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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Handcrafted USA Amish Products, Goods, Wares, Furniture

The most comprehensive Amish handcrafted products, goods, wares, furniture on the Internet. Hard to find vintage items you won't find anywhere else.

Because the Amish take great pride in their workmanship and products, Amish American made products are in very high demand because of the high-quality craftsmanship and attention to durability.

Cottage Craft online general store features Amish USA made products from over 100 Amish owned and operated business.

Shopping the online store is like taking a trip back in a time machine to an old-fashioned general store full of vintage America products and goods.  It was a time when America made products lasted a lifetime and were handed down to the next generation.

Cottage Craft Works has developed a solid reputation of old-fashioned integrity and customer service for over a decade.

The products at Cottage Craft Works were handpicked from over 30 years of exploring in the deep back roads of Americas Amish communities across the US.  Amish made vintage products are still being made and used just like they were at the turn of the Century.

The Amish just build things in an overkill mode to last. Planned obsolesces is never a consideration.

Products are simple, geared for common sense practical people and not to building corporate profits and shareholders demands.

The Amish practice conservative stewardship of the environment, a refreshing contrast to the prefoliation of cheaply made toxic products flooding into our country. 

In the mid-1900s the Amish who were dependent on the same products used in an off-grid America soon discovered those products were no longer being made in the mainstream as the rest of the country moved forward.

They began to develop those old-time products in small metal working and machine shops to continue having those goods and wares available for future Amish generations.

Many non-Amish who became fed up with cheaply made imported products rediscovered the Amish communities and began to purchase their products instead.

People began to flock to the Amish off-grid products just before the year 2000 when the Y-2K scare was making headlines about the real possibility of having to live off grid.

Many discovered those old-fashioned hand-operated gadgets worked very well and in fact sometimes even better than the modern-day versions.

The problem is how the cheaper copycat products are being marketed.  On TV actors, can make it look like kitchen gadgets cuts like butter when, it never seems to end up working as smoothly as the Amish USA made products.

As an example: the Amish made Country Egg Beater is a reproduction of the vintage Daisy Egg Beater and works just as smooth as the original ones.  It is very expensive and you could probably purchase as many as seven of the imported egg beater versions but soon discover they are very difficult and nearly impossible to use as a serious kitchen mixer.

In other words, you get what you pay for and one good tool is worth a dozen of lookalike tools kept in a drawer simply because no one wants to use them.

The same can be demonstrated with other cooking utensils to gardening tools.  Amish made products are just made to use to get the job done. The Amish depend on these products to feed their large families.

Cottage Craft Works is selling reproduction treadle sewing cabinets for the Janome 712T treadle sewing machine. Surprisingly they are selling them faster to non-Amish women as to Amish.  Many women feel they can better control the speed of the treadle sewing machines over the electric sewing machines and want the nostalgic cabinet in their sewing rooms.

Living simple off the grid the Amish may not have the luxuries of dishwashers or clothes dryers but they still have mounds of dishes and dirty clothes produced by their large families. 

They compensate by using Amish made drying racks like a stainless-steel dish drainboard to use next to the kitchen sink and folding wall and floor clothes drying racks, which are very popular in homes where people have the modern-day luxuries.

The extra-large kitchen drainboard is perfect to dry those oversized commercial pots and pans even in the most upscale kitchens.  Laundry drying racks are just handy to have around from the mud room to the garage for hanging up wet coats and delicate items that can’t be placed in a dryer.

Surprisingly those that do practice environmentally air drying quickly note the savings in the electricity it takes to dry a load of heavy items like blue jeans.

Take a stroll through this online emporium of old-fashioned Amish products, goods, wares and furniture, to rediscover a forgotten past of American history still available in this most modern day world.


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