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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

American Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Bowls

New stoneware bowls made in the USA are hard to find, especially the traditional blue stripe.  

The larger bowls such as the popular 16” are even more difficult to find.

Cottage Craft Works .com a back-to-basics online store carries American Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware bowls  in sizes form 10” all the way up to the popular 16”. 

They are made right here in the USA using the same pottery methods passed down from generations.
These bowls also last for generations and were very common in most kitchens at the turn of the century.

As functional today as they were back then, stoneware is even microwave and dishwasher safe.  As they were used in the olden days, these stoneware bowls can go directly into the oven.

Stoneware bowls is not the only thing available at this online retro emporium.  You will find all types of reproduction stoneware pottery items.

Stoneware bowls, pitchers, crocks and baking dishes are also available as well as all types of cookware in stainless.

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