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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

American Made CCW Concealed Carry Gun Holsters

The Our Quality American Made Hand Crafted Leather Holsters vs. massed produced and the Imports.

Just like a custom made pair of cowboy boots, our leather craftsmen make each one of our leather holsters and products one at a time. They use only the best heavy-weight, premium leather harvested and tanned in the United States. Unlike other leather imported from foreign countries such as Mexico, leather tanned in the United States utilizes a vegetable oil tanning process. Many of the leather products imported still use urine, some of it Human, in the tanning process, thus when the leather becomes wet it will actually give off a foul urine odor. This will often occur with Mexican and other imported cheap leather products. The leathers used in our products are also much thicker than the imported leather, and will hold up to even to hardest use and abuse to someday become a family heirloom.

Using thicker leather means the stitching has to be thicker; our craftsmen use a thread thickness very similar to cord. The thicker the leather the better the holes punched during the sewing process will not pull through on the edges after years of hard use. Also the thicker the thread, the less likely it will break at the corners and other stress points in the leather product. Our craftsmen also double and triple stitch stress points such as belt loops, to provide years of use.

Our fancy tooled leather is actually hand tooled the old fashioned way. A tradition passed down from generations of leather craftsmen. The imported and many American mass produced leather products use a process of machine stamping to simulate the look of hand tooled leather.

Each of our handcrafted leather holsters are cut to the exact fit for a specific pistol and the exact barrel length. Massed produced holsters are cut to one size to fit multiple pistols and then machine molded to fit a specific range of pistol sizes. This process may vary on how a specific pistol and barrel length will fit into the holster. Too much play and the pistol may easily fall out when a concealed carried weapon individual bends over, or the weapon may fit too snug making it difficult to draw when time is critical.

Machine molding can actually thin and weaken the leather around the profile of the weapon, this area is also the most common wear point during the life of a holster, and thus the potential for wear tear through in a short time is very high. The stress points on our leather products are riveted together using cadmium plated rivets; Cadmium protects the metal from corrosion and blackening around the rivet and or rusting when the leather becomes wet. Many cheap holsters are made with inferior rivets that blacken the leather or will rust and eventually separate.

On the leather holsters using a belt clip, our craftsmen uses only the best quality heavy duty stainless steel clips. The clips are full enclosure device to lock securely around the belt. Others will use a short clip much like on a tape measure. These often pop off the belt during bending and kneeling. When carrying around a loaded weapon, the worst thing that can happen is for a clip to easily pop off or the clip breaks from stress allowing the weapon to fall out to the floor or to a hard surface and potentially discharge.

Sure you can find cheaper holsters online, but you won't find any at the quality that we provide her at Cottage Craft Works.

CCW Conceal Carry | Hunting | Leather & Nylon Gun Holsters are at CCW Hunting

CCW Concealed Carry Leather and Nylon Holsters are at CCW Hunting and Game Calls

CCW Hunting and Game Calls is your handcrafted leather and nylon gun holster headquarters for western style or concealed carry holsters. We outfit hunters, police, plain clothes detectives, security guards, body guards or those seeking self protection with CCW permits.

A Division of Cottage Craft Works, (CCW) best known for their high quality handcrafted hunting and game calls, CCW Hunting also has a large selection of quality handcrafted leather and nylon gun holsters to fit a wide range of pistols and revolvers with belt mount, waist ban paddle or shoulder sling options. CCW also carries other leather shooting gear including shotgun rifle slings, mag pouches, ammo carriers, and gun cases. Custom fancy hand tooled made to order options are available. If you don't see it on our store just drop us an e-mail and let us know what you are packing, and where you want to pack it. We will send you a quote to have one made to fit and carry to just your personal preference.

Get Your Leather and Nylon Holsters Today at Cottagecraftworks.com

Leather Holsters | Nylon Holsters | Custom Gun Holsters

High End Hunting Gear Belts

Hunting gear inspired by the American heritage of famous hunting gear and products.

Pro Skeet BeltCoyote Leather Company designs hunting gear for the discriminating hunter who demands the absolute best quality and craftsmanship. Professional grade gear designed by a hunter who uses and test each product he makes.

The line up of Coyote products include a professional skeet shooters belt, a professional hunters belt, and a professional dog trainers belt. Each belt has easy on and off accessories to complete the outfit. Items can be moved or changed to meet the needs of the day or the type of hunt.

