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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Roller Egg Nesting Boxes | Chicken Nest box

Roller egg nesting boxes are changing the way people are raising chickens for fresh eggs from commercial poultry operations to a flock of backyard chickens.

The traditional nest box resembles a regular bird nest lined with nesting material.

The chickens  come in lays their eggs and then leaves the eggs open in the nest.

One nest maybe used by several chickens so the fragile eggs are exposed to stepping on them or pecking at them. The general rule of thumb is to provide one nest box to handle up to 5-6 hens.

Chickens that get a taste of the inside of an egg will likely become egg eaters and will need to be removed from the flock to keep them from destroying eggs before they can be harvested.

Roller egg nesting boxes are designed with a front collection tray.  The bottom of the nest box is covered in a plastic coated wire mesh to protect the eggs as they drop.

As soon as the eggs drop they roll forward into a covered compartment out of the reach of the chickens until they can be harvested.

Roller egg nesting boxes have many other benefits as well;

  • They do not require nesting material.  As strange as that sounds the chickens actually become easily trained to lay their eggs in the nest compartment.

  • Each roller egg box comes with a training egg.  Chickens that are accustomed to nesting materials can be started off in their new roller egg nesting boxes filled with the traditional nest material and then gradually removed to wean them down to no material at all.

  • Without nesting material to harbor mites and lice keeping your chickens can enjoy more of a pest free life and likely become more productive.

  • The roller egg boxes come with two hanging wall cleats.  The entire box can be lifted off and taken outside for washing and disinfecting

The roller egg nesting boxes known as the Roll-a-way nest box are Amish made from 26 and 16 gauge galvanized metal.

This is a more substantial nest box using thicker metal than the others on the market using  thinner gauge metals and plastic parts.

The Amish Roll-a-way nest boxes are only available from Cottage Craft Works .com  in two, four and eight  nest compartment models.  

Compartments measure 8” tall 11-1/4” wide and 11-1/2” deep.  The four and eight compartment nest boxes both measure 49” wide and 17” deep, while the two compartment is only 24-1/2” wide.  

Cottage Craft Works is a unique online country store featuring many heavy duty Amish made products for the home, garden farm and ranch.

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