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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quilter Featherweight card table | Reproduction | 221 | 301

New reproduction Featherweight folding card table for Singer 221 and 301 sewing machines.

As a real bonus the 221 Featherweight machines will also fit into the 301 reproduction tables.

Per customer request Cottage Craft Works .com has added Amish built replica folding card tables that will fit the Singer 221 and both short and long base Singer 301 machines.

Cottage Craft Works .com already has an established line up of custom and reproduction sewing cabinets including Singer reproduction treadle cabinets to fit the old Singer Class 15 machines and the newer Janome 712T treadle machines.

The 221 Featherweight and 301 machines were made by Singer in the early to mid 1900s and are prized possessions of quilters everywhere. Up until now those who have not acquired one of the original folding card tables continue to only dream of finding one at an estate sale or remain leery of purchasing one that is listed online.

The 301 tables are so rare that most 301 owners are not even aware that a folding table was even made for these machines as well.

It’s not uncommon for quilters to have both the 221 and 301 machines and now to have a folding table option that will hold both machines is like having icing on the cake.

The 221 Featherweight is a small workhorse perfect for light weight materials.  Quilters love them because they are compact and portable yet they remain a real work horse unlike anything built today.

When it comes to stitching in heaver materials the old 301s are hard to beat so having the two different models just adds to the quilter versatility arsenal.

The reproduction Featherweight tables from Cottage are made to the same size and height of the originals.  The new tables may even be built stronger than the originals as they use ¾” plywood cherry veneer tops with a full ¾” cherry hardwood edge board.

The folding table legs are the same legs used to build large heavy game tables used for table top tennis and ping pong.   The legs have been adapted as some of the original Featherweight tables had the fourth leg made to fold in order to clear the table bracing.  Cottage uses a telescoping snap lock end to accomplish this.

The Singer 301 machines were made in both short and long bed models.  The reproduction tables can be ordered specific to just the 221 model or for the 301 models. 

The 221 sits in the 301 tray at the same height and just slides over to the left to compensate for the difference in the 301 machine length.

A table ordered for the 301 long bed will also fit the 301 short bed and the 221 Featherweight.

To see and read more about the new reproduction Featherweight tables here’s the Direct Link

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