Leather lanyards with real silver accents of the hunted animal or bird, provide quick and easy access to single or multiple calls. Leather duck and goose straps to strap the birds and waterfowl to a game belt will bring back the nostalgia of old time hunting pictures using this type of gear.

See all the Coyote Leather Products at

Customized products to fit every hunter needs

Cottage Craft Works Custom Products

Custom Gun Display CasesCottage Craft Works is a very custom friendly company, small enough to listen and provide suggestions and recommendations for your custom needs, yet with a large network of cottage based craftsmen and small businesses to produce some of the highest quality custom handcrafted products on the market. Be it our hand carved gun stocks, custom engraved hunting calls, to our adapted hunting gear for the disabled hunter. CCW can make it happen for one item to large quantities.

If you would like to have a custom turkey call made from a slab of wood that has significance in your life, Cottage Craft Works has an Amish call maker that can make it happen.

Museum quality custom gun display cases and fancy tooled leather riffle cases can be personalized for a special event or personal gift. Custom restoration services for some of the old rifles and shotguns can also be arranged.

CCW High End Custom Hunting Gear Can Be Personalized

Quality high end custom gear items make very appreciated gifts and can become cherished family heirlooms.

High End Custom Handcrafted Gun Stocks and Hunting Gear

Custom Personalized Gun Stocks and Hunting Gear

If you are looking for high end custom hunting gear then Cottage Craft Works and CCW Hunting and Games Calls just might be the place to go. Featured in Outdoor Life March 2011 issue for their Amish hand carved gun stocks Cottage Craft Works has gained a reputation for high end quality products with one on one customer service not found in many online business operations.

Hunting calls, hunting gear and clothing is all USA American made in small businesses or cottage based shops. Cottage Craft Works has a network of Amish based shops and single owner trade businesses where the owner still touches and is hands on with every product they create.

With one of the largest selections of Amish crafted hunting and game calls CCW Hunting and Game Calls a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works has been outfitting hunters for years with some of the most beautifully engraved and finished calls that can be found anywhere on the market at prices that compete with the large discount hunting stores.

Amish made hunting apparel made with tough 420 Denier briar proof and snag proof nylon as well as custom made leather hunting and gun accessories are also available at this online hunting and fishing outfitter.

Most of the wood and leather products can be personalized with a name or corporate logo. CCW can also custom make or adapt hunting calls and gear for the disabled hunter, or just to personal preferences.

Visit to see more.

Custom Gun Stocks

Cottage Craft Works offers a full range of Custom-made-Gun-Stocks to fit almost any shotgun or riffle. Stock-blanks are cut and hand selected by the masters of stock craftsmen, whose trade, has been passed down from generation to generation. A wide selection is available of beautiful wood grain Figure, in a multitude of hardwoods and Grade levels to choose from. Stocks are manufactured by a small cottage based company who has become one of the leading gun stock companies in the world, located in an area with of some of the highest grade of walnut and hardwood species to be found anywhere. See them at features other high quality handcrafted items from accomplished crafts people, and artisans all from the cottage based industries. Custom gun stocks are only a part of our featured handcrafted works of art. See more at

CCW Crafted Hunting and Game Calls

Turkey | Duck | Goose | Deer | Elk | Hunting Calls.

Box Turkey CallsCottage Craft Works (CCW) has a large selection of hunting-calls. These are beautiful handcrafted calls with several options of hardwoods. They are made by an Amish gentleman who is also an avid hunter and has been making some of the best sounding and easy to use calls from anywhere.

CCW is the only one that has the combo turkey/hawk/crow/owl call on the market . These are beautiful works of craftsmanship in various contrasting hardwoods.

Turkey-box-call-kits and turkey-friction-call-kits are also available. Easy to assemble and customize to your own taste. These make wonderful gifts, great father-and-son-projects or group-projects.

See all of the hunting calls at

Home of handcrafted hunting gear and products for everyone

this lens' photo offers heirloom quality handcrafted products from the cottage based industries.  Many of our hand selected products come from deep within the Amish Communities, while others come from skilled accomplished crafts people all across the United States.  We offer handcrafted engraved hunting-calls, custom- gun-stocks and handcrafted- fishing- lures.  Have one of your favorite hunting or fishing scenes memorialized into a custom oil painting, or carved into your gun stock.  We also offer other sports items, such as bike trailers.  Check us out at

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