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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Unique General Store for a Self Sufficient Lifestyles

Cottage Craft Works General Store offers close to 1000 products for a back to basic self-sufficient, self reliant, self-sustaining lifestyle. We offer products for home, garden, farm and ranch. From horse drawn equipment, tack, food processing and kitchen, Amish made quilts, wind mills, Amish furniture, outdoor cooking, wagons, to even a composting toilet. We are best known for our Amish handcrafted hunting and game calls, as well as our custom carved gun stocks, the fact is we offer much more cottage made products. Check us out at

Composting Toilet Uses No Sewer Lines

 Composting Toilet  $850.00 Buy Now

Cottage Craft Works is pleased to be a dealer for The Natures Head Composting Toilet. This is a totally self contained, composting toilet using no sewer or water line connections. This makes it perfect for remote locations where costly septic systems or connection to a city sewer is impossible. It is also ideal for basement locations, where a normal gravity flow sewer drain is not an option. No holding tank, no pumpouts, no odors, no clogging, no kidding! Just think of the applications: homesteading, self sufficient non-electric lifestyles, hunting cottages, camp sites, boats, RV’s, campers, disaster relief stations, or even put it in the old out house for a sanitary order free relief station when your working in the yard or garden. It is called the “Nature’s Head” and has been approved by the US Coast Guard as an onboard toilet, and has been used in remote US military operations. It operates off 12 volts from an auto battery, solar, or has optional 12 volt plug in transformer. The unit is totally self contained and uses 1-1/2 – 2 gallons of peat moss in the base for your composting matter. The unit has a waterless urine separating design. "The Head" has extraordinary holding capacity, which could translate into a month usage by a cruising or traveling couple, or perhaps an entire boating or camping season of weekends. Installation is simply mounting brackets to floor, vent unit outside and hook to 12 volt power source. “The Head” is very compact and space efficient measuring 13” wide at the base, 17-3/4 front to rear, and is just 20” tall.

Cottage Craft Works features close to 1000 products for a back to basic, self-sufficient lifestyle. Offering products for home, garden, farm and ranch.

 Composting Toilet  $850.00 Buy Now

Find Composting Toilet Products at CCW General Store. Rather you are looking for Composting Toilet, we carry a full line Composting Toilet and Composting Toilet. Our large online Cottagecraftworks Store consists of many of the fabulous items including our Composting Toilet quality products. Check Our amazing hand made crafted items. Learn more about our many Composting Toilet Home goods.

MADE IN THE U.S.A. Composting Toilet Products:
Many of our customers today have recommend our custom Composting Toilet Unique products. At Cottage Craft Works, we believe in our hand made home goods such as Composting Toilet products have come in a unique interest for our royal customers. Come on check out our Composting Toilet products today.

Give personalized Composting Toilet gifts from Cottage Craft Works. Personalized Composting Toilet, and custom gifts & Over 1,000+ personalized Composting Toilet gifts. Products U.S.A. Made For: Composting Toilet. Learn more about our Composting Toilet products.

Beehives and Beekeeping Supplies

Cottage Craft Works is pleased to carry the Homested Beehive. The Homestead Hive is the ideal beehive for the backyard beekeeper. The new design is far superior to the standard square box style. The new hive boasts a wide range of features, including:

• 100% handmade from wood that’s 2 times thicker than the competition’s
• Temperature and humidity stabilized for the bees’ health and longevity
• Designed with floating ends for fast, easy access to the hive with minimal disturbance to the brood
• Observation window for studying your bees and checking on their progress
• Built to last a lifetime…yours and the bees’
• Built to use at workbench height…easy on your back
• 100% money-back guarantee on all workmanship

Cottage Craft Works Unique General Store carries close to 1000 products for a back to basic lifestyle. Products for home, garden, farm and ranch.

