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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rental Bikes | Scooters | Tourist-Resort-Beach Income Rental | Push Scooters

These cute kick scooters will likely be a hit to add to an existing rental fleet or to start a new  rental revenue stream.

Bike rentals are a great seasonal income for resort and tourist areas. Adorable scooters are fun to ride, provide a better workout than a standard bicycle and are very rental friendly.

Push scooters use the same tires and wheels as a standard bicycle but do not have a seat, peddles or chain and sprockets to get messed up.

Having no chain or pedals means less maintenance and up keep for the shop owner.

The rider stands on the platform and gently swings one foot and leg down to propel forward.

Scooters come in all sizes so that and entire family can rent scooters together.

With the front baskets riders can stop at shops along the way and purchase souvenirs that they may not be able to tote back on a standard bicycle.

Scooters are not new but not as common in the US as they are in European countries where they have been used for years instead of a standard bicycle.

Those looking for the exercise benefits, especially seniors are finding that scooters are easier to mount and ride than a traditional bicycle.

They also provide a great core work out as the body is more in action. 

By adding scooters to your rental fleet, you may find more senior couples renting them than families. 

Even seniors  who have suffered strokes are finding  adult kick scooters to be very easy to balance and ride.

Most of us as kids learned to push along on a scooter before we graduated to a bike with training wheels.

The low center of gravity and ease to step on and off takes the fear out of climbing back on a traditional bicycle.

Push scooters are USA Made in the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish communities, where they are used in rental fleets in tourist towns as well as widely used by the Amish in those communities.

You may have even seen them in use on some of the recent Amish shows.

Cottage Craft Works .com sells many different types of scooters made in the USA.

Quantity discounts are available.  Shop owners may also earn additional income by selling or referral of sales of scooters.

Unlike bicycles that are widely available everywhere these scooters are not easy to find and purchase at a local bike shop. Once they are ridden the desire to own one is very high.

To learn more just e-mail the great folks over at Cottage Craft Works.

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