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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Find Rudersberg Sewing Machine Air Lift Mechanisms

The Rudersberg sewing machine airlift mechanisms are still readily available despite many companies now showing them out of stock or discontinued.

Cabinet makers, and home hobbyist woodworkers building sewing machine cabinets have abruptly discovered that traditional suppliers of the popular Rudersberg German airlift mechanisms no longer have them available either listing them as discontinued or indefinitely out of stock on their web sites.

Only one known supplier Cottage Craft in the US and one supplier Sylvia Design in Canada with a dealer network in the US are still listing the lifts as available.

Cottage Craft Works also has a subsidiary micro website with the lifts available dedicated to the home hobbyist woodworking individuals.

Both companies took aggressive measures to find a German distributor that would continue supplying them after the long-standing German distributor announced they would cease doing so.

These popular tap-and-release pneumatic lifts have been the standard in sewing cabinet for decades. They are the mechanical air cylinder assist lift platform used to lift sewing machines up from the storage position to sewing bed height or tabletop height in counsel style sewing cabinets.

The German distributor that was supplying them suddenly announced in 2019 that they would discontinue the lifts by the end of the year leaving the sewing cabinet builders worldwide scrambling for a new source to obtain a sewing machine lift mechanisms.

Cottage Craft Works also sells custom Amish sewing cabinets and continues to supply the sewing lifts. Sylvia design who also sells its own brand of sewing cabinets with dealerships in the US also sells the lifts. The standard Sylvia lift SYLV-AIRLIFT is rated for 30 lb. capacity while the Cottage Craft Works SML1 lift is rated for 50 lbs.  

Cottage Craft Works and Sylvia Design also offer a heavy-duty extra-tall lift for the next generation taller embroidery machines.  These sewing machines like the Bernina model 7 series machines require at least 15” clearance when down inside the cabinets. Sylvia Designs model number is SYLV-5004-Lift and rates the lift for 55 lbs., while the Cottage Craft Works extra tall heavy-duty lift SML-2HD is rated at 60 lbs. 

Cottage Craft Works is known for supplying Amish made products and well-made products that are also used in the Amish communities. Solid wood handcrafted sewing cabinets are one of their specialty products.

The Amish communities were one group of sewing cabinet builders that were devastated to hear this type of news as they are very dependent on sewing machine cabinets to maintain their sustainable lifestyle.  Amish women make almost all the clothing for their large families as well as other sewn home goods.

Amish cabinet builders have also become dependent on the lifts to continue building sewing cabinet for other Amish as well as others seeking Amish made furniture which by itself is big nationwide business.

Sylvia Design makes a full line of laminate sewing cabinets, sewing room furniture, and accessories. With a US nationwide dealer network.

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