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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go Green With Our all Aluminum Carts

Cottage Craft Works features handcrafted products from the cottage based small business craftsman. It is true most of our products are crafted out of fine hardwoods, the fact is we also have metal and aluminum products. With April 22, 2010 marked as Green Day we want to reintroduce our All Aluminum Bicycle Cart and all aluminum laundry basket cart. The bicycle cart is very versatile for sports, work, or transport back and forth to the store. It is perfect for Island living, where bicycles are the main mode of transportation, or just living green, living healthy, or using a bike instead of an automobile.

Our Aluminum laundry basket Cart was built to transport laundry to the outdoor clothes line. I also use mine in the house to transport laundry back and forth from the linen closets and bedrooms. It is a real back saver and rolls easy through the house.

Cottage Craft Works feature high quality handcrafted items from the cottage based industries. While many of our crafters and artisans are Amish, we also have as many who are not. One common trait of many of our cottage based business partners, is the trade or craftsmanship they have learned was passed down from family generations. Some of our partners operate second and third generation shops.

Cottage Craft Works also carries hunting calls, custom replacement gun stocks, custom carved gun stocks, fishing lures, Amish crafted furniture, artisan arts and crafts, home and garden, wine products, kitchen and new products are in the process of being added. Go on line at to see all of our quality handcrafted products.

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