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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ice Cream Freezer Parts | We Stock All White Mountain and Country Freezer Parts

If you have been searching for repair parts for your White Mountain Freezer you have probably clicked on a lot of sites that end up saying the parts are no longer available.

Even White Mountain will tell you they don’t carry all the old replacement parts.

We may just be the only supplier where you can get the replacement parts for the older cream color or new green color freezers.

Cottage Craft Works .com  carries many Amish made products and since Ice Cream Freezers are used extensively in the Amish communities for large gatherings they need to keep their old freezers in working order.

If they can no longer get the parts the Amish will re-manufacture them to fit.  Such as the White Mountain tub centers.   When the Amish build things they build them to last.  Instead of reproducing the old cast iron tub centers that rust out from the  salt water the Amish developed a replacement tub center made out of UHMW food grade plastic that is used in commercial food processing equipment.

In fact the new  hand crank White Mountain Freezers sold at Cottage Craft Works  have had the gears replaced with USA Amish made gears.

Cottage Craft Works .com also carries  The Amish built Country Freezers and the all new insulated Immergood freezer along with all the repair parts for those models.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a unique back to basics general store catering to the self-sufficient and sustainable living lifestyles.  With over 5000 products for the home, farm and garden you will find old fashioned products mostly USA made in Amish shops and small family owned businesses.

Country and Immergood Ice Cream Freezers are all Amish USA made.

You can even purchase the 20 qt 5-gal Country Freezer used in county fairs and other large gatherings to make and sell homemade Ice Cream.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Personalized Hunter Gifts | Engraved Hunting Calls | Groomsman, Wedding, Personal

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting gift check out these jaw dropping hunter gifts from CCW.

CCW Hunting Calls a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works .com has been providing custom engraved hunting calls for all types of events including weddings, school and charity fund raisers, as well as individual gifts for birthdays, graduations, and fathers day.

CCW Hunting Calls are Amish made providing excellent craftsmanship, sound quality and eye appeal.  These calls will be cherished for a lifetime and become future family heirlooms.

These calls are easy to use for even the novice hunter making them great for the youngest of hunters.
The box turkey calls  are so easy to use they will be calling for the big gobbler as you lift them out of the box.

CCW has one of the largest selections of calls providing  a wide variety in price ranges without sacrificing sound quality. 

Price and quality become very important when you’re planning for large weddings with 5-10 groomsman.

You will even find box and slate call kits and unfinished box calls to hand carve and finish.

The box call kits have become very popular for high school FFA classes and youth conservation demonstrations as well as father and son projects.

You can also have the calls personalized by adding the individual engraving option at a flat rate of $12 with no set up charges!

To see all the CCW hunting calls CLICK HERE

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