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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turkey Call Kits, build your own box or slate call from an easy to assemble kit

If you're a do-it-yourself-er, enjoy woodworking, or looking for a group project, here's the opportunity to build your own 7" turkey box call, or a Slate Friction Call.  These are simple in design and very easy to assemble!  They make a great father and son or youth group project.

You will be able to assemble these calls and talk turkey in no time at all. Leave them natural for a very inexpensive turkey call, or be as creative as you wish.  Varnish, paint, and write on them, wood burn designs, and hand carve, or decorate it as you choose.  All the pieces are cut out sanded and ready to assemble.  Best of all these are very inexpensive and make great gifts or fund raising projects.
High school FFA classes and other organization purchase these in quantities for projects; one FFA class auctioned 13 of the box calls for a fund raising project.  The students assembled them wrote a short note on the bottom and personally signed their names. The kits cost only $8 but the class was able to make over $1,000 each during the annual auction.  The class is currently working on another batch of calls for their 2012 spring auction.

Custom engraving and quantity discounts are available.

The box call comes in a walnut base popular sides and cherry paddle the friction call bowl comes in cherry or walnut.  The box call is similar to our finished 7” Sweet Water box call and the slate call is the same fourteen sided 3-3/4 x 3/4”bowl used in our finished slate call. This design is unlike the common round disc shape used in most friction call bases.  The outside of this bowl also uses a compounded bevel towards the back hand hold side of the call.  Many like the combination of the size, octagon shape and the beveled sides making this design easy to balance and grasp in the hand, even with gloves.

The slate call kit also features an inner glass plate to help soften and muffle sharp unnatural chalk board squealing from the slate.  Very few friction calls use actual glass inside the call, most use wood, plastic or another cheaper material or don’t even add an inner surface at all.  The slate call also comes with an ash striker stick.  This is one of the highest quality slate calls on the market.

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