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Friday, August 23, 2013

Dish Drying Rack | Stainless Sink Drain Board

Whether you live in the country or have a large commercial style kitchen washing and drying  large pots and pans can sometimes be challenging.  

The next best thing to a large country  style kitchen sink with drain board sides is to have a large enough area to air dry without soaking the kitchen counter and running down the cabinet fronts out on to the floor. 

What better way to prepare for your Holiday meals and the cleanup after all the cooking is done?

These large Stainless drain boards are direct from the Amish who make and use them for their daily large families.

Not equipped with automatic dish washers, the Amish take a more functional approach to every day chores.

They are also very practical in making things to work well and built to for a very long time of use.

These drain boards are just as functional in any home that is struggling with how to keep the kitchen counter tops, fronts and floors dry.

Extra large drying surface allows them to be used flat for large stock pots and pans, or used with a traditional drying rack.

Unlike any other drain boards,  these Amish stainless drain boards provide an extra wide area around the dish rack to catch water dripping off sheet pans and dishes.

The drain boards are also built with a good slope to sit next to the sink and drain completely.  The board will  drain even if the sink has a built up rim.

So If you’re tired of wet counters, cabinets and floors from drying large pots and pans, consider one of these commercial duty stainless steel drain boards to use under a traditional drain rack.

The drain boards are made with commercial grade stainless steel for years of use, plus these drain boards will fit right in with the most elegant kitchen. 

You can even have a custom size made!

The drain boards provide an excellent space to rinse off vegetables and other  kitchen task.

Drain boards are only available online at the unique self-sufficient living back-to-basics general store Cottage Craft Works . Com.

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