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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home Remedies from Amish Country

These Home Remedy books make great gifts for those wanting to know more about home remedies and the Amish way of life.

You won't find these for a download on to a portable tablet, these books are published, used in the Amish communities and sold in their stores.
Two quick read books both containing 96 pages full of great ideas, humor, wisdom and folklore from the Amish communities using home remedies and ideas that have been passed down from generations of Amish families.
Home Remedies from Amish Country has been a popular book and now in its 6th Edition.
Home remedies II For the Farm, Garden, Lawn and House provide recipes for making your own cleaning products, garden and orchard pest solutions.
Learn how to control common nuisances such as bats, birds, chipmunks, squirrels, deer, gophers, mice, moles, rabbits, raccoons, rats, snakes, ants, bees, hornets, yellow jackets, wasps, beetles, cockroaches, corn borer, fleas, gnats, aphids, grasshoppers, grubs, Japanese beetles, mites, mosquitoes, snails, slugs and many others.
The Amish try to stick with natural home remedies; these books are an accumulation of remedies from generations of Amish families.
Using all natural, methods the Amish remedies use everyday items that are easily attainable from the cupboard, the garden and local stores providing remedies used in around the garden, home, farm, including Baby Care, Health Care Salves, & Weight Loss.
Home Remedies From the Amish Country
Table of Contents
• Baby Care
• Health Care
• Weight Loss
• Salves
· Remedies for the Farm, Garden, & House
Home Remedies II From the Amish Country
Table of Content
· Animal Care
• Cleaners
• Field Crops
• Garden & Lawn
• Gardening Just for Anyhow
• Herbicides/Insecticides
• Pest-Animals
• Plant Diseases
• Trees (Fruit & Nut) and Shrubs
• Food Care
• Household
• Miscellaneous
• Vinegar Uses
You can purchase both Amish Home remedy books as well as other home alternative books at Cottage Craft Works .com
Note: These books are intended for historical and educational purposes of the Amish lifestyle. While the Amish enjoy raising large families and subscribe mostly to home remedies some of The statements in these books date back into the early 1900s and have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not provided for use to diagnose prescribe or treat any illness, or injured condition of the body. Readers should use their own self informed decisions or consult with a physician for all issues concerning health.

Grain Mills | Organic Grains | Alternative Homemade Flour | Baking Mix Recipes | Hand Crank Mixers

Grind your own wholesome baking flour and baking mixes

this lens' photo
If you are looking for an alternative to prepackaged flour and baking mixes grinding your own might be the way to go.

Freshly ground flour preserves the flavor and nutrients. Using the option of organically grown grains also reduces the risk of being exposed to potentially cancer causing pesticides.

By creating your own pantry shelf pancake/waffle and baking mixes you can adjust the ingredients for special low sodium diets. Utilizing spelt grains provides a low gluten option for those suffering from wheat allergies.

The GrainMaker Grain Mill

Hand Crank Grist Mill

The GrainMakerCottage Craft Works carries several grain mills, but the GrainMaker by far is the most popular American made home mill for the serious back-to-basics self-sufficient lifestyle. Many will try a cheaper alternative but soon find they are more for the occasional baker and not someone who is serious about producing quantities of high quality flour on a routine basis.

The GrainMaker is also made of metal and not plastic, so it will endure a lot of use over the years. It also will grind down to powdery baking flour with just grind. Other mills require several grinds to reach this level of flour.

The GrainMaker is more than just grain mill, back to basic people love having a multipurpose device that provides several functions. With the GrainMaker you can also grind flax seed, make peanut and even crack corn for the animals.

Amish Grown Certified Organic Grains

Organic Grown Grains Provide High Nutrient Values

Amish Certified Organic GrainsAt Cottage Craft Works .Com you will find Amish certified organic grown grain and even flour if you would rather not have to invest in a grain mill
Cottage Craft Works is proud to provide such a high quality supply of bulk organic foods. These foods are processed on an Amish family ran farm that has been growing all organic for over six decades.

If you're looking for high quality certified organic grown grains to mill yourself or to purchase milled flours then you have found the place to purchase them in bulk.

Stutzman Family Farms has grown organic grains in the Ohio rolling hills of Holmes County for over 60 years. Long before organic certification ever existed the Stutzman family has practiced organic soil management to obtain rich fertile soil and high quality grains throughout their Amish heritage.

Stutzman Farms is organic certified through the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA). The Stutzman family processes a variety of natural organic grains.

Organic grains are also popular for the back-to-basics self-sufficient lifestyle because of the chemical free growing processes.

Make Your Own Baking and Pantry Mixes

Amish recipe books provide a wealth of recipes to make your own baking mixes

Homemade Mixes Amish CookbookTo find self-sufficient recipes for making waffle/pancake and baking mixes you can turn to the Amish cookbooks also featured at http://www.

Homemade mixes is just one that is full of Bisquick and different pancake mixes. This cookbook provides 74 pages of favorite recipes from Keepers at Home readers, who offer a large selection of ideas and recipes for quick made from scratch meals and recipe directions to prepare bulk mixes for quick meals, such as quick baking mixes, pancake mixes, cookie mixes, cocoa mixes, cappuccino mixes, seasoning mixes, dry soup mixes, syrup, pudding and cookie jar gift mixes, just to name a few.

Mixing with a hand crank mixer.

Hand crank mixers make baking easy and fun without electricity

The Little Dutch Maid Hand Crank MixerWhen you think hand crank you might remember the hand crank egg beater that grandma used in her kitchen and think that would be a lot of work.

The fact is the Amish make and use heavy duty hand crank mixers for large batch cooking.
The Little Dutch Maid mixer was made commercial grade to cook large batches of breads and mash potatoes for Amish weddings and other gatherings.

The Little Dutch Maid uses the open top Bosh mixing bowel and accessories for making dough, cookies, or whisking. It also accepts a food and vegetable shredder and chopper that takes the place of an electric food processor. It features two speed crank positions for slow or high speeds.

The Little Dutch Maid Mixer has crossed over to be popular with non-Amish people who either also live off grid or are wanting to be prepared in case the power goes out for extended periods. Cook off contestants are also using The Little Dutch Maid for competitions such as Dutch Oven cook offs that prohibit electric powered appliances.

The Little Dutch Maid is heavy built, but still easy and quick to use and clean. Some would rather pull it out and use instead of lugging over their electric mixer.

Another addition to the Amish line of hand crank mixers is a conversion Kitchen Aide stand mixer. The electric components have been removed and replaced with a hand crank assembly.

You can purchase both of these hand crank mixers at Cottage Craft Works .com an online back-to-basics self sufficient general store.

Amish home cooking recipe books

Find the famous Amish recipes that people drive miles to taste

Cooking With Horse and Buggy PeopleIf you live close or have traveled to the Amish country one thing is probably on your to do list is to enjoy some famous Amish home style meals. From the salad bar, the main dishes and then on to the dessert bar, the Amish just have a way to bring out the taste in food and food combinations.

The broccoli, salad is to die for as well as the homemade potato salad and slaw mixtures. The meats and casseroles are not like regular restaurant foods and then the fresh baked pies, from strawberry, cherry, apple, rhubarb and the cream pies, so many decisions.

Now you can find all these favorite Amish recipes and more in the wide selection of Amish cookbooks located on line at Cottage Craft Works. com.

Amish recipes are available for large batch cooking as well as family and home cooking. Most of the cookbooks also have tips and recipes for common household issues, home remedies and garden pest problems.

Find Back-to-Basics Non-electric grain mills, hand crank mixers, organic grain and recipes

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