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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple Grinder Motor Kit | Homesteader | American Harvester | Apple Cider Press

If you own a Homesteader or American Harvester apple cider press you will be glad to know that a complete motor kit is now available to run the grinder.

Just in time for the apple harvest, a complete motor kit to add to an existing  Homesteader or American Harvester apple grinder.

Motor Kit Includes:
  •          ¼ HP Motor
  •          Pulleys & Belt w/guard
  •          Pillow block bearings w/spacers
  •          Motor Safety Hopper
  •          And all required mounting hardware

Cottage Craft Works .com is your one stop online source for all your orchard needs also carries the complete cider and wine presses as well as hardware kits to build your own press.

Cottage Craft Works located at is a unique online emporium full of high quality products for the home, garden, orchard, farm and ranch.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Buggy & Wagon Seat, Benches | Casual Seating, Working Wagon Seat | Hardware

That’s right you can purchase a buggy bench seat for casual country decor or purchase a complete authentic working wagon seat with leaf springs.

Whether your decorating a country home or building and authentic box wagon this online store has what you need.

From complete seats to hardware kits and plans Cottage Craft Works .com can outfit you.   You can even order a complete custom buggy or wagon.

If you just want the look of a buggy seat for a country home the ornamental spring buggy seat provides the ideal solution.

These bench seats make a perfect stop off place to pull on or take off boots and shoes.

You can purchase the complete seat in oak or cherry or purchase the hardware kits and plans to make your own.

These seats make great gifts and bring home memories when using reclaimed lumber from an old home or barn that was on an original family ranch or farm.

The authentic seats and hardware are actually still being used on working wagons and come directly out of an Amish wagon shop.

The authentic wagon seat can be ordered with the wagon box cleats or with a bench base to use as a stationary bench.  Box cleats are used to hang the seat between the wagon box sides.

The leaf springs or complete hardware kit can be purchased if you have an old wagon seat that is being refurbished. 

The complete authentic wagon seat is built using popular hardwood a stainable or paintable wood for outside use.

You can also visit the main site at to browse through over 5000 products that have been well organized.  

The site specializes in old fashioned products that are mostly still made in the USA Amish communities.

Products from home goods, kitchen wares, as well as outdoor products for the garden, farm, ranch, hunting and fishing are available. 

Glass Display Cases | Gun, Knife, Hobby, Collector

Stunning Amish hand crafted glass display case for pistols, knifes, and hobby collectibles.  Custom sizes can be ordered in oak, walnut, or cherry at very affordable prices.

Standard size measures 16" W, 9" deep, and 11" Tall providing a complete 360° view of the displayed object.

Other custom sizes can be built for long riffles, swords, golf clubs, or other collectibles.

Pistols with clip can slide over a pedestal stand to appear freestanding inside the case.  Other pedestals can be custom mounted to hold other objects.

Custom glass display cases can be ordered at Cottage CraftWorks .com

Cottage Craft Works located at has established an excellent reputation for customer service for an online store and is accredited by the BBB.

Featured in Outdoor Life Magazine with Amish hand carved gun stocks, you will find many other products including the  glass display cases of equal high quality craftsmanship.

Cottage Craft Works also carries a large selection of other custom and standard old fashioned made products for hunting, for the home, garden, farm and ranch.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lazy Susan | Amish Hand Crafted | Sizes 12”-16” | Oak-Cherry

Stop the feuding at the dinner table by placing condiments in reach of everyone.  These beautiful Amish crafted hardwood Lazy Susan’s fit at home or in commercial restaurant applications.

They are even being used on US Navy ships, in RV’s and other mobile dinning applications.

Available in oak and cherry in sizes starting at 12” ranging up to 16” making them even perfect to hold a large pizza.

Lazy Susan’s spin on a metal housed ball bearing frame, used in high end  kitchen cabinets.
Counter top organizers are also available for kitchen and hobby work areas.

Lazy Susan’s are made by the Amish and used in large Amish families and gatherings.

They are perfect for any family dinner table to keep routine condiments such as salt, pepper, seasonings, and napkins at easy reach.  Prior to serving mustard, ketchup, and other refrigerated condiments can be added.

The large 16” Lazy Susan’s are perfect to sit in the middle of a round table, or for a harvest table use two or more Lazy Susan’s.   

Place family style bowls of vegetables and salads around the perimeter and allow your guest to serve themselves without bugging the person next to them.

Amish Lazy Susan’s are available at Cottage Craft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works, is an online source for various old fashioned Amish made products for the home, garden, farm and ranch.

Folding Drying Racks | Clothes Drying Racks | Amish Drying Racks

These old fashioned wood folding drying racks are made and used by Amish families.  Now you can own one of these energy saving Amish clothes racks for your own use.

Drying clothes in a dryer uses lots of electricity especially if your dryer is electric.  Heavy jeans take extra cycles to dry.  Delegate sweaters are best air dried.

Amish drying racks come in many different styles and sizes. 

For a quick place to dry a few garments the wall mounted pull out racks are exceptional.  They take very little space and require no set up.  Simply pull the according folding rack from the wall and place your garments on for drying.

These wall racks come in very hand when baby spits up on their outfit or your clean blouse.  They are also handy during winter months for wet gloves, mittens, scarves and socks.

The larger floor folding racks come in sizes up to 48” wide and 72” tall.  They take up very little space and can be put up and taken down in a matter of seconds.

The sock drying ring is a rather new comer to the Amish.  It is designed to hang on a single hook under a porch or overhang.  It is very light weight and can be easily taken down when not in use.

The rack mounted clothespins hold all types of small garments and fabrics.  Once you start using the drying ring you will wonder how you did without it for all these years.

Purchase Amish clothes drying racks online at Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft Works located at is a sustainable living back to basics general store that displays hard to find self sufficient products for easy browsing and selection.

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