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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CCW Crafted Hunting and Game Calls

Turkey | Duck | Goose | Deer | Elk | Hunting Calls.

Box Turkey CallsCottage Craft Works (CCW) has a large selection of hunting-calls. These are beautiful handcrafted calls with several options of hardwoods. They are made by an Amish gentleman who is also an avid hunter and has been making some of the best sounding and easy to use calls from anywhere.

CCW is the only one that has the combo turkey/hawk/crow/owl call on the market . These are beautiful works of craftsmanship in various contrasting hardwoods.

Turkey-box-call-kits and turkey-friction-call-kits are also available. Easy to assemble and customize to your own taste. These make wonderful gifts, great father-and-son-projects or group-projects.

See all of the hunting calls at

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