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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Amish quilt pattern book
Amish quilt pattern book
Sample Quilt Instructions
Sample Quilt Instructions
Log Cabin Amish Quilt
Log Cabin Amish Quilt
Deluxe Custom Amish Sewing Center
Deluxe Custom Amish Sewing Center
Reproduction Singer Sewing Cabinet
Reproduction Singer Sewing Cabinet

Amish Trip Around the Star Quilt Pattern book.

Quilters from across the country flock to Amish quilt stores and shows to see, touch and feel the quality quilts made by the Amish.
Many seek the experience and knowledge of the Amish quilt makers, but are just unable to communicate with this rather standoffish culture.
Quilters, this is your opportunity to obtain a complete A-Z quilt pattern book to make this complex Amish Trip Around the Star Quilt Design.
The Amish design pattern book comes with all cutting templates, layout and sewing instructions to make a 100” x 105” (89” X 105” finished size) quilt.
This is the first pattern of a series of different Amish quilt patterns to be offered by Cottage Craft Works .com.
The cost of the pattern book is $12.50 plus USPS shipping.
The complete five page booklet is designed by an avid Amish quilter, providing a complete material listing, cutting chart, assembly diagrams for each section with step by step instructions to complete this complex quilt design.
Cottage Craft Works .com is an online back to basic store that provides a direct market place for cottage based businesses like the small Amish quilt shops.
With an accumulation of over 5000 high quality products from over 100 Amish and non-Amish small shops, Cottage Craft Works has established a full line old time general store all online.
A large segment of products are geared to the home sewing and quilter enthusiast featuring sewing cabinets, treadle machines and the only company offering Singer treadle reproduction cabinets.
All sewing cabinets are USA Amish crafted and can be customized with different door and drawer fronts, extensions and back drop tables to fit every quilters dream work table.
Completed or Custom Amish quilts can be purchased as well as quilters can have their quilt tops and liners hand stitched together by Amish quilters.

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