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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Portable All-In-One Free Range Coop and Caged Run

Portable All-In-One Free Range Coop and Caged Run

Protects the chickens from predators with all the benefits of Free Range Grazing

Compact Portable Self Contained Free Range CoopBe sure to check out the Free Range portable coops, plans and kits to build Free Range coops.

These portable coops provide the Free Range concept but with the benefit of an attached caged run on wheels. The entire setup can be frequently moved to new fertile spots. Some call these "Chicken Tractors".

Note how the wire netting runs under building to provide chickens with shade, the door opens with a nesting box attached to gather eggs, and it has operating side ventilation, plus a rope pull up ramp to close the coop off during the evening just in case a predator tries to dig under the cage.

Compact Free Range Chicken Coop

Compact Chicken Coop with wheels and handles for Free Range feeding.

Just a very cute and clever little self contained coop and run with arched window. Several color choices to fit into almost any backyard.

Can also be used as a dog kennel or for other small animals.

Prefect to keep just two or three chickens and move around the yard for Free Range feeding benefits. Can also be left in one spot for traditional grain feed chickens.

Measures only 32" X 64"

Caged outside Run keeps predators from grabbing chickens
Easy to move for Free Range benefits.
Self contained with wheels included.
Fencing runs under building to provide chickens with shade
Door opens with nesting box attached to gather eggs.
Operating side ventilation.
Completely Painted and ready to use
Transports on truck or trailer.
Comes with built in ramp
You can Purchase the Portable all-in-one free range coop at Cottage Craft Works .com

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