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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Walk Behind Yard and Garden Sprayer

Walk Behind Yard and Garden Sprayer:

A unique hand push sprayer that puts the power and selection of a boom or wand sprayer powered by a 12 volt pump on a easy to push two-wheel cart. Sprayer is designed to work in compact and enclosed areas, as well as large areas where a garden tractor is not available for large areas. Sprayer also has other endless uses beyond pest control, use it in large offices, greenhouses, and stores to water plants, and applying non-flammable floor cleaners.

Wheeled Garden, Orchard, and Yard Sprayer

Commercial pest control can be expensive, especially if you have to do it several times a year over a large yard. If you own a garden tractor the pull behind battery operated sprayers with a boom spray and wand for spot spraying work well, but what if you don't own a garden tractor and need to spray a large area, or are unable to use a garden tractor in an enclosed courtyard or fenced area? This sprayer might just provide a great solution. The walk or pull behind sprayer provides a 10 gallon spray tank with a battery operated pump mounted on an easy to push aluminum frame cart.

The cart has a space for a regular deep cycle 12 volt battery, and includes a pull out boom sprayer mounted on the front as well as a wand spot sprayer with a long hose mount on the side. This sprayer is perfect for nursery operations, orchards, sports fields, small lawns, courtyards, and other large areas where using a hand sprayer is not practical but driving in a tractor is not either. The design allows you to get up and close to shrubs, trees, and other confined areas where a tractor pulled sprayer is just not practical to reach.

The sprayer is perfect for spraying other items such as large scale floor care, non flammable industrial cleaners, remote industrial cooling and metal tempering, or remove the boom and just use the wand sprayer for watering indoor plants in office and commercial building applications. The sprayer is a perfect setup for fighting small scale grass fires, and other standby fire protection during such events as fireworks displays. The potential uses for this sprayer are endless.

The walk behind sprayer is Amish made, meaning it is quality built for years of service.

Features a 10 gallon sprayer and light aluminum cart. The cart can be pushed or pulled so you don't have to walk through wet spray. Switch easily between boom spray or wand spray for spot spraying. The cart has room for deep cycle 12v battery (not included). Boom has pull out extensions to spray a 42" swath.

Shipping is included in the $398 price. Order at

Combo Turkey Call with Owl/Hawk/Crow Calls

Turkey Hunting Calls with owl/hawk/crow locator calls built into one call

Cottage Craft Works Combo Turkey Locator and Turkey Calls. These calls will revolutionize the art of locating and calling turkeys. Fumbling for different locator calls, and then a turkey call is a thing of the past.  This all-in-one turkey call combines a traditional turkey box call with a crow, owl, and hawk call all in one unit.  This beautiful Amish handcrafted call is made of various hardwoods, including cherry, walnut, and mahogany.
View and purchase on line at is an online store, which provides various high quality handcrafted items from the cottage based industries.  Our select craftsmen and artisans have spent years learning their craft; many trades have been passed down form generations.
CCW offers two different types of Combo Turkey and Turkey Locator Calls. Both are handcrafted from premium hardwoods with contrasting woods showing at the end joinery. These calls are hard proven workers in the field but also make beautiful display hunting decor at home or in the office. The original Combo Call is handcrafted from walnut, mahogany, and purple heart hardwoods. The Four Star Combo Call base is made in walnut and popular, Paddle choices are Cherry, Walnut, Jatoba, and Purple Heart.

Pro-Series Gear Belts for Skeet-Sporting Clay Shooters, Hunters and Dog Trainers

Pro-Series Gear Belts for Skeet-Sporting Clay Shooters, Hunters and Dog Trainers

Increase shooter's endurance and accuracy with less shoulder fatigue from using a traditional hunting vest. "A place for everything and everything in one place! Coyote Pro Skeet & Sporting Clays Belt provides a shell pouch, utility pouch, gunner's towel and a empty shell bag. The Pro-Trainer Belt provides places to carry all your dog training gear.

Coyote Pro Skeet & Sporting Clays Belt

A gear belt for the professional skeet and sporting clay shooter

Coyote Pro Skeet & Sporting Clays BeltCottage Craft Works Coyote Pro Skeet & Sporting Clays Belt features a heavy-duty 2-1/4" chestnut English bridle leather belt with a unique anchoring system providing solid support to prevent "belt sag" off the hips. Unlike a shooting vest, the belt's weight is born on the hips rather than on the shoulders-increasing a shooter's endurance and accuracy. Less shoulder fatigue translates into faster gun swing and more broken targets. All accessories snap-on and snap-off and conveniently remain where the shooter places them. Includes a water bottle holster. " A place for everything and everything in its place!"

