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Saturday, April 10, 2010

****New Four Star Combo Turkey Call****

Cottage Craft Works unveils their newest Four Star Combo Turkey/Owl/Crow/Hawk Call. This is another hunting call, handcrafted of beautiful hardwoods in the Amish country. The base is made of walnut and popular. The Four Star Combo Call has four available wood paddles, Walnut, Cherry, Jatoba, and Purple Heart. The paddles have engravings of the American flag wrapped by a flying eagle. Paddles are engraved with either “God Bless America” or “Four Star”.

Much like its bigger brother the Original Combo Turkey Call the Four Star Combo Turkey Call features a single side traditional turkey box call, which also uniquely incorporates an owl, crow, and hawk locator call all into one compact hand held unit. The Combo Call eliminates the need to fumble for different calls needed to locate and call in that elusive bird.

For more information and to purchase the new Four Star Combo Turkey Call go to

Cottage Craft Works feature high quality handcrafted items from the cottage based industries. While many of our craftsmen and artisans are Amish, we also have as many who are not. One common trait of many of our cottage based business partners, is the trade or craftsmanship they have learned was passed down from family generations. Some of our partners operate second and third generation shops.

Besides hunting calls, Cottage Craft Works also carries custom replacement gun stocks, custom carved gun stocks, fishing lures, Amish crafted furniture, artisan arts and crafts, home and garden, wine products, kitchen and new products are in the process of being added.

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