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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sportsman Peeper John Urinal

There is nothing more frustrating than to be working out in the garden, workshop, barn, or crawl up into the blind or tree stand, to just have to run and find a bathroom. As we get older the frequency of those trips seem to increase as the morning goes on. If we hold off the coffee, and water we risk dehydration or headaches from not having our morning shot of caffeine.

The ladies will probably say the guys can just go stand by a tree, but for public view and hunting even in the deep woods, that is just not always practical. The scent from human urine will clear out any hopes of ever seeing a deer if they are downwind from that tree.

Those plastic jugs, portable urinals are not always practical either as they always seem to leak, get kicked over in the shop or blind, and then the chore of cleaning them, or worse forgetting to empty them until the next time you need it.

The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal is a simple inexpensive solution. It is portable yet can be installed semi- permanent in the corner of a shed, barn, or hunting blind. It can even be mounted on a board and used in a tree stand. The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal simply mounts through a 1-1/2” hole in the side wall and is equipped with a Stainless screw to secure it and a ¾” PVC pipe coupling to attach to ¾” pipe to drain down into a plastic coffee can buried upside down under the ground. The funnel is sanitized after each use by using a spray bottle mixed with 1 tablespoon of bleach to a gal of water mixture. The funnel comes with a plastic snap lid to keep it closed when not in use.

The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal is American made from durable 100% high density polyethylene for years of service, it can be purchased for $8.95 through Cottage Craft Works.

This is not an item you will find down at the mega sporting goods store. Cottage Craft Works goes deep into the back roads of America to find unique American products from small businesses and cottage based industries. Cottage Craft Works offers over 2000 products for the back-to-basics self-sufficient life styles. The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal is just one of the many unique and hard to find items.

Side Winder Fishing Line Spool Holder

Introducing the Side Winder fishing line spool holder, this clever American made device is simple inexpensive and will save you hours while trying to change out fishing line on a reel.  It quickly clamps on to any fishing rod and keeps just the right tension to keep the line from slacking and bunching up on the reel.


The Side Winder is very portable and can be used out on the water.  If you drop it over board don’t worry it is made of 100% flexible plastic so it will float.  Compact enough to fit in a vest pocket or carry one in the tackle box.
Nylon nuts will provide long service; no metal makes this spool holder perfect for salt water use.

The Side Winder will hold both 700 and 100 yard spools of fishing line.  It comes in color options of red, white or blue.

Purchase online for only $6.95 with free shipping at Cottage Craft Works.  The Side Winder is located under the outdoors fishing sports tab located in the Hunting and Outdoors section.  You won’t find this clever device in Wally World or even your local fishing store.  Only Cottage Craft Works goes deep into the back roads of America to find unique products from small businesses and cottage based industries to bring our back-to-basics customers a more wholesome self-sufficient life style.

Use this non-electric large capacity mixer at your next cook off competition

If your cook off competition requires hand mixing large batches of baking mixes, salads, and sauces without using electricity consider the Little Dutch Maid hand crank mixer from Cottage Craft Works .Com

The Little Dutch Maid hand crank mixer, formerly sold as the Troycraft Mixer is a large 4 Qt Capacity Commercial Grade non-electric mixer.  It is perfect for Dutch oven cook offs and other reenactment cook offs where electricity is not allowed.

Now you can have an edge on the competition during high stakes cook offs.   The Little Dutch Maid was originally designed for large Amish families and gatherings where large quantity baking and food processing was needed using no electricity.

The Little Dutch Maid comes standard with a 4-qt heavy duty high impact plastic bowel with a splash guard cover, two stainless steel attachments with twin beating whisks and a dough hook.  The top part is actually made by Bosh for quality and durability. 

The two speed gear mechanism cranks easy and smooth.  The hand crank has two ports for either high speed mixing for sauces and creams, or a low speed for thick and heavy mixes such as bread and cookie dough.  There is no need to speed up or slow down the hand cranking process.  The unit allows large scale batch cooking with less fatigue on the arms and wrist.

A complete food processor, slicer, and chopper are also available for the Little Dutch Maid.  

Don’t mistake this machine as a cheap plastic mass produced imported mixer for novelty tailgate parties. The Little Dutch Maid is Amish built in a small factory in Ohio.  Each piece is made and assembled to provide a long lasting durable product for high quantity daily use.  The heavy base is made cast aluminum, powder coated the same as high end electric stand mixers.  The top utilizes Stainless Steel and high impact plastics also used in high end German engineered mixers.

Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics general store featuring all the old time products that you grew up.  Products handed down from previous generations now considered antiques are still being manufactured for those seeking a self-sufficient off grid simpler lifestyle.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cottage Craft Works offers some very affordable American made Deer and Game Feeders.

These are some of the most unique and most affordable feeders on the market.  They are simple and won’t cost you and arm and leg.  Made from 100% high density polyethylene for years of hard use. 

The Rancho feeder is made in two versions.  You can select one that will slide into a standard 2” hitch or one to bolt onto a bumper or rack of an ATV.  A simple pull cord opens and shuts a trap door, and unlike other feeders the corn and grain stays in one narrow path to lead the deer and game right to your location.  Price starts at only $49.95

The Bazuka Feeder will revolutionize the way you use deer corn and other grains to bring them to your stand.  It is a long handheld feeder that holds 10 lbs. of corn or grains.  A simple push button allows you to dispense a small pile of feed or a continuous stream to your blind.  The stopper will hold a cotton ball saturated with lure scent to even treat the grains as they exit the device.  Best of all this feeder only cost $22.95

No need to tie up expensive feeders in just one location, the Chiquito Feeder is a simple tube that hangs from a tree or fence post.  It holds 15 lbs of corn or grains and best of all it only dispenses when the deer comes up and licks the bottom.  The price is only $15.95 with quantity discounts so you can afford to purchase several of them to spot in multiple locations.

Cottage Craft Works offers several reproduction items and hardware kits.

Our very popular Buckboard Bench seat comes in finished oak or cherry, or you can purchase the complete metal hardware kit to build your own.  The complete bench starts at $289 and the parts kit is $69. 

The Buckboard Bench uses ornamental leaf springs, if you are looking for an authentic wagon seat with leaf springs Cottage Craft Works offers the wagon seat used on the working wagon they sell as a separate item.  The Wagon Seat is $279, and the hardware kit to build your own is $136.95 The Wagon Seat comes in unfinished popular wood.

If you have always wanted a J & P Coats spool thread cabinet, Cottage Craft Works now offers an Amish made five drawer reproduction spool cabinet for $399 and a complete spool cabinet kit for $329.  The kit comes with the decals and all the hardware; even the reverse side panels are already assembled.

Ride on toys was always a favorite for generations, and now you can build your own future family heirlooms.  Our Toy Handcar comes in a complete hardware and wheel kit, which includes complete plans and diagrams.  The handcar kit is $69.

Cottage Craft Works also offers a kid size Buckboard wagon kit.  It comes complete with all the hardware plans and drawings.  The Buckboard kit is $89.

If you are looking for parts to build your own apple cider press, Cottage Craft Works carries both the single and double tub cider and wine presses,  assembled or just the metal hardware kits.  Apple grinders are also available in an assembled or metal hardware kit.  Prices start at $169 for the smallest press.

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