You simply will not find a more versatile Pro-Skeet/Sporting Clays belt, built with this level quality material and workmanship anywhere else on the market. Coyote Leather Company Exclusive Pro- Belts offer a unique anchoring system for you to place the accessories where you need them, to change, remove or add gear accessories as your hunts and gear needs change. The Pro-Skeet/Sporting Clays Belt is made in American, using only the highest quality American tanned leathers.

Sporting Clays Belt can be customized by purchasing the belt and then accessories or purchasing the standard belt with the most popular accessories. The standard belt includes, shell pouch w/four choke tubes, Gunner's towel, Empties Bad, "D"-Ring attachment and Water Bottle Holster.

All American Made! Coyote Leather Company designs unique, handmade leather hunting accessories with the outdoors-man in mind. Designed by an avid hunter and dog trainer for those looking for professional grade hunting and training gear. Coyote equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and more importantly, enhances performance in the field.

Purchase the Coyote Pro Skeet & Sporting Clays Belt at Cottage Craft Works and its subsidiary CCW Hunting and Game Calls provides a source for old fashioned handcrafted gear that is still made today using rich American tanned leather and craftsmanship knowledge handed down from generations.

Check out the other Pro-Series Hunting Gear Belts, we have one for The Professional Dog Trainer and the Pro-Hunter.

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Portable All-In-One Free Range Coop and Caged Run

Portable All-In-One Free Range Coop and Caged Run

Protects the chickens from predators with all the benefits of Free Range Grazing

Compact Portable Self Contained Free Range CoopBe sure to check out the Free Range portable coops, plans and kits to build Free Range coops.

These portable coops provide the Free Range concept but with the benefit of an attached caged run on wheels. The entire setup can be frequently moved to new fertile spots. Some call these "Chicken Tractors".

Note how the wire netting runs under building to provide chickens with shade, the door opens with a nesting box attached to gather eggs, and it has operating side ventilation, plus a rope pull up ramp to close the coop off during the evening just in case a predator tries to dig under the cage.

Compact Free Range Chicken Coop

Compact Chicken Coop with wheels and handles for Free Range feeding.

Just a very cute and clever little self contained coop and run with arched window. Several color choices to fit into almost any backyard.

Can also be used as a dog kennel or for other small animals.

Prefect to keep just two or three chickens and move around the yard for Free Range feeding benefits. Can also be left in one spot for traditional grain feed chickens.

Measures only 32" X 64"

Caged outside Run keeps predators from grabbing chickens
Easy to move for Free Range benefits.
Self contained with wheels included.
Fencing runs under building to provide chickens with shade
Door opens with nesting box attached to gather eggs.
Operating side ventilation.
Completely Painted and ready to use
Transports on truck or trailer.
Comes with built in ramp
You can Purchase the Portable all-in-one free range coop at Cottage Craft Works .com

How to keep an on going supply of chicken eggs

Chicken Eggs are not easy to keep coming

How to keep an ongoing supply and protect the eggs

Rollaway Egg Nesting BoxesIf you are thinking of just sitting back and having an endless supply of eggs, you may want to do your own research before investing and jumping into the care and upkeep of a flock. Hens have a rather short period of time when they are most productive.

While some hens can continue to produce eggs for several years the majority only begin to produce from 6-8 weeks, and then for up to a year before production begins to decline. They will also go into a condition called Molt in late summer or early fall. It is a period when they naturally lose feathers to make way for new growth.

Molt throws the chicken egg production into a resting phase where the production stops for weeks to months. This means you might be doing a lot of work for no eggs in return unless you have a large flock that can be rotated with new chickens and then the older chickens are butchered for stewing hens.

Chickens will destroy eggs by pecking at them or stepping on them. A Rollaway nest box rolls the eggs forward into a protected front compartment. A lid lifts up to gather the eggs. A few suppliers sell them; Cottage Craft Works .com carries them. They are made by an Amish gentleman who uses heavy gauge galvanized metal. A set of these will last for many years.

Best of all these Rollaway nesting boxes are removable nesting boxes that can be easily taken outside to be washed and disinfected. These make it easier to control or prevent an infestation of parasites or diseases to spread within the flock.

These are high quality galvanized metal nesting boxes built in an Amish metal shop, they are built to last!

