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Saturday, January 8, 2011

✔ Turkey Calls 2011 | Turkey Hunting Season :

2011 Turkey Hunting Season is Coming up.
 Get Your Custom Turkey Calls Below:

Wild Turkey Hunting 

   Product Name+  Price  Buy Now 
 10" Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call  10" Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call $36.25 Buy Now 
 Aluminum-Slate Combo Friction Pot Turkey Call  Aluminum-Slate Combo Friction Pot Turkey Call $33.00 Buy Now 
 Am-Bush Camo Box Turkey Call  Am-Bush Camo Box Turkey Call $20.97 Buy Now 
 Combo Turkey Call | Crow | Owl | Hawk Call  Combo Turkey Call | Crow | Owl | Hawk Call $37.50 Buy Now 
 Complete Turkey Box Call Kit | (Turkey Call Product)  Complete Turkey Box Call Kit | (Turkey Call Product) $8.00 Buy Now 
 DYNA-MYKE Purple Heart Turkey Box Call  DYNA-MYKE Purple Heart Turkey Box Call  $26.42 Buy Now 
 Four Star Combo Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Call | (Turkey Call Product  Four Star Combo Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Call | (Turkey Call Product $39.50 Buy Now 
 Friction Pot Turkey Call  Friction Pot Turkey Call $24.00 Buy Now 
 Glass/Slate Combo Friction Pot Turkey Call  Glass/Slate Combo Friction Pot Turkey Call $33.00 Buy Now 
 Half Moon Clock Call, One Sider  Half Moon Clock Call, One Sider $28.00 Buy Now 
 Half Moon Turkey Box Call  Half Moon Turkey Box Call  $27.50 Buy Now 
 Handle Half Moon Turkey Box Call  Handle Half Moon Turkey Box Call $37.50 Buy Now 
 Lil' Champ 6" Dugout Turkey Box Call  Lil' Champ 6" Dugout Turkey Box Call  $14.31 Buy Now 
 Lil' Peeper Key Chain Miniature Turkey Box Call  Lil' Peeper Key Chain Miniature Turkey Box Call  $8.00 Buy Now 
 Little Annie Box Turkey Call  Little Annie Box Turkey Call $16.30 Buy Now 
 Our Adapted Hunting Calls for Disabled Hunters  Our Adapted Hunting Calls for Disabled Hunters $26.00 Buy Now 
 Our Sweet Water Unfinished 6" Turkey Box Call  Our Sweet Water Unfinished 6" Turkey Box Call  $7.00 Buy Now 
 Push Button Turkey Call  Push Button Turkey Call $11.00 Buy Now 
 Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6"  Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6" $16.00 Buy Now 
 Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 7"  Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 7" $18.00 Buy Now

Our 10" boat paddle turkey box call is built just like our popular half moon handle box calls. Some call this a "Long Box Call". The additional length allows for a 1" longer sounding chamber. This provides a deeper and richer yelp. The paddle has more contact surface, making it easier to maneuver over the sounding boards to produce all the turkey talk needed to bring in the trophy birds. Overall the call is 9-3/4" long and 1-1/2" wide. It still fits in the optional holster. Only available in walnut, popular base, with cherry paddle, as pictured.

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Aluminum/Slate call features the same quality as our single surface call, but also allows a slate surface on the opposite side. The call is 4" wide with 1-3/4" inset slate call.  Choose between walnut or laminate selections below.
Strikers are sold separately, under our striker selectionor Click Here

Turkey Combo Kits | Turkey Calls |  Turkey Hunting Friction Pot Calls | Turkey Caller | Turkey Striker Call | Turkey Slate Call | CCW Hunting and Game Calls | Spring Turkey Hunting | Fall Turkey Hunting

Our famous original Combo Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Call, no need purchase a combo kit of turkey and locator calls to fumble with when you want to locate and call in the big gobbler. Our 4-1 Combo calls have all these locator calls built into one compact unit. This Beautiful call is handcrafted from walnut, mahogany, and purple heart hardwoods. Yet it is only 9" long, 3-1/2 tall, and 1-3/4" wide.  The actual turkey box call has a short and long sounding board on each side to provide a high and low pitch.  These dual options provide suburb sound quality to locate shock gobble, then yelp, cut, cluck, purr, and kee-kee sounds to bring the bird in. It is a unique work of art, which works extremely well in the field.  This call is sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

Brent Overton is one hard core turkey hunter.  He hunts turkeys in several different states each year.  During the spring of 2010 he used his New Combo Call from CCW exclusively. He was just tired of using all the plastic and unnatural calls on the shelves of all the sporting goods stores.  When he first saw the Original Combo Call, he just knew he had to have one.  The picture to the side is just one of the trophy birds he lured in with his Combo Call.  He was simply amazed at how the older wiser birds responded to the crisp natural tone of the Combo Call.  He helped his wife lure in a similar sized bird then went to another state and repeated the process.  He worked for hours using all four of the call features to work this illusive bird in for the kill.  He is convinced that he couldn’t have bagged this one with just his traditional turkey calls.  He now also has the 4 Star Combo Call and can’t decide which one he likes the most.   He writes: “If you’re looking for a quality call made from natural wood for a natural realistic sound from the owl at first light to the crow and hawk at mid-day and the hen turkey that old Tom can't resist the Combo Calls from CCW.”

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Friday, January 7, 2011

✔ Amish Furniture | Amish Handcrafted:

Bent Wood Oak Rocking Chair  Bent Wood Oak Rocking Chair  $390.00 Buy Now 
 Childs Hickory Bent Wood Rocker  Childs Hickory Bent Wood Rocker  $178.75 Buy Now 
 Classic Roll-Top Desk  Classic Roll-Top Desk  $2,377.00 Buy Now 
 Collapsible Book Rack  Collapsible Book Rack  $50.00 Buy Now 
 Deluxe Bible Box  Deluxe Bible Box  $172.80 Buy Now 
 Deluxe Jewelry Box  Deluxe Jewelry Box  $293.40 Buy Now 
 Deluxe Sewing Machine Cabinet  Deluxe Sewing Machine Cabinet  $1,650.00 Buy Now 
 Foot Stool  Foot Stool  $47.25 Buy Now 
 Grandpa's Rocker  Grandpa's Rocker  $387.00 Buy Now 
 Heart Design Quilt Stand  Heart Design Quilt Stand  $172.00 Buy Now 
 Hickory Rocker  Hickory Rocker  $390.00 Buy Now 
 Hoosier Cabinets  Hoosier Cabinets  Price- N/A (Product Info Page or Quote Based Service) Buy Now 
 Library Chair & Step  Library Chair & Step  $270.00 Buy Now 
 Mission Oak Wall Shelf & Coat Rack  Mission Oak Wall Shelf & Coat Rack  $99.95 Buy Now 
 Mission Sofa Mate  Mission Sofa Mate  $140.00 Buy Now 
 Misson Royal Magazine Rack  Misson Royal Magazine Rack  $232.00 Buy Now 
 Misson Sofa Table  Misson Sofa Table  $132.00 Buy Now 
 Oak Buckboard Bench  Oak Buckboard Bench  $310.00 Buy Now 
 Oak Buckboard Bench Metal Parts Kit  Oak Buckboard Bench Metal Parts Kit  $97.30 Buy Now 
 Oak Puzzle Frame  Oak Puzzle Frame  $130.00 Buy Now 
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