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Friday, November 7, 2014

Electric- ice-cream- churn- freezer-20-qt-restaurant-commercial

This 20 qt old fashion ice cream maker is becoming popular with restaurants and small ice cream shops. 

While soft serve ice cream freezers dominate the fast food restaurants, those wanting to add the taste of old fashion hand crank churned ice cream are turning back in time.  

This  Amish Country Freezer is equipped with a modern day direct drive electric motor set up.

The unit also has a built in amp meter to help determine when each batch is ready.
Dual voltage ¾ HP motor operates on 110/220 volts 60/50Hz Single Phase. Motor is wired for 110 volts with standard US grounded plug for International customers. 

This custom churn from Cottage Craft uses an Amish made 20 qt Country Ice Cream freezer with a direct drive motor.  It has no external belts or pulleys making this freezer set up perfect for the commercial kitchen.

Other Amish companies use belts and pulleys that take up much more space and can become an employee hazard.  This type of set up is also difficult to keep clean and use in a commercial kitchen.

These issues are one of the reasons most commercial operators have steered clear of using this type of ice cream freezer.

Made of commercial grade 304 stainless steel can and dasher.  The unit can be ordered  with NSF certification stamp if required by local health authority.

Country Freezers feature;
  • Amish hand crafted (old time quality, company does not try to compete with imports)
  • Tall design for optimum freezing
  • Extra heavy seamless stainless steel can
  • Rustproof manganese-bronze housing
  • Rustproof zinc gears (stainless steel available up grade on 20-qt)
  • White Oak wooden tub (the same used to make whisky and other barrels)
  • Adjustable stainless steel tub straps (three of them to keep the tub staves tight)
  • Stainless steel shaft & handle
  • Stainless steel dasher 
  • ¼-turn slide latch (positive locking)
  • All stainless steel fittings (nothing to rust)
  • Should last a lifetime
  • 5-year warranty on all stainless steel parts

Everything is mounted on a rolling oak platform equipped with 3” polyurethane wheels.
See more by visiting Cottage Craft Works .com

The standard 20 qt freezer with pulley is also available.  It comes standard with a 14" V belt pulley but can be ordered with a 19" pulley with hand crank.

Cottage Craft Works offers all types of Amish made products for the home, ranch, farm and garden.  It is much like an old fashion Sears Roebuck catalog with functional products that are still being made like they were in the early to mid 1900s.

International companies will want to use an US forwarding agent like for the most economical shipping rates.

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