to stuff under the kitchen sink when company comes. In fact your company will likely enjoy helping to cleanup during the holidays and then ask where they can also find one for their home.  

This stainless steel will fit at home in stainless steel kitchens and our decorator drain boards will fit at home in kitchens with black appliances.

The Amish who still live as people did at the turn of the century, living off grid with no dishwashers preparing meals daily for large families.  Like many of our products, we find them being made deep in the Amish communities and bring them to the general public via our online back-to-basics general store.

Stainless steel drainboards are one of our most popular functional use products that we sell. We offer them in either a closed back, with a back lip or an open back without the back lip.  The open back is a bit cheaper to make so we pass on the savings to our customers. Those who might need to also use the drain board to spray off dishes or to double as another prep area will appreciate the back lip when spraying off vegetables as well as flat ware.

With the popularity of these drainboards for close to a decade now we have also been asked to make and offer a decorator series drainboard for granite counter tops. These powder coated drainboards are available in cooper vane or black granite.

We also make stainless steel drainboards in custom sizes to fit a variety of different applications from larger to smaller, side drain to small commercial and food truck users.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a sustainable living back-to-basics general store offering old fashioned functional use items that are still being made and used in the Amish communities.  Scrolling through the online store of old fashioned products is like taking a trip back in time.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spring Fever Landscape Woodworker Wagon Kits

If you’re getting a touch of spring fever for the garden and outdoors consider building one of these cute scaled replica wood wagons, peddler-market carts or wheelbarrow. 

These wagons and carts will make the perfect spring gift or a nice display for your own yard or garden space.

Large wagon boxes will hold an ample display of flowers and plants. Old fashioned replica buckboard wagons, express wagons or peddler carts will bring back those nostalgic times while providing functional uses.

Wagon and cart kits include the plans, the metal wheels and the stub axles to build these fun ornamental displays.

You supply the wood for your specific purpose. Use treated lumber for exterior applications to even hardwoods for interior furniture or store displays.

Cottage Craft has assembled a large selection of wood working kits as well as complete ready-made ornamental wagons and carts.

Cottage Craft Works is a full line country store bringing back old fashioned vintage products.

Cottage Craft Works also offers other woodworking kits and hardware to build sewing cabinets, a replica J & P Coats spool cabinet as well as full sized wagon and buckboard seats.

                                                       Vendor Cart Plans & Wheel Kit

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