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Monday, July 5, 2010

Composting Toilet Uses No Sewer Lines

 Composting Toilet  $850.00 Buy Now

Cottage Craft Works is pleased to be a dealer for The Natures Head Composting Toilet. This is a totally self contained, composting toilet using no sewer or water line connections. This makes it perfect for remote locations where costly septic systems or connection to a city sewer is impossible. It is also ideal for basement locations, where a normal gravity flow sewer drain is not an option. No holding tank, no pumpouts, no odors, no clogging, no kidding! Just think of the applications: homesteading, self sufficient non-electric lifestyles, hunting cottages, camp sites, boats, RV’s, campers, disaster relief stations, or even put it in the old out house for a sanitary order free relief station when your working in the yard or garden. It is called the “Nature’s Head” and has been approved by the US Coast Guard as an onboard toilet, and has been used in remote US military operations. It operates off 12 volts from an auto battery, solar, or has optional 12 volt plug in transformer. The unit is totally self contained and uses 1-1/2 – 2 gallons of peat moss in the base for your composting matter. The unit has a waterless urine separating design. "The Head" has extraordinary holding capacity, which could translate into a month usage by a cruising or traveling couple, or perhaps an entire boating or camping season of weekends. Installation is simply mounting brackets to floor, vent unit outside and hook to 12 volt power source. “The Head” is very compact and space efficient measuring 13” wide at the base, 17-3/4 front to rear, and is just 20” tall.

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 Composting Toilet  $850.00 Buy Now

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