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Friday, December 13, 2013

Equine Oat Crimper | Oat Roller | Hobby Horse Farm Oat Roller

Crimped or machine rolled oats have been reported to provide better Equine nutrition while making the Equine digestion process easier over standard oats.

The rolling process breaks open the hard protective outer shell allowing the nutritious soft inside to be better absorbed before passing through the digestive system.

Freshly rolled oats allow the nutritional value to be consumed when it’s right at the peak.   Oats rolled in a processing plant and then bagged for shipment will lose some of the nutritional aspects.

For those who have been purchasing crimped or rolled oats to feed to horses, you will be happy to learn of the new oat crimpers from Cottage Craft Works that can be used right in the stable or horse trailer.

Those who are currently purchasing rolled oats in the bag are probably paying an additional $2-$3 for a 50 lb bag over a year’s time that can really add up.

Rolled oats go further as well.  Those feeding rolled oats have noticed up to 30% less feed consumption.

Whether you have one or two horses or up to 30 head of horses the oat crimpers at Cottage Craft Works will do the job.

A hand crank portable unit will sit on a 5 gallon bucket.  It’s the perfect solution for a one or two horse hobby farms or to haul on the horse trailer.  The hand crank can even be removed and replaced with an electric drill.

A wall mount electric crimper is also available.  Equipped with a ¾ HP electric motor this compact crimper mounts right on the wall in the stable or horse trailer to crimp 30 lbs of oats in as little as 6 minutes.  The hopper will hold 5 gals of oats at a time.

This unit can also be mounted on to a bin with an overhead hopper for continuous flow operations.

CCW-3 stationary oat crimper also handles corn and barley!  This is a heavy duty crimper for larger ranches.  Unit will crimp 50 lbs of oats in about a minute. 

CCW-2 stationary oat crimper is ideal for operations up to 12 head. 

Oat crimpers are USA Amish made and are being used on Amish and non-Amish farms and ranches.

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