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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Build An Heirloom Grandfather Clock Using These Pre-cut Clock Kits.

These pre-cut ready to assemble grandfather clocks will leave a stunning impression and a heirloom legacy.

Kits come complete with all the wood parts, beveled glass and a high quality German made 8-day triple chime movement.
The clock will chime with the three most popular chimes, Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington chimes.
No worry about keeping the household awake at night with an automatic night shut off.
You will need the carpentry and woodworking tools and basic knowledge of glue up the cabinet.
One of the secrets in glue up construction is to have a large assortment of wood working clamps to properly align and apply equal pressure across the glue joints.
The other key to a successful finish is to be sure all the excess glue squeezed from the joints if completely washed off the outside wooden parts.
Once excess glue dries it seals the wood and leaves blotch marks when the stain is applied.
Wood cabinet parts are made in the USA by skilled craftsman. Some minor small trim cutting may be required.
Keeping grandfather clock completely level is critical; the pendulum will not swing correctly to keep the proper time.
If the clock is tilted toward the front or back the pendulum may rub on the case and cause damage. The clock kits include leveling legs.
A locking door keeps helping hands from messing up the chain and weight system.
Two models are available; both have the option of oak or cherry.
The traditional St. Paul and St. John models have carved finial and keystone raised crotch top. The York and Nottingham models formal have tiered bonnet arched tops with raised book match panels.
Complete grandfather clock kits run $2000 in either oak or cherry. These clocks sold completely assembled would cost up to $4000.
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