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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro Balance Board

Cottage Craft Works has added the Amish made Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro Balance Board, a simple health and wellness balance board for better balance in daily life skills, sports, rehabilitation, and children with ASD.

The Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro combines spinning with a variable incline adjustment from 0 to 17 degrees.  The greater the incline the greater the challenge to maintain balance.  Children and adults can stand, sit, lie, or kneel on the disc.

 The Billy Board® is handcrafted and hand-assembled by an experienced Amish craftsman. The Billy Board® is of wood design with a sturdy base with a weight of 16 lbs, a non-skid surface with an easy carry handle.  Used daily, it can help to improve vestibular balance, coordination, strength, muscle tone, focus and concentration.

The Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro is a great addition as a training device for professional and amateur sports athletes where balance and quick response gives a competitive edge! The Billy Board® has been used worldwide over the past 20+ years for vestibular-ocular rehabilitation, in schools to enhance balance and learning, and at present in Australia with children and adults with ASD.

 ***It may also benefit those who have traumatic brain injury, the senior population - to prevent the possibility of falling. To achieve balance is the Key to your youth and vitality!

Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro Balance Board

 For children of all ages, the Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro offers the same long standing clinical documented results of a traditional balance board except now there is the additional challenge of a variable incline + spinning disc.  This will challenge a child’s (and adult) brain to work harder at balance and in training their brain to learn as the incline is increased or decreased.  This may help many children with common attention deficit disorders toward their improvement in concentration, minimizing behaviors leading to improved school grades, social life, overall confidence, and a feeling of equality amongst peer groups to prepare for adulthood.

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