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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Porch, Patio Glider Stainless Swing Arms, Chair Swivels

Absolutely the finest made in the USA stainless steel glider swing arms and patio chair swivels competitively priced with imported swing arms. Available in standard 304 stainless or 316 marine grade stainless for the beach and coastal saltwater spray exposure.

This is the swing arms you will want for your high-end custom built patio furniture for yourself or for customers. The Amish don’t subscribe to planned obsolesce manufacturing of products, they just build things to last and over-engineer things to do so.

Use for replacements on existing glider chairs or for building new ones.  USA Amish made for Amish patio chair shops building the poly glider and Adirondack swivel chairs.  

The glider swing arms may be ordered at in sets of four in either the standard 304 stainless or 316 marine stainless for beach and ocean view patio furniture.
Available in either 6-1/2” or 7-1/2” hole to hole center length with either a 3/8” or 5/16” bearing hole ID.

The Stainless Chair Swivels are also over the top.  Made from ¼” stainless plate in either 304 or 316 stainless these swivels use a shaft and sealed bearing axle style system rather than the traditional open bearing circle lazy Susan designed turntable swivel. This means beach sand and salt water spray won’t foul or interfere with the smooth operating swivel mechanism. The 1000-lb. capacity swivels are 7” x 7” and only 2-1/4” thick with slotted bolt holes set at 5-1/2” centered.

These swivels are also being used on other furniture items, commercial display racks and for other non-furniture uses.  The stainless and sealed bearings make them ideal for wire spool racks and outdoor equipment. They can be mounted horizontal or vertical on a wall.

Cottage Craft Works has developed a solid reputation of providing high quality made in America products from the Amish self-sustaining communities from all over the US. You will find the old-fashioned products still being made and used by the Amish as things use to be made in America, durable, long lasting, and of the finest craftsmanship.

Friday, June 29, 2018

SEWING CABINETS Solid Wood Sewing Cabinets


Solid Wood Sewing Cabinets handcrafted by Amish craftsmen is our specialty. For near the same price of a particle board laminate sewing cabinet we can custom build you a solid wood heirloom quality sewing cabinet. Cottage Craft Works has become a leader in the custom sewing cabinet market.


    Ice Cream Freezers Maker. Old fashioned USA Amish made, Immergood, Country ice cream freezer and parts. White Mountain freezer parts. Immergood ice cream freezers electric and non-electric. From 20-Quart, 8-Quart and 6-Quart, homemade ice cream freezers

    Wednesday, June 27, 2018

    Life Time Ice Cream Freezers

    Life Time Freezer  USA

    Amish made Insulated poly tub, cast brass housing, stainless steel dasher, and freezer can, No Rust!

    Made in the USA Lifetime 6-qt Ice Cream Freezer-Maker feature all rust free brass, stainless-steel parts, stainless gears, and a leak-free poly insulated tub. *Lifetime warranty on all stainless parts and Poly tub. This ice cream freezer is something to really consider.

    The Amish who are known for their quality furniture building craftsmanship also manufactures many of their own products to serve the Amish communities. Over the past few decades, the Amish who love homemade ice cream became frustrated with the decline in quality and durability of the once American standard in ice cream freezers now being imported.

    Lifetime uses a durable powder coated cast brass hand crank housing equipped with stainless-steel gears, stainless-steel shaft, and a stainless-steel hand crank with a wooden spinner.

    The tub is machine molded from high-density poly materials with an inner Styrofoam insulating core. All the hardware used on the tub is also made of quality stainless-steel. An optional insulated poly tub cover is also available. The tub cover is designed with space to cover the dasher top and has ears to latch down into the tub latch.

    Lifetime uses an old-fashioned style stainless-steel positive thumb cam tub latch and a stainless-steel tub ear on the opposite side of the tub to secure either the hand crank frame or electric motor frame.

    Lifetime uses an extra heavy duty stainless-steel can and clear can lid with a premium stainless-steel dasher on both the 6 and 8-quart freezers. The can have no seam down the sides and it has a welded seamless bottom.

    With a rustproof brass housing, stainless gears and stainless-steel dasher the Lifetime freezers are more comparable to our other more expensive all stainless-steel Amish ice cream freezer options.

    Friday, June 8, 2018

    Best Ice Cream Maker 2018

    Best Ice Cream Maker 2018

    All the same quality features of the Immergood original old-fashioned ice cream freezer-maker with upgrades to an all stainless steel gear-frame and an all stainless triple motion dasher. Immergood raised the bar on old-fashioned ice cream freezers when they introduced the originals.
    Featuring a super insulated poly tub, heavy duty stainless steel tub and ear latches and a frame with stainless steel gears; Immergood soon became the leader in old-fashioned ice cream freezers


    Friday, November 17, 2017

    Immergood Ice Cream Freezers | Best Ice Cream Maker

    Your Immergood specialist! The original Immergood USA Ice Cream Freezer-Maker Supplier. Immergood stock, selection, accessories, parts. From 4qt, 6qt, 8qt

    Best Chicken Nesting Boxes 2017 | Rollway Egg Nesting Box

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