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Custom Hand Carved Gun Stocks

Cottage Craft Works Custom Hand Carved Gun Stocks

Hand Carved Gun Stocks
Hand Carved Gun StocksHand Carved Gun StocksHand Carved Gun StocksHand Carved Gun Stocks

Imagine exquisitely detailed images of your favorite hunting scenes—right on your gun stock! This talented Amish artisan can detail fabulous hunting scenes into your favorite gun stock, or one of our custom replacement gun stocks. 

Note: These are not laser engraved stocks. There are similar looking stocks on the market completed by a laser machine. The difference in hand tooled carving verses laser is more of a 3D look. A laser engraved stock will be much more uniform in the detail, where a hand carved stock will show the character of a hand carved item.

Cottage Craft Works features a self-sufficient non-electric general store. Best known for their handcrafted hunting and game calls, Cottage Craft Works New General Store features close to 1000 products including Amish built buggies, horse & tack, Amish furniture, garden tools, beekeeping equipment, apple & wine presses, kitchen wares, Amish quilts, sewing cabinets, chicken coops, poly lawn furniture, fishing, hunting, and an expanded hunting and game call selection. Cottage Craft Works is dedicated to the small cottage based businesses, featuring quality handcrafted products. Custom replacement gun stocks, gun stock engraving, oil paintings and wood burning artisan work are also available. The official site is  follow us on face book at Cottage Craft Works fan page 

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