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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Country Store | General Store | Old Fashioned | Country Home | Products

Cottage Craft Works .com brings back the old fashioned products that you might remember from the old country store visits.

The old fashioned country store was the main stop for a Saturday trip to town.

It was the one place that as a kid you enjoyed browsing the glass jars filled with liquorish and hard candies.

A bottle of pop could be had for just a nickel, and the cracker barrel was always open for a quick snack.

Dad  was always glued to the new shot guns and hunting gear.  That brown hunting jacket with the patch elbow protectors and extra pockets would come in handy for the upcoming hunting season.

 He would always end up at the meat and cheese country to take home fresh sliced meats, today it would be a huge hunk of thick sliced bologna, 1 lb blocks of different cheeses, and a slab of bacon.

Mom always toured the fabric isle as she headed over to the dry goods and garden tool section.  The Planet Junior hand push cultivators, sure looked fine.

As she stood in front of the sewing section her hand would brush over the top of the new treadle sewing machines as if she was sending a mental thought over to dad that perhaps this might make a great Christmas gift, but then she would always turned to the mixers behind her as if she couldn't really decide.

It was decided before we left the house that this day would be when we would take home the new set of wash tubs along with a yard and a half of fabric to make Anna a new Sunday dress.

The old wash tubs had been passed down from our grandparents and the one tub sprung a leak that dad just couldn't keep them sealed.  Anna had just out grown her current dress.

These are the mental images that many may have remember of the Old Country Store or what others called The General Store.

It was a place where people could find almost anything for the home, farm, or ranch.  From home gardening, canning, and making home cooked breads and jams.  The old country store had it all.

Amazingly they were not that big, but the shelves would be packed from floor to ceiling with merchandise.
In fact there were ladders on rolling racks down both sides of floor to ceiling oak cabinets.  

As a kid you would want to jump on and take a ride down the rails when no one was looking, but never could seem to pull that one off in such as wide open space.

Most of the food items that were bought and sold were just the staples needed to take home to cook and bake from scratch.

The home garden supplied the fresh vegetables, excess vegetables  were canned and stored away for the winter months.

Chickens provided fresh eggs and when the hens became past their prime would end up in the stew pot.

Fresh milk was as close as the morning walk out to the barn, and fresh meat would come by slaughter or wild game.

Back at the country store a kerosene can would be filled for the oil lamps, and another can would be filled with white gasoline for the clothing iron and Coleman lanterns used for outside chores after dark.

The old country store today is mostly gone but not forgotten.  It was a time and era where things like the old wash tubs were just made to last for generations.

Planed obsolescence was not even in the thoughts of manufactures.  Plastics hadn't even been invented.  Products were either made of wood, metal, or ceramic.

Cast metal was used for kitchen mixers, with stainless steel mixer blades and whisk.  Galvanized metal used for buckets and wash tubs.

Even the kids toys were made of either wood or metal.  Hunting calls and gun stocks were also made of wood.

There’s a real feeling of wanting to turn back time for many who want to escape back into this early era  of time when self-sufficiency was the way of life.

Even if it’s a desire to live more healthy self sufficient or to decorate a country style home, these old vintage products that use to line the shelves and walls of an old country store are in high demand.

While the old country store is no longer a source back-to-basics online stores like Cottage Craft Works .com are fulfilling the self sufficient living dreams for many.

With over 5000 products of everything under the sun for the home, garden, farm and ranch people can once again find the type of stuff that was all American made just like it was in the early to mid 1900s.

Many of the items like the Singer treadle sewing and Hoosier cabinets are reproductions of the originals.

The blue stripe pottery crocks, bowels, and churns are still made in a small family owned business. Each item is hand turned and fired just like it would have been made in the early times.

Self sufficient kitchen products include all the popular hand crank kitchen gadgets from that era and new Amish made hand crank mixers that are powerful enough to make several loafs of bread at a time.

American made garden tools include four styles of hand push cultivators from the past, including a reproduction of the famous Planet Junior Cultivators that were considered the Cadillac of garden cultivators ever made.

If you just need some new replacement cultivator handles to fix up granddads old cultivator you will find them at Cottage Craft Works as well as many other replacement parts for ice cream freezers, Heller Aller water pumps, Aermotor Windmills, and so much more.

Off-grid living products such as hand water pumps, solar panels and even a wind powered air compressor are available.

Cottage Craft Works carries the ever popular roller egg chicken nesting boxes made of thick galvanized metal.  As the chickens lay their eggs they actually roll forward into a protected compartment until they can be picked up.

You can still purchase the old fashioned oil and gas lights, as well as butane and gasoline clothes irons.

If you're into horse and tack Cottage Craft Works carries Amish made bridles, harnesses, and pads.  You can also purchase buggies and wagons or just the hardware kits to build a pony cart or a wagon box.

The authentic Amish buggy lap robes are very popular for anything outdoors from camping to fall and winter outdoor ballgames.

The buggy and wagon seats are very popular for either  a working wagon or for bench seating.  You can purchase the complete seats or the hardware kits to build your own.

If hunting is your joy, you will find one of the largest selections of Amish made hunting and game calls on the market.

Replacement gun stocks are a specialty as well as both leather, nylon custom holsters and gun cases.

For rugged outdoor gear Dan’s hunting gear offers some of the toughest coats, chaps, and bibs made of 420 denier briarproof nylon.

So log on to and sit back for a trip in time back to the old country store.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Solid Wood Sewing Machine Cabinets | Best Buys | Sewing Cabinets

Our Amish built sewing cabinets made from solid hardwoods are a real bargain compared to the particle board cabinets being sold.

Check out both and compare before you buy.  Read more about the differences by viewing my Hub on Hub Pages at the link below.

See our selection of Amish sewing cabinets including our very popular reproduction Singer Treadle sewing cabinets.

Hand Pumps | Water | Wells | Windmill Pumps | Windmills

USA Made hand water well pumps and windmills are still pumping fresh water in remote locations where electricity is not available.  They also make a wonderful water backup during power outages.

Read more about the different types of water well pumps and windmill applications at the link below.

Water well pumps and windmills can still be purchased at

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sewing Cabinets | Hardwood | Solid Wood | Custom Made | High End

Before you buy a sewing cabinet do your homework.  You can purchase a high end Amish custom made sewing cabinet at the same price or cheaper than particle board. 

There’s just no comparison in the quality craftsmanship of an Amish sewing cabinet to what is being sold in sewing machine stores.

The prices being asked for particle board sewing cabinets just doesn't make any sense at all, except it’s being made for a niche group.

Compared to the same quality of a particle board desk in an office supply store to these particle board sewing cabinet price point just doesn't match up.  

You can purchase a solid wood desk for this type of money and in fact you can purchase an Amish solid wood oak sewing cabinet at or below this amount as well.

At Cottage Craft Works .com we offer Amish sewing cabinets starting at around $1600 up to under $2500 for the most deluxe cabinet with serger lift and stowage compartment.

Even with freight delivery we can place a custom made future family heirloom in your sewing room for what you would have purchased in particle board laminate cabinet for.

Amish sewing cabinets still use old world dove tail drawer construction with full extension high end drawer pull outs.  Particle board cabinet drawers are butt jointed glued and stapled.

Doors are built with rail and panel construction instead of being pressed molded and covered with a plastic cover.  You can even select from four door styles.

Hardware is still mortised into the wood instead of just screwed on the top.

Accessories trays and spool racks are made of wood on pull out slides instead of cheap plastic screwed on the back of the doors.

Do your own home work.   Shop the particle board cabinets and then compare to our solid wood cabinets.

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