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Saturday, November 7, 2015

USA Glass Water Bottle Dispensing Crock Protective Ring Solution

For those who have been looking for a plastic ring protector to fit the top of a USA made water bottle dispensing crock you will be happy to know the solution is at your local hardware store.

In many areas the glass water jugs are still available to use on the water dispensing crocks. While plenty of imported ceramic water bottle crocks are sold to fit these bottles there’s much concern of them containing lead and other impurities. This concern sends people looking for an old fashioned USA made water bottle dispenser containing no lead or cadmium like the ones sold at Cottage Craft

The old fashioned USA made water bottle crocks at Cottage Craft are still hand turned and do not have the standard measurements as the imported water bottle crocks. Plastic glass bottle protector rings sold online for the imported crocks will not fit these larger unique USA versions.

This is not an issue for those using the plastic water jugs as they do not need the protector ring. On the old style glass jugs the plastic protector serves as a buffer to keep the glass and pottery glaze from scratching off into the water reservoir during water bottle changes.

If you have a Cottage Craft Works water bottle crock or another USA one made to also use a lid it will have a lid ledge inside the top. This lid ledge perfectly holds a 20 ¼" coiled length of 1” O.D. clear plastic tube sold by the foot in hardware stores.

The plastic tubing is sold for water lines and other applications.  It comes off the roll somewhat flatten.  When coiled inside the lid ledge it sticks up just enough to balance the neck of a full water bottle on and then seals around it when the bottle is lifted up into place.  The ring stays snugly in place when replacing water bottles and will lift out easy for cleaning.

The clear tubing blends in well with the clear glass jug and is not as noticeable as the plastic rings. Price wise at less than $4, this protector ring is much cheaper than the plastic rings as well.

Cottage Craft is a unique back-to-basics online store selling a wide variety of USA old fashioned products. Touring the site is like taking a step back in time into an old time general merchandise store.l

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