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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Amish Kitchen Products | Non-electric | Off-Grid | Kitchen Tools | Gadgets

Cottage Craft Works Country Living General Store will surprise you with an emporium of all types of   Amish kitchen tools and gadgets.

If your looking for simple back-to-basic kitchen counter top appliances and gadgets, this store will intrigue you for hours.  Cottage Craft Works .com has some of the hardest to find non-electric kitchen tools, gadgets and appliances.

From American made pressure cookers, canners, to heavy duty commercial grade hand crank conversion mixers and food processors, Cottage Craft Works has went deep inside the Amish communities to find and bring to the general market items that will satisfy the prepper to vintage kitchen lover cook.


The Popular Little Dutch Maid Mixer has been sold around the world.  It's a hand crank mixer that will mix large batches of bread dough and mashed potatoes as well as general mixer uses.  Add the optional slicer and shredder to have a complete hand crank off-grid food processor.

For the Kitchen Aid lovers, an Amish hand crank conversion mixer is also available, or you can have an old mixer converted.

The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Drainboard is an extremely popular product, read the review and see just how practical and popular this drainboard has become.  Like many of the Amish products at Cottage Craft Works you won't find it any where else on the Internet.

The Little Pie Maker is also a very popular Amish made product.  Since it was first offered home kitchens as well as commercial kitchen owners and caterers have been extremely pleased to finally have a heavy commercial grade pie roller that didn't cost them a fortune.

USA Stoneware Pottery at Cottage Craft Works, provides a large selection of the old fashioned mixing and batter bowls, crocks, and churns.

You will want to spend time looking over the many different kitchen products at Cottage Craft Works .com

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