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Monday, June 26, 2017

Understanding The USA Made Immergood Ice Cream Freezers

Many are asking where did this company come from and why is Immergood Ice Cream Freezers becoming so popular?

The answer is simply all about an old-fashioned USA made high-quality product that works exceptionally well in making homemade ice cream.

Somewhere down the line discount stores have browbeaten manufacturers into such cut-rate pricing concessions for ice cream makers-freezers that the consumer has really been getting the short end of the stick.

Those ice cream freezers might be OK for an occasional family get-together but for serious homemade ice cream families, they are finding that the Immergood Ice Cream Freezers are made to last as things use to be made in the early 1900s.

You won’t find the Immergood Company listed on the Internet, because of their popularity you will find several companies now selling Immergood Ice Cream Freezers including Amazon and eBay.

Immergood which is German (Immer Gut), for "Always Good" is manufactured in the USA by an Amish company.

Refreshingly the Amish have a different concept in manufacturing products. Instead of making things at the lowest price point possible to become obsolescent in a few years, they build things to last a lifetime.

Frustrated with the now imported ice cream freezers that once dominating the US ice cream freezer market, the Amish Immergood founder spent years trying to improve those freezers for the Amish communities.

When they cheapened down the tub ear and latches he went the other way and developed a cam lock stainless latch and opposite tub ear that would securely hold the frame in place.

He also developed his own gears for the hand crank models and later began making them out of stainless steel.

Dealing with the thinly made wooden tubs that leaked he developed his own fiberglass and poly insulated leak-free tubs.

He increased the quality and thickness of the stainless steel used in the freezing can to be 40% thicker than the leading imported freezer can.

The rust proof and salt resistant stainless steel have even been carried forward into all stainless Immergood models.

Finally, since he was already making all the parts he decided to launch his own company and Immergood has since then become the most sought-after ice cream freezer in the Amish communities.

Immergood currently uses an imported electric motor to power the 6-qt Immergood freezer or you can upgrade to a USA made motor made by another Amish company for the Country Freezers.

As of 2017 Immergood has developed their own triple action electric motor similar to the air powered motor sold by Cottage Craft The electric motor will not be available until 2018 as it is undergoing final testing and certifications.

You can expect to pay about 1/3 to 1/2 more for the quality made Immergood versus the discount store brands but in the ice cream maker world, you truly get what you pay for.

You can purchase Immergood Ice Cream Freezers online now from various sources.

Cottage Craft is the original supplier of Immergood Ice Cream Freezers. Like many of their products, they were the first ones to discover them deep in the Amish communities realizing the exceptional quality and brought them to the public via e-commerce. 

Cottage Craft Works also offers the largest selection of Immergood Ice Cream Freezers from 4-qt, 6-qt and 8-qt sizes including the all stainless models. They also offer the most accessories including an insulate tub cover and all the replacement parts in case you want to purchase an extra freezer can for making multiple flavors of ice cream. Immergood parts and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

In business now for over 10 years, Cottage Craft Works has obtained a respected reputation for exceptional customer service and knowledge on what they sell.  Even though they are a full line back-to- basics general store they are the go-to experts on Immergood Ice Cream Freezers.

If you’re in the market for a solid USA made ice cream freezer consider the Immergood and purchasing it from a company that will be there to back you should you ever have problems or need 

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