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Friday, August 23, 2013

Dish Drying Rack | Stainless Sink Drain Board

Whether you live in the country or have a large commercial style kitchen washing and drying  large pots and pans can sometimes be challenging.  

The next best thing to a large country  style kitchen sink with drain board sides is to have a large enough area to air dry without soaking the kitchen counter and running down the cabinet fronts out on to the floor. 

What better way to prepare for your Holiday meals and the cleanup after all the cooking is done?

These large Stainless drain boards are direct from the Amish who make and use them for their daily large families.

Not equipped with automatic dish washers, the Amish take a more functional approach to every day chores.

They are also very practical in making things to work well and built to for a very long time of use.

These drain boards are just as functional in any home that is struggling with how to keep the kitchen counter tops, fronts and floors dry.

Extra large drying surface allows them to be used flat for large stock pots and pans, or used with a traditional drying rack.

Unlike any other drain boards,  these Amish stainless drain boards provide an extra wide area around the dish rack to catch water dripping off sheet pans and dishes.

The drain boards are also built with a good slope to sit next to the sink and drain completely.  The board will  drain even if the sink has a built up rim.

So If you’re tired of wet counters, cabinets and floors from drying large pots and pans, consider one of these commercial duty stainless steel drain boards to use under a traditional drain rack.

The drain boards are made with commercial grade stainless steel for years of use, plus these drain boards will fit right in with the most elegant kitchen. 

You can even have a custom size made!

The drain boards provide an excellent space to rinse off vegetables and other  kitchen task.

Drain boards are only available online at the unique self-sufficient living back-to-basics general store Cottage Craft Works . Com.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Manure Spreader handles fine practical saw dust and wood chip bedding

Horse ranch, poultry and other small animal owners rejoice!  Finally a compact manure spreader that will spread saw dust and wood chip bedding.

If you have given up on the hopes of a simple way to handle your sawdust and wood chip manure, take a look at the compact E-Z Spreaders from Cottage Craft Works .com

E-Z spreaders provide an optional litter pan that rides just under the spreader augers to pick up the fine practical material and spread it out evenly just  like a traditional spreader.

Most manure spreaders are built only to handle straw and hay bedding material.  The spreader beater augers are spaced out behind the spreader so that as the material comes out the back it is pushed into the augers and spread out.

The problem that farmers and ranchers face in using a traditional spreader for saw dust or wood chip bedding is that it clumps and falls off the back of the spreader before it can ever reach the augers.

The good news doesn't stop there.  E-Z spreaders are built by the Amish who have been making this line of spreaders for years and sold in the Amish communities.  They are all grown driven and equipped with rubber tractor tread tires. 

The 25 bushel or 35 bushel models are ideal for the small hobby farmer or small equestrian ranches, yet these spreaders are heavy built for hard use.  In fact these manure spreaders are so well built they can be shared or rented out to neighbors.

The Amish just build things to last.  No large corporate overhead or share holders they make things more heavy duty and use high quality parts.

Compare the specs on this little heavy duty spreader to the others on the market and you will quickly realize dollar for dollar the quality materials the Amish use to build them just can't be matched.

The overall weight is almost double of any other spreader in its class, yet it is built to balance heavy loads.

E-Z spreaders use 11ga steel while others are using thinner 13ga-14ga.  E-Z Spreader uses a 1-3/8" axle while others are using only a 1-1/4".  E-Z Spreaders use #50 T-Rod Web roller chain where the others use standard #50 and #40.

The two most popular 25 and 35 bushel spreaders come with a standard tongue that can hook on to a tractor, ATV or garden tractor with at least a 10 HP motor.

A standard hand crank trailer tongue jack is included to hitch a loaded spreader.

 The E-Z Model spreaders are still manufactured one at a time in a small Amish shop in Ohio.  The Amish build quality products with lower overhead, thus you are able to receive an old time American manufactured value product at a much lower price than you might expect.

