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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brand NEW CCW Hunting Calls website

Press Release 11-16-16.    Cottage Craft Works has revamped and launched the new CCW hunting calls website:

CCW Hunting &  Game Calls has become a recognized source for high-quality hunting calls.

Part of the Cottage Craft Works Family since 2006,   CCW Hunting & Game Calls offers a  unique hunting product line from  Turkey Calls, Turkey Box Calls, Duck Calls, Deer Calls, Elk Calls, and Small Game Calls.

All CCW hunting calls are Amish handcrafted .   Some hunting calls come with choices of wood such as Walnut, Oak, Cherry, and Poplar.

CCW Hunting  and Game Calls offers custom engraving  service.   We can custom engrave most of our CCW Hunting and Game Calls with your logo or saying for a special recognition or promotion.

These make wonderful gifts or corporate promotions. Personalized  your hunting call today!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hand Water Well Pump

USA made hand water well pumps since 1886.  Deep and shallow well water pumps. Cistern pitcher, windmill pumps and parts.

Generations have depended on the most reliable hand water well pumps made by Heller Aller for their off-grid fresh water needs. This is one of the reasons that Heller Aller has been able to stay in business for centuries up against electric deep well pumps.

Hand water well pumps are still being used by the Amish as well as ranchers and farmers who need fresh water in very remote locations.

The windmill 50L Double Acting Force Pump is still the standard on ranches across the Midwest and Western USA. The 50L can also be used as a hand pump.

Heller Aller 50L Water Well Pump

Homesteads have depended on the Brass Cylinder Fig T and the PHB force pitcher pump has been the standard since the 1800s. This is a very popular pump for remote hunting and fishing cabins.

PHB Cistern Well Pitcher Pump

The 50L double acting deep well and the PHB shallow well pitcher cistern pump will force water uphill or overhead to stock tanks or a storage tank to gravity feed plumbing fixtures.

The 190-A is a set length pump cisterns and shallow wells.  For wells deeper than 20’ the cylinder can be lowered, a tail pipe added with a foot valve.

The 192-A is like the 190-A but designed to be used with a windmill.

Heller Aller has been kept alive by the Amish who wanted to keep the pumps going for future generations.  They are now made by Amish workers in Indiana. They are also very popular by those who are living off the grid or in remote locations for their only water source.

You will find cheaper imported water well pumps but they are made to be more ornamental for yard d├ęcor and not made to be used as a serious main water supply.

Cottage Craft Works carries Heller Aller hand water well pumps they also carry all the repair parts to fit and rebuild old Heller Aller Pumps. Other back-to-basics homestead suppliers will sell you the pump but don’t provide the customer support or the parts leaving you dry.

Cottage Craft Works at is a full line online store with old-fashioned products and customer service.

Cottage Craft Works also carries the Amish made 401 water hydrant. The 401 hydrant is child and lady friendly, easy to operate and built to outlast any hydrant on the market.  

The 401 hydrant can be even upgraded to a stainless pipe and foot valve for those areas that have alkaline soil that corrodes and deteriorates galvanized and brass valve components used on other water hydrants.

401 Frost Proof Hydrant

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