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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Budget Friendly USA Kombucha Tea Stoneware Crock

Brew your own Kombucha tea with this  budget friendly USA Kombucha Tea Stoneware Crock.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars  for a quality made in America Kombucha stoneware brewing crock.

Handmade stoneware brewing crock allows for the continuous brewing of the ancient Kombucha tea, which many believe provides detoxification, probiotics, and disease-fighting benefits.

Those who are looking for a good fermenting crock have been astounded by the steep prices running up to hundreds of dollars for stoneware fermenting crocks.

Per customer request, Cottage Craft has developed an economical USA stoneware pottery water crock for brewing the popular Kombucha tea.  

Unlike glass the crock is not translucent  and  does not have to be left in a dark place allowing it to be kept on a kitchen counter for  closer monitoring of the Kombucha brewing process.

Typical brewing time is 7-10 days in warmer weather and 7-21 days  in cooler weather. Brewing time will also vary the according to the temperature of your home. Brewing time can be shortened by using a brew belt which warms the vessel up considerably. Pottery absorbs heat very well and can simply be set close to a heat source to speed up the brewing process.

The crock holds 2 gallons of brew. Active brewing requires a cloth cover for the mixture to breath during fermentation. The Cottage Craft Works brewing crock comes with a standard pottery lid as a bonus to keep the crock covered when it’s not in use.

If you plan to bottle your Kombucha tea for a secondary fermentation, the crock will produce approximately one dozen 16 oz bottles. The bottles are easy to fill as the crock comes equipped with a USA made poly spigot.

You can purchase the Kombucha Tea Crock online at  The crock is also available in custom colors as well as having it personalized

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