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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can’t Miss Christmas Gifts for The Avid Hunter

If you’re stumped for hunter gifts Cottage Craft Works .com just might be your answer for hard to find USA made of fashion gifts for that special hunter.

It’s kind of like thumbing through an old Herters Sporting Goods catalog growing up in the 50s and 60s.

One of the largest suppliers of Amish made old fashion wooden hunting calls Cottage Craft Works has some of the most beautiful hunting calls ever made.  The selection covers game calls  for just about any hunt including locator calls and small predator calls.

These calls can be personalized and have become extremely popular for wedding party gifts even including the brides maids.  One hunter even had his engraved with the question to propose to his future lifelong hunting partner.

Outerwear and hunting gear is also available patterned after the Wicks old fashion outerwear.  Some of the toughest material made to stand up to thorns and thickets that normally shreds a regular hunting jacket or pants.

Heirloom quality leather hunting gear and belts will take you back in time when US Presidents and British Royalty  were pictured in hunting gear.

Amish custom made gun cases will display a favorite pistol or family heirloom.

Leather and nylon holsters are available for just about any carry needed.

You can even find unfinished replacement gun stocks for some of the older shotguns and rifles that are very difficult to find at some very affordable prices. These make a wonderful winter project for an avid hunter/woodworker.

That’s another thing about this unique General Store.  You can find just about anything old fashion to fit almost any price range.  From a simple hand operated ATV game feeder to a high end Amish hand carved gun stock featured in Outdoor Life Magazine.  This online store provides high end quality merchandise at prices for just about everyone.

Turkey box calls range from $19.95 up to $39.95 they even have turkey box call kits and friction slate call kits to provide a lifelong image of a great father and son project.

Cottage Craft Works also carries products for the home farm and garden including outdoor cooking equipment.

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