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Monday, July 5, 2010

Combo Turkey Calls Make the 2010 Season Cut

Our Combo Turkey Four-In-One Call made the cut this past 2010 spring turkey season. This new call brought in several trophy birds making 2010 one of the best turkey seasons ever for many, who have now shelved their old calls concluding the Combo call is the only call they now need. It's unique design combines a traditional box call, crow call, owl call and hawk call all into one compact unit. No need to fumble with multiple calls to locate and call in the big gobbler. This year by request we introduced our new Four Star Combo Call.

Our famous original Combo Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Call, is a Beautiful call handcrafted from walnut, mahogany, and purple heart hardwoods it is 9" long, 3-1/2 tall, and 1-3/4" wide. The call has dual high and low sounds for the crow, owl, and turkey box call to provide suburb sound quality. It is a unique work of art sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

By popular request for a smaller more compact version, we just introduced our Four Star Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Combo Call. Another beautiful handcrafted turkey box call, which also includes three of the most popular locator calls all built into one compact unit. This is a smaller streamlined version of our original combo call. The difference is that this is a one side box call and the owl, crow and hawk calls do not feature the dual high and low chamber hole featured on the original larger Combo call. Regardless the sound tones produced by the new design are just amazing, and should not be considered at all as a trade off for the smaller size. The base is made in walnut and popular, Paddle choices are Cherry, Walnut, Jatoba, and Purple Heart. Cherry paddle pictured on the right. From top to bottom in second picture Cherry, Purple Heart, Walnut, and Jatoba Each paddle is engraved with the American Flag merged with a flying eagle. "God Bless America" or "Four Star" as pictured is engraved next to the flag. This is a stunning beautiful call to add to your collection.

We also have large selection of other handcrafted turkey calls, including friction calls, we stock a variety of other hunting and game calls as well. See our New General Store, featuring products for a self-sufficient lifestyle.

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