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Monday, August 7, 2017

Large Batch Water Bath Food Canner, A Real Time Saver

Amish made heavy Stainless water bath canner quickly process up to 15-quart jars at one time. Made of thicker 22-gauge 304 Stainless Steel.

Large 20” x 12” x 12” canner sits over two burners to maximize canning time and adequately cover the tops of the jars with plenty of hot water to properly seal the lids. More uniform heating and quicker processing of large batches of home canned goods with Less wasted lids and food.

Amish 15-qt Water Bath Canner
Canner is Amish made using welded seams, no solder, totally food grade lead-free stainless construction. Use for cooking other large batch meals as a stock pot for crawfish or crab boils.

The thicker 22-gauge stainless used on this Amish canner means more stability than others using 24-gauge stainless, especially on the long sides.

Ideally used outdoors on a portable two burner LP Gas Stove as it’s easier to maneuver filling and emptying.  It will produce intense heat on the back end against the wall or some stove top controls that are mounted on the back of a standard cook stove.

This canner will work on an electric stove. It shouldn’t be used at all on glass top electric range because of the heat and weight.

The canner comes with a lid and canning rack. 

This heavy-duty canner is only available from the online self-sufficient living store at Cottage Craft

If you’re into some serious home canning look at the outdoor wood and gas fired canners also available at Cottage Craft Works. These big boys will handle up to 38-quart jars at one time and will also cook large vats of up to 30 gallons of liquids as well as crawfish and crab boils.

Cottage Craft, is a unique supplier of practical old-time products once used for homesteading, farming and ranching.  Most of the products are still made and are being used in the off-grid Amish communities.

Wood or Gas Fired Water Bath Deluxe Canner
Amish Wood Fired Water Bath Canner

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