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Monday, November 26, 2012

Reproduction Treadle Sewing Cabinet | A Customers Story

What Our Customers Say:

This is a moving story from one of our customers who purchased one of our reproduction sewing cabinets.

In December 2011 my mother passed away. She was right at 86 years old. She had a massive stroke in 2010. If affected her left side and had lost the ability to speak. When I ordered the treadle I had no idea that my mothers old relic would fit in the cabinet. While I love the Janome it still is not an old machine and while it’s a part of my recent history it lacks the history that the old Universal class 15 clone has. The old girls motor burned up years ago. I am 57 and this is the  machine I learned to sew on.
Frankly I was afraid to fire her up with another motor due to the ages of both the motor. One belonged to my mom and the other was my Ma Maws. My grandfather bought three of these machines in the 40’s. One for my grandma and the other for my mother and her sister.
My father tells the story of how when we moved from Memphis in 1959 he filled the car up with little dresses. It seems that my sister and I never worn the same dress twice. I have had a love of sewing since I was five a love that I got from my mother and my grandmother.
Fast forward to 1964. I made my first dress on that old machine. I actually took my 5th grade picture in it. It is blue with a square neck and even has lace. Not bad for a first attempt. This old girl made most of my clothes as a child and through high school.  
One Easter it made three identical dresses for my mom and my sister. I remember that both my sister and I had to endure three hours with my mom’s beautician getting our hair curled just for the occasion. Pretty sure that perm solution caused brain damage and its why my math skills are so bad.
My mom is gone and the anniversary of her death is coming up. Her death was what us good Southern folks call a blessing. I carry her memory with me. Just being able to touch the old machine and know that this Christmas I will make clothes for my own grandchildren.
It is a wonderful connection that I could not possibly get with the newer machine. Thank you for bringing decent craftsmen to the general public. You have no idea of what it means to me.
C. P.

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