Rollaway egg nesting boxes are specially designed to allow eggs to roll forward into an upfront holding tray to keep them safe from chickens stepping on or pecking at them.

When the chicken lays her eggs they roll down PVC coated heavy gauge 1/2" x 1/2" wire mesh floor to the front of the nesting box. To collect the eggs simply lift up the front cover and the eggs will be all lined up for a clean simple collection, without having to disturb nesting hens.

Rollaway egg nesting boxes do not have plastic lids or trays to break as others on the market do, they are also made of heavy 26 and 16 gauge galvanized metal. The 26 gauge is used on the main horizontal structure and the 16 gauge is used for the vertical ends. Others on the market use thinner gauge metals.

Nesting boxes are simple to install and provide many superior benefits over wooden nesting boxes.

These nest boxes are easy to clean and sanitize, boxes have metal mounting cleats, the cleats screw to a solid wall and the nesting box hangs on to the cleats. Simply lift off the complete nest box to remove and power wash and to disinfect.

One nest hole will handle 5-6 hens; four nests will generally provide a family with a generous supply of fresh eggs.

Nest holes are 8" tall 11-1/4" wide and 11-1/2" deep. The two compartment nest model measures 24-1/2"wide 20" tall 17" deep, the four compartment nest measures 49" wide 20"Tall 17" deep and the eight compartment nest measures 48"wide 35" tall 17" deep.

Nest boxes are made from 26 gauge galvanized metal, with the tray end and hanging cleats made from 16 gauge galvanized metal.

Nesting boxes are shipped flat and will need complete assembly using 3/16 and 1/4 bolts.

What customers say:

"I received and assembled a roll away nest I ordered from you today. I wanted to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship of this nest. Everything bolted together perfect and was built out of heavy gauge metal. Very impressive".



Elbow Lake Minnesota

Cottage Craft Works Sustainable Agriculture Products.

Find all types of back-to-basic products to live a sustainable lifestyle

Elevated | Chicken |  Poultry FeederCottage Craft Works also has other chicken equipment as well as a wide range of other products offered for home farm and garden needs.

Chicken | Poultry | Feeder measures 46" long 20-1/2 wide across the roost and 17" to the roost. Heavy duty metal for years of service. Features elevated legs to keep chicken feed cleaner less wasted, with less bending over to fill and clean. The elevated feeder also allows more open floor space below in crowded coops.

Free Range Chickens | Free Range Chicken Eggs

Free Range verses Traditional Methods of raising chickens for meat and eggs

this lens' photo
Using the right type of coop and equipment for chickens makes all the difference in the world.

There are two basic methods for raising chickens for the meat or the eggs.

Traditional Method- where a coop is stationary and is adjacent to a large wire caged fenced in area for the chickens to have outside access but still protected from predators.

Free Range- where chickens are allowed to roam in yards and pastures to feed off nature's ready supply of bugs, worms, grasses and seeds.

The Free Range method provides organic grown meat and eggs, but opens the chickens for easy prey from predators.

Some people will clip one wing and allow the chickens to Free Range the yard. They are good to keep the bug and spider population down, but look before you walk as they also fertilize as they graze.

Many people have taken the concept of a fixed coop with an attached caged run and adapted it to the Free Range method. By adding skids or wheels the entire setup can be frequently moved to new fertile spots. Some call these Chicken Tractors.

Some call them Chicken Tractors
Free Range Chicken Coop Plans and KitSmall coops can be moved by hand while larger ones can be pulled by a tractor.Cages need to be covered for shade or kept under shade trees as chickens will not fare well if left out in direct hot sunlight.

Also your climate needs to be taken into consideration, especially if you want to stay totally organic. Free Range works well in the Southern states where year round grazing can occur but maybe not so well in Northern states with snow and ice where a fixed coop and an alternative organic food supply will need to be maintained.

This portable Free Range method is probably not the best for those who enjoy taking long trips or weekend getaways unless they can have someone around dependable to move the coop to a new location each evening.

Cottage Craft Works Chicken Coops and Sustainable Agriculture Equipment

Find the Amish manufactured Rollaway Nest Box at Cottage Craft Works.

Cottage Craft Works .com has all your chicken equipment to raise chickens Free Range or Traditional methods for fresh eggs or organic grown meat and eggs. The popular Amish made Rollaway Egg Nesting Box rolls the fresh egg forward into a protective compartment so that the chicken can't peck or step on it.

A new miniature Free Range Coop and Caged Run is perfect for a few chickens. It is cute, easy to move and will fit into most backyards.

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