The E-Z Model 25 has an overall length of 8’ and the E-Z Model 35 has an overall length of 9’. Both models are only 3’ tall for easier loading, and are only 60” wide to maneuver in between tight spaces in the barn.  The sides are durable powder coated steel, while the floor is equipped with tongue and groove poly recycled plastic lumber.

You won’t find E-Z spreaders online anywhere else but at Cottage Craft Works .com  The owners over at Cottage Craft Works have spent years cultivating business relationships with the Amish communities.

Their concept is simple, go deep into the Amish communities and find old fashioned American made products like things were made in the 1950s and bring them forward in today’s market place.

Now with over 5000 products strong and over 100 Amish shops you can take a refreshing trip back in history and find some of the old fashioned American made products that you may have remembered growing up with as a kid.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hobby Farm Apple Cider and Wine Harvesting Presses and Supplies

Find  some of the best apple cider and wine presses and how to books on the market.  

This online back to basics general store carries all sizes of presses for the weekend hobbyist to the small commercial growers and in between.  

Along with the presses  you will find other processing equipment from picking bags, to the press bags at Cottage Craft Works. com

For a small backyard orchard to make a few gallons of cider or wine, consider a Table Model Fruit & Wine Press.

The table top press will require apples to be chopped, and works fine with soft fruits like grapes. (Tub size is 9" x 11" high and overall press size is 11" x 20") 

Making homemade cider and wine can be fun and rewarding for the entire family.  With the right equipment and knowledge you can look forward to the fall harvest each year. 

Top the cool fresh air with a cold glass of apple cider or an evening glass of home brewed wine.

For a larger orchard with several trees  consider starting with The Pioneer Junior Budget Cider Press. The Pioneer Junior comes complete with an apple grinder.

The Pioneer Junior is a perfect, less expensive cider presses for the homeowner.  It will press a half bushel of whole apples at a time. It does not require  the apples to be peeled or cut up. The grinder will turn the apples into pulp that can be pressed into the pressing bags.  Simply dump the remaining skins, and stems out for the next batch.

For a larger hobby orchard,  The "Homesteader” a  single-tub cider or wine press will be the same type of  basic press that has been used for years.  The Homesteader utilizes the same frame and press screw assembly as our double-tub model.

The Homesteader is capable of grinding and efficiently squeezing apples, grapes and other fruits and vegetables.

The "Apple Eater" grinding attachment (included) is mounted on the back of the press - allowing the "pulped" fruit to fall directly into the tub for squeezing.  The Apple Eater can also be  mounted independently of the press on a saw horse in order to speed up production.

Unlike the old wooden drums, the apple grinder utilizes a poly drum studded with eight rows of stainless steel teeth mounted on a steel crankshaft inside the hopper.

The Apple Eater feature a large cast-iron flywheel with hardwood handle to easily rotate the drum for  smooth and easy grinding.

A Large steel-banded pressing tub will hold up to one bushel of pulp.   Press frames and tubs are made from solid maple hardwood.

The optional Wooden Hopper holds 35 pounds of apples and makes grinding easier and faster.

 All of our metal press parts can be ordered in a hardware kit form, without the wood to build your own press.

For the large scale to commercial orchard the old fashioned Double-Tub Cider Mill & Wine Press will fit the bill.

The American Harvester mill design that allows simultaneous grinding and squeezing at the same time.

Two people working at a comfortable pace can easily grind and squeeze 50 gallons of cider in an afternoon.

The American Harvester Cider Mill and Wine Press was developed with all the best features discovered over the years from the 1900s when double tub presses became so popular.  Heavy duty  4-leg hardwood construction with sturdy cast iron hardware is the choice for larger farms and orchard growers.

You can also motorize either the American Harvester or the Homesteader Grinder Motor Kit. The motor kit attaches easily to a new or an existing grinder.

Cottage Craft Works also carries other orchard equipment and supplies including sprayers and several instructional and recipe books on how to make apple cider.  You can also fine several books on wine making and building grape arbors.

See all the apple cider and wine making equipment and products at

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