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Monday, August 29, 2011

CCW Hunting and Game Calls

Providing high quality hunting gear and game calls for the novice to the most discriminating professional hunter and outdoors person.

At CCW Hunting and Game Calls we have assembled some of the best hunting gear and game calls to be found anywhere on the market.  We have the gear for the most discriminating pro-hunter, to those just being introduced to hunting.  Many of the products we carry are so unique or of such high quality they are not even available in the popular outdoors sporting good stores.  If they are available, it will be mass machine produced products with much lower quality standards.  CCW products are carefully selected to be tomorrow’s heirloom family traditions, or collector items.

CCW products can be customized and personalized to specific needs and taste.  At CCW we have some of the top artist and craftsmen who can custom carve, engrave, or personalize your gear in leather, wood, metal or other materials.  Our hand carved gun stocks were featured in the March 2011 issue of Outdoor Life Magazine.  We will be soon adding custom gunsmith and complete restoration services.

Most of our gear and game calls, in fact (98%) of them are US American made products made by small businesses and cottage based businesses.  Many of our products are handcrafted the old fashioned way within the Amish communities, while the rest of our products are produced in small shops from across the United States.

Need a custom replacement gun stock? No problem our cottage partner is one of the best stock manufactures in the world.  We can fit you with a standard grade stock up to one with a high quality Exhibition Feathercrotch detail, in a variety of different woods or laminate.  The most popular stocks are available; others can be duplicated from your old stock.   Want it customized? We can have it hand carved with your favorite hunting scene, hand checkered or machine checkered. Custom pistol grips and stock plates are also available.

Need a custom game call?  CCW has you covered with one of the largest selections of game calls on the market.  We specialize in turkey calls with all types of box and friction calls.  CCW has two unique combo turkey and turkey locator calls all built into one unit. CCW also has regular and combo slate, friction calls with choices of glass, or aluminum striker surfaces and multi wood striker options for straight or flared striker sticks.  Waterfowl, deer, elk, small game and predator calls are also available, as well as custom leather holsters.

Need a gun holster?  If you are hunting or concealed carry, CCW has custom leather and nylon holsters and leather ammo carriers to fit your needs. For the weekend hunter to the professional security and law enforcement, CCW can outfit you with a simple plain to fancy tooled leather holster.  Holsters can be individualized or customized to your specifications.

Need a gun case?  CCW carries plain and fancy tooled leather pistol, rifle and shotgun cases.  Custom hardwood and glass display cases can be built to your specifications. 

Need a Gear Belt?  CCW carries some of the most innovative belts for the Pro-Hunter.  Belts have a simple snap and go system to configure them for your different hunting needs, select options for upland bird hunting, waterfowl hunting, big and small game hunting, Skeet and Clay, or make it a belt for a Pro dog trainer.

Do you fatigue in the arms from carrying your shotgun or rifle at the ready for hours?  Take a look at our leather gun caddy.  It is a leather pouch that slides on to your belt or one of the Pro-Hunting Belts to rest your stock’s weight on your hip, while it keeps your gun at the ready position for a quick flush of birds or game.

Need comfortable quality outerwear?  CCW carries a full line of American made briar-proof hunting shirts, coats, bibs and chaps, made with tough 420 Denier nylon briar-proof fabric.  Game bag accessories are either built in or can be added to all the coats and bibs.

Need chaps, waders or boots?  CCW carries several styles of briar-proof chaps including snake protectors.  CCW has some of the best prices on the most popular hunting boots, and chaps can be custom attached to make a set of frog-legs.

Need a tree stand blind?  Yes a tree blind.  CCW carries The Chameleon Blind.  Weighing only 5 lbs this blind can be easily carried into remote locations; it assembles quickly and is one of the only blinds available to keep you in the dry either in a tree stand or on the ground.

Need a seat for your hunting blind? Checkout our three legged Leather Top Quad Sports Stool.  This stool is the most comfortable seat in the house, plus it really helps many with back problems, in fact many have replaced their home and office chairs and exclusively use this seat to complete day-to-day task or to carry to other outside sporting events.

Need Hunting Dog Gear?  CCW has one of the largest selections of hunting dog gear supplies for the occasional hunt to the Pro-Dog trainer.  Leather and nylon holsters for all the electronic transmitters, lanyards and leashes, protective vest for briar and hog hunts, and our Pro-Trainer belt with gear holders and pouches for bumpers, live birds, transmitters, whistles, and more.

Do you want to hunt with class or make a statement?  CCW has Fine Coyote Leather Company leather hunting and training gear for the discriminating outdoors-man.  All American Made!  Coyote Leather Company designs unique, handmade leather hunting accessories with the outdoors man in mind.  Designed by an avid hunter and dog trainer for those looking for professional grade hunting and training gear, Coyote equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and more importantly, enhances performance in the field.  Choose from unique gear and game bags to custom leather game straps.  Enhance your collection of game and bird calls with a Coyote Leather Company custom no-tangle lanyard, accented with sterling silver profiles of your favorite hunted game or bird.

This is the type of gear highlighted in legendary antique hunting photos of professional hunters.
Coyote Leather Company leather items also make fine client and corporate gifts.  A handsome leather folio is also available popular for businessmen, and professionals.

Need game plot seeds, minerals or lures?
  CCW is a dealer for Rough Ridge, minerals, seeds food plots and deer lures.  Rough Ridge is one of the only manufactures that will guarantee their seeds to grow, and is one of the only ones to carry a food plot specially developed for wild turkey as well as deer.

Do you want to know just how old that deer really is, or how to train the young hunter the best kill shot?  CCW carries deer aging guides that can be used in the field as well as laminated shot guides for the bind to help determine the best shot for deer hunting.

And for those looking for deer management guides CCW Deer Aging Plaque illustrates the technique developed by biologists throughout the United States for correctly aging whitetail deer.  Proper deer herd management involves detailed studies of deer herd growth in order to maintain abundant deer populations into the future.  These techniques are utilized by some of the largest wildlife ranches around the world.

CCW is a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works LLC. carries a full line of self-sufficient products to enhance a simpler back-to basics lifestyle.   Food and meat processing equipment is also available as well as how-to- books for making sausage, tanning hides and hunting.

Stop by and take a look through the CCW Hunting and Outdoors tab and see why this is becoming one of the most talked about sites on the Internet today.

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