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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sewing Cabinets | Hardwood | Solid Wood | Custom Made | High End

Before you buy a sewing cabinet do your homework.  You can purchase a high end Amish custom made sewing cabinet at the same price or cheaper than particle board. 

There’s just no comparison in the quality craftsmanship of an Amish sewing cabinet to what is being sold in sewing machine stores.

The prices being asked for particle board sewing cabinets just doesn't make any sense at all, except it’s being made for a niche group.

Compared to the same quality of a particle board desk in an office supply store to these particle board sewing cabinet price point just doesn't match up.  

You can purchase a solid wood desk for this type of money and in fact you can purchase an Amish solid wood oak sewing cabinet at or below this amount as well.

At Cottage Craft Works .com we offer Amish sewing cabinets starting at around $1600 up to under $2500 for the most deluxe cabinet with serger lift and stowage compartment.

Even with freight delivery we can place a custom made future family heirloom in your sewing room for what you would have purchased in particle board laminate cabinet for.

Amish sewing cabinets still use old world dove tail drawer construction with full extension high end drawer pull outs.  Particle board cabinet drawers are butt jointed glued and stapled.

Doors are built with rail and panel construction instead of being pressed molded and covered with a plastic cover.  You can even select from four door styles.

Hardware is still mortised into the wood instead of just screwed on the top.

Accessories trays and spool racks are made of wood on pull out slides instead of cheap plastic screwed on the back of the doors.

Do your own home work.   Shop the particle board cabinets and then compare to our solid wood cabinets.

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