Apple and Wine Presses

Cottage Craft Works now features Apple and Wine presses. These quality crafted presses feature a heavy duty 1" diam. pressing screw with Acme thread to exert a powerhouse of pressure with a minimum effort. Four threads per inch permit fast travel. All wooden parts are made from solid hard maple. The Apple press has an apple grinder, or purchase the wine press without the grinder. Made in the USA.

Cottage Craft Works is an on line store dedicated to the small cottage based business. We feature nearly 1000 hard to find back to basic products for all your home, garden, farm and ranch needs. Visit our unique New General Store at

Hand Crank Mixer

Hand Crank Mixer

Now available at New General Store.

A heavy-duty, easy-to-use hand crank mixer for all your kitchen and cooking needs, prefect for summer camps, church camps, off grid/remote self-sufficient, self-sustaining life styles, chuck wagon trail rides, and emergency shelters. Also great for group and exercise participation such as cooking projects for schools and nursing home activity programs.


  • Stainless Steel / Aluminum Heavy Duty Construction
  • Heavy- Stays in place on the counter but not too heavy to move
  • Easy cleanup with soap & water

Twin Beating Whisks - for high-speed beating of

Cottage Craft Works New General Store features close to 1000 products for a back to basic, handcrafted product lifestyle.

Combo Turkey Calls Make the 2010 Season Cut

Our Combo Turkey Four-In-One Call made the cut this past 2010 spring turkey season. This new call brought in several trophy birds making 2010 one of the best turkey seasons ever for many, who have now shelved their old calls concluding the Combo call is the only call they now need. It's unique design combines a traditional box call, crow call, owl call and hawk call all into one compact unit. No need to fumble with multiple calls to locate and call in the big gobbler. This year by request we introduced our new Four Star Combo Call.

Our famous original Combo Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Call, is a Beautiful call handcrafted from walnut, mahogany, and purple heart hardwoods it is 9" long, 3-1/2 tall, and 1-3/4" wide. The call has dual high and low sounds for the crow, owl, and turkey box call to provide suburb sound quality. It is a unique work of art sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

By popular request for a smaller more compact version, we just introduced our Four Star Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Combo Call. Another beautiful handcrafted turkey box call, which also includes three of the most popular locator calls all built into one compact unit. This is a smaller streamlined version of our original combo call. The difference is that this is a one side box call and the owl, crow and hawk calls do not feature the dual high and low chamber hole featured on the original larger Combo call. Regardless the sound tones produced by the new design are just amazing, and should not be considered at all as a trade off for the smaller size. The base is made in walnut and popular, Paddle choices are Cherry, Walnut, Jatoba, and Purple Heart. Cherry paddle pictured on the right. From top to bottom in second picture Cherry, Purple Heart, Walnut, and Jatoba Each paddle is engraved with the American Flag merged with a flying eagle. "God Bless America" or "Four Star" as pictured is engraved next to the flag. This is a stunning beautiful call to add to your collection.

We also have large selection of other handcrafted turkey calls, including friction calls, we stock a variety of other hunting and game calls as well. See our New General Store, featuring products for a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cottage Based Products

Our quality handcrafted products come from small cottage based businesses. We offer a return to the days of old. Where electricity was not yet available, and old fashioned handmade products were sold on a handshake. We are famous for our Amish handcrafted hunting and game calls, but we also now offer so much more Amish and other cottage based handcrafted products. Products to help you live a more self-sufficient and self-sustaining life style, such as kitchen wares, home & garden, wine making presses, apple cider presses, beehives & beekeeping, food processing, horse and tack, leather goods, wagons, cookbooks, handy furniture, Hoosier cabinets, home decor, sewing cabinets, board games, purple martin houses, outdoor furniture, cupolas, replacement gun stocks, hand carved gun stocks, handcrafted fishing lures, and so much more. So, go ahead and explore our General Store. We're positive you'll find something that catches your eye. And don't be afraid to shout out a friendly hello! Please tell your friends about us.

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