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Thursday, October 7, 2010

✔ Deer Calls | Deer Hunting Tips | Deer Season

Deer Hunters using this incredibly realistic adjustable grunt tube have lured in many trophy whitetail, making this grunt call a winner.
The solid maple barrel has an attractive laser engraved scene of a trophy whitetail  The Grunt Call measures 7” long x 1-1/2” diameter, has an adjustable tube, to vary the pitch and comes with lanyard.
After pre-scouting the area, the archery hunter picks his spot carefully at the foot of the ravine, with the breeze in his favor.  Twenty minutes before dusk a heavy antlered buck feeds his way through the oak grove, passing about forty-five yards from the tree stand.  The man in camo turns over his doe bleat.  The big buck is instantly at full attention, his sharp eyes searching the laurel.  The wary stag takes a step forward, but detecting no movement or scent; he hesitates then turns and walks away.  Taking his CCW Custom Deer Grunt Call, the bow hunter follows the bleat call with a deep dominant grunt.  The large eight pointer instantly throws caution to the wind drops his guard and comes straight in, stopping at 18 yards with his head behind a white oak.

Get your Mega Deer Grunt Call today!

Mega Grunt Call   Mega Grunt Call   $19.50  Buy Now

Mega Grunt Call   Mega Grunt Call   $19.50  Buy Now

This Rattle Bag replicates the sound of deer antlers crashing against each other; it features a large pouch with Real Tree TM Camo for material.  The sound of crashing antlers carries a long distance in the woods; making it irresistible to other bucks as it is a signal that other bucks are fighting over a doe in heat. Unlike bulky deer antlers or simulated antlers, the rattle bag is very compact, easy to pack and carry. The Rattle Bag is great to use during the rut season with our Mega Deer Grunt.

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 Rattler Bag with Real Tree ™ Camo   Rattler Bag with Real Tree ™ Camo   $12.00  Buy Now 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elk Calls | Elk Hunting Tips

Elk Bugle  Elk Bugle  $21.25 Buy Now 
 Elk Cow Mew "Easy Girl" Small  Elk Cow Mew "Easy Girl" Small  $10.50 Buy Now 
 Elk Cow Mew "Easy Mama" Large  Elk Cow Mew "Easy Mama" Large  $16.00 Buy Now 

Elk Bugle Beautiful, handcrafted Elk Bugle is 13" long, 5/8 diameter. The options available are Walnut, Cherry, Ash, or Maple with an engraved picture of an elk and comes with lanyard. Bulls are very territorial; they will drop caution and come running after another bull trying to invading their territory and steal their cows. The Elk Bugle adjustable tube allows the bugle to produce deeper tone imitating an older mature bull. Big Game, Elk Bull Bugle, Elk Calls, CCW Hunting and Game Calls

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