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Monday, December 26, 2016

Compact Manure Spreaders | Hobby Equine Ranch Spreader

The Amish built E-Z Spreaders are built with thicker steel oversized chain and sprockets. These compact spreaders are built stronger than the competition.

The Amish just don’t brag or do a lot of marketing hype, simply the E-Z spreaders are the best-kept secret in the manure spreader market.

Just ask the leading competitor of the compact manure spreader market their overall weight and you will quickly understand that the E-Z spreaders are almost twice the overall empty weight in quality materials. 700 lbs. for the EZ 25 compared to 400 lbs. for one of the closest competitors. Other competitors are even more lightweight for near the same cost.

Most all the E-Z spreaders components are oversized. The Amish use 11-gauge steel while others use thinner 13 and 14-gauge steel. The Amish use 1 3/8” axles while the others use 1 ¼”. The E-Z spreader web chain is made of #50 T-Rod roller chain while others use #40.

Patterned after the old New Idea manure spreaders a favorite of Amish farmers for generations these E-Z spreaders are built just like the old-fashioned parts were made. In fact, many of the parts are still interchangeable and used by the Amish to rebuild old New Idea manure spreaders.

These little workhorses will likely spread natural gold nutrients on your hobby farm or ranch for a lifetime and on to the next generations.

While the competition is looking at ways to reduce the cost to maintain profits, the Amish just keep building them to last as they always have.

Compare with the control arms used to engage the auger and drive wheels and you will see that the E-Z spreaders still use the old-style implement ratchet arms attached directly to drive links. The competition uses lighter duty arms and some even use cables to attach to the drive links.

The E-Z manure spreaders are user-friendly and easy to maintain. The Amish go to an extra effort to add extended tube grease zerks making it easy to reach from the sides with a grease gun.

Typical compact manure spreader in the 25 and 30-bushel sizes include steel painted sides and durable poly lumber floors.

The larger sizes up to 75 bushel have a poly wood floor and poly sides.

The 25 bushel is easy to maneuver in tight stables measuring only 60” wide and 8’ long many appreciate the ability to get it in tight spaces compared to their previously owned spreaders.  The 30 bushel is only 1‘ longer. Both models are only 3’ tall for easy loading using small compact tractors and skid loaders.

Both the E-Z 25 and 30 are ground driven spreaders easily pulled with compact tractors or even ATVs.

Spreaders may be equipped with a fines pan for use with sawdust and wood chip manure beddings that will not work with a traditional manure spreader made to spread straw based manure. 

Since E-Z Spreaders are Amish made they can be ordered for horse-drawn operation and even ordered with steel wheels in place of the air tire wheels.

Cottage Craft is your online source for the Amish made E-Z manure spreaders. You may arrange for shipping or for factory pickup.

E-Z spreaders are being used from coast to coast and have even been shipped as far as Australia.

Also, see the heavy-duty Amish made oat crimper, roller machines. Fresh crimped oats reportedly provide better nutrition and digestive benefits over non-crimped oats while reducing the number of oats it takes for daily feedings. 

Cottage Craft Works offers two sizes of oat crimpers, the CCW #3 will also crimp and crack grains for other livestock feed.

Cottage Craft is a full line general store with Amish made products for the home, garden, farm and ranch.

E-Z 25 Compact Manure Spreader

E-Z Compact Manure Spreader Fines Pan Equipped

Heavy Duty Construction and Remote Grease Fittings

CCW #3 Oat Crimper

Amish heavy duty made oat crimper

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