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Friday, July 31, 2015

Sliding Barn Door Hardware | USA Amish Made

Sliding doors equipped with sliding barn door hardware is the hottest craze in home improvement and DYI television shows. 

The versatility of these functional doors is endless and one of main the reasons of their surging popularity.

Doors equipped with sliding door hardware don’t have to look like a barn door especially with the many different styles and finishes available.

Sliding barn door hardware is the most ideal installation for wide heavy doors. It’s virtually impossible to hang an extra wide door on hinges without the door eventually sagging.  Trolley mounted hangers distribute the door weight evenly.

Doors can be as elegant or rustic as the surrounding decor.  Select the horse shoe style for a rustic ranch home or cabin or the industrial strap look for a more modern style with much other retro hardware available.

Reclaimed antique doors are very popular for use with the barn door hardware since the size is not as critical as if they were to be hinged into a door frame.  The track can be hung higher than the opening to accommodate tall doors and the doors can be much wider than the door opening.

Doors should have at least and 1” preferably 2” overlap on each side to cover any side views into private areas.

Barn door hardware can also be ordered to accommodate different thickness of doors from 1-/3” up to 2-1/4”.  The massive hardware will handle heavy doors as well.

The term barn door hardware has just stuck since they were mainly used on large doors on each end of a barn to allow easy opening access for large machinery and equipment.

The fact is sliding doors hung on a rail using trolley hangers have been used in many other industrial and warehouse operations.

The sliding door is not new to the residential setting either.  The concept has mostly been hidden in walls using sliding pocket doors and closet doors dating as far back as the 1800s. 

Adding a sliding pocket door to an existing retrofit is very difficult and costly as the wall has to be opened up to install the hardware.  This often necessitates removing wall studs and the relocation of electrical light switches located next to doorways.

Sliding closet doors are easier to install but with the smaller rollers they tend to jump off the track frequently and the opening is limited to just one door side at a time.

Equipping a door to roll using an overhead wall mounted rail allows the door or double doors to slide wide open for full entry.

The hardware and different door styles add a nice appealing attraction to any room.

The sliding door concept also saves space in that there’s no door to swing into the room as a traditional hinged door.  This makes them ideal for smaller rooms and smaller homes.  It does require the wall space on the side(s) of the door to be open enough for the door(s) to clear.

The higher initial cost of the barn door hardware should be considered against the labor of installing other sliding or hinged door applications.  Barn door hardware is a very easy and quick install.
Sliding doors can also be used outside to protect and provide privacy to outdoor spaces. 

Sliding barn doors can also be used for security and hurricane shutters for vacation cottages and businesses.

Other are using shorter sliding doors in conference rooms to cover dry erase boards and projector screens as well as home entertainment centers.

Just about any space that you want to have opened up or closed off will benefit with a set of sliding barn doors.  Smaller efficiency apartments can be easily sectioned off to open up a sleeping area at night and then closed off quickly to entertain guest.

You will find various suppliers handling barn door hardware. Like any other product the type of material used and where it is manufactured will be the ultimate outcome of the finished installation.

Cottage Craft Works is one unique shop that is carrying a selection of barn door hardware in four different trolley styles.  Since they specialize in old fashion reproduction products made by the Amish their barn door hardware is all USA Amish hand forged. 

The Amish don’t believe in making products to fail so that the consumer has to purchase new. You will find the barn door hardware at Cottage Craft Works to be as unique and high quality as the vintage products that were made in the  1800s early 1